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The Book of Revelation… This book has long been seen as the most confusing and controversial book of the Bible. Click on play button in the player below to listen to its lesson, or click on the menu button to download on your local computer. We won’t be able to cover everything about Revelation in one article (or maybe ever, in thousands of articles). Make sure your interpretation would work for Jewish Christians living under Roman domination 2,000 years ago. Interpret the symbols in Revelation in light of the Old Testament, especially Ezekiel and Daniel. Throughout May and June, we will dedicate our sermon series to taking a good look at Revelation.

Making the locusts into apache helicopters or the red dragon represent the nation of China would be a tough sell in the first century. Instead of opening your newspaper to find out who you think the four horsemen are, open to Zechariah 6. The Left Behind series may be entertaining, but it presents an interpretation of the book of Revelation that no one in all of church history ever held until the late 1800s. The point of Revelation is to encourage believers under the domination of Rome to persevere and stay faithful to King Jesus because, although they are suffering now and future Christians will suffer as well, Jesus will one day come back to judge His enemies and rescue His followers.
Apocalyptic literature looks forward to a day when God will judge the wicked and vindicate His people.
We have to guard against trying to fulfill an agenda or to confirm our suspicions about Iraq so that we may interpret it correctly.

The Village cannot support everything in these commentaries, so you should use discretion when studying them. But, we will quickly move into studying the Book of Revelation itself and learn that it is a book for TODAY!
In fact, it is our hope that you will discover that Revelation is a positive book of praise and worship that tells a story of victory and life in Jesus Christ.

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