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As I explained in last week’s free audio podcast, the first is the Sea Beast (arising from the sea) that symbolizes the pagan and idolatrous Roman Empire and its Emperors. A third personage is introduced to the mix in Revelation 17 is infamous the Whore of Babylon.
The end of Revelation 17 explain how the Beast (Rome) will eventually turn on the Whore of Babylon (Jerusalem) and destroy her. In this podcast we saw how Satan and these two beasts stand for an unholy Trinity against Christ.
Thank you for explaining the beasts and the whore of babylon depicted in the book of revelation.
You will find the references to vineyards, shepherds, seeds, goats, sheep, throughout all the prophecies of the Old Testament.
Songs 8:13-14 is referring to the Bride and Spirit calling for the Lord to come and return to rule His kingdom, as described at the end of Revelations. My reasons for asking are first that Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, yet Revelation was not written until the 90’s. The preterist interpretation doesn’t rule out the historicist view, as well as a futurist interpretation. In the podcast I explain how Catholics follow a preterist (past) and futurist (future) reading of Revelation with the former as a theological type of the latter. When you read the Catholic prophecies, along with the Books of the Prophets in the Bible, and also the messages the Blessed Virgin Mary gave to seers at Fatima, LaSalette, Anguera (not approved yet) and others, there is a very close correlation between the predicted events in the bible, words of Mary, and prophecies of the seers.
The seers also add relevant descriptions of objects, modes of transport, weapons, society, social trends and philosophies that definitely describe the times we are living in right now in the 20th and 21st century.
Take that with the revelation given to Pope Leo on the 100 years given to Satan to try to destroy mankind and faith. It’s predicted that a big war, civil riots, and natural disasters will be our chastisements and within in a very short period of time of each other, along with the threat of an asteroid hitting the earth, which is described in Revelations also.
I think God didn’t reveal the seal because in the past, the occultists have managed to avoid his wrath.
However, the Blessed Virgin has obviously begged on behalf of us and revealed what is in the scroll so that we may be prepared. From Mary’s Anguera messages to Pedro Regis, I took the core events and organised them, then posted them onto a facebook page in notes.
Anyway, soon after posting that on facebook, Obama said in a speech about scientific achievements that soon they will have a method to destroy any asteroids that may pose a problem to the earth.
The “Whore of Babylon” refers to how the Jewish nation had become a “whore” or “prostitute”.
Each time I read those passages, it becomes clearer that as the whore referred and refers to the Jewish priesthood who sold themselves for a place in the world, it also refers to the current priesthood in the Church of our worldly bishops (purple) and our cardinals (scarlet) who are drunk with power and have fornicated with the world. I would add, that while analyzing the Bible as if it were literature is helpful to a certain extent, there is far more power in its basic understanding as truth- just that. I think that your interpretation of Revelation is incorrect and that you should stick to the advice at the end of that book. A study of the Apocalypse, from a Catholic partial (not hyper) Preterist position, with integrated patristic commentary, and complementary elements from futurist, historicist, and idealist perspectives, would be an important service. Why do some denominations of Christianity that are antagonistic towards the Catholic Church claim that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon? May be because we have too many worldly concerns and in our Priests, Bishops et al people don’t sense Christ The Lord or the power of the Word is not experienced in preaching.
When the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King of Kings, in the line of David, gives up His life as a sacrifice, the seals are opened by the One worthy to open them: Christ the King.

The faithful sons of the family inherit the Kingdom, while the faithless sons receive the curses recorded in the covenant (Dt. New larger format, featuring larger text size and additional margin space for personal annotations!
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Read the Acts of the Apostles and see how the Jews and the Romans worked together to persecute James, Stephen, Peter, Paul, and eventually the entire early Church of the first 40 years between AD 33 and AD 70.
She is undoubtedly the High Priesthood in Jerusalem that condemned not only James the Greater, Stephen, Peter, Paul, but eventually James of Jerusalem. Likewise, the Whore of Babylon stands against the immaculate, pure, and faithful Bride of Christ who also appears in Revelation. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to me to clarify, write about, or record a podcast about. This is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
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He was also an occultist and worshiped Egyptian idols due to his wife being daughter of a pharaoh. Differing interpretations of the Book of Revelation make it a little intimidating to read but this post clears up a lot in a concise and clear way. I read it again a few months back and took 50 pages of notes using various study Bibles and commentaries. The logo of Freemasonry is the compass and square, a stonemason’s tools, but if you look closely it also represents the hexagram. They have already developed it and it become compulsory when all countries have a Central Bank. Only the small scroll has not been revealed: the cries of the seven thunders, in Revelations 10. One of those events is that an asteroid or comet will be drawn towards the earth due to a break in the magnetic fields of the north and south pole.
Why else would the saints be lamenting and asking Our Lord how long to be avenged for the violations taking place at the altar of God?
I think both beasts manifest a single source – Satan, and cunning he is, he can make it appear as two hostile and opposing ideologies. My RCIA teacher said Catholics believe the preterist Bible interpretation and the interpretation that revelation hasn’t yet been fulfilled. To gain the full experience of this website, it is recommended that you upgrade your browser.We recommend Chrome, FireFox or a newer version of Internet Explorer. We are not content to merely resell products made by others; many of our products are made or designed right in our own shops by people who know plumbing. I prefer reading your writings rather than podcast (although I do listen to them regularly) because of convenience. He is giving Solomon his due reward in money, his only compensation because he did not keep the true faith. The problem with the idea that these events have already occurred is that it is obvious that not all of them occurred.
Research the Rothchild family for the origin of it in modern times and how Israel came to use it.

It will have all our bank account access, social security, passport, etc to enable us to access all vital accounts. They use mediums and occultism to predict what will happen, along with the prophecies of scriptures eg, the birth of Jesus and the slaughter of the innocents to try to get rid of Jesus who was a threat to their reign.
The axis will tilt (see Is 24) and perhaps flip over, causing a major change in the earth’s landscape, seasons, and time. Chief priests and scribes and the Jews are the type of the Pope and the Church Hierarchy and the Church.
This seems to happen even in the modern world where extreme ideologies oppose each other – Nazism against Communism, liberal secularism against religious extremism.
In Roman law, 6 witnesses would put their seals on the covenant document along with the testator’s seal. The Isrealites swore a covenant oath to God (shiva in Hebrew, to seven oneself) in which they accepted the curses God said would befall them for disobedience (see also Joshua 8:30-35).
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The fact that the High Priest literally condemned the Messianic Son of God and sold out this divine Son to the Roman Pontius Pilate is the greatest manifestation of prophetic and spiritual prostitution.
In regard to other topics of interest, I always wondered why Jesus, raised in the trade of carpentry, didn’t use analogies of carpentry in his parables more often rather than vineyards, shepherds, seeds, goats and sheep. Then he delegates a small payment to the caretakers; the gentiles, probably the corrupt high priests that many Catholic and Biblical prophecies say will be punished in the last days. It will be inserted behind the eyebrow or on the forearm to correlate with a fingerprint or iris scan for added ID security. I love your teaching, I wish I had more hours in the day to read, my mind can’t stay still long enough to listen to podcasts, I have to read.
When the testator died, the 7 seals would be broken open, and the inheritance read to the family. Please do a podcast series on it so we Catholics can know how to approach this book and how it relates to the future of our Church. I think the Beatitudes would be very suitable for this, and inspirational, as would the Psalms. And what now or in the future is the seven heads [which are] the seven hills, and the woman [is] sitting on them?
In fact, the Blessed Virgin has said in one of her apparitions, LaSallette maybe, that her warnings are the secrets of the unopened seal: the great chastisements. Anybody who doesn’t comply will have their chip switched off and starve to death out on the streets. I refer you again to the Biblical prophets, Catholic prophecies, and Mary’s messages. All occultism will be destroyed, which is based on ancient Egyptology, because it is based on astronomy and astrology.
I know this is the overall gist of the podcasts, but I do think singling this out as a theme for a few would be helpful.
If the High Priest betrayed the Messianic Son of God, will a Pope betray his body the Church? Marshall, is frequently the last I hear on any given day, and to go to sleep and wake up with these thoughts would be very welcome.

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