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Viewing the 1611 King James Version of Reuelation (Revelation) Chapter 5, also known as: THE REVELATION of S. This is the text and a scan of the actual, original, first printing of the 1611 King James Version, the 'HE' Bible, for Revelation Chapter 1. View this Reuelation chapter 1 page at a larger size (Revelation, the original 1611 KJV) (ideal for widescreen monitors 1366 x 768 or higher) CHAP.
The mysterie of the seuen starres which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seuen golden Candlestickes. I.4 Iohn writeth his reuelation to the seuen Churches of Asia, signified by the seuen golden Candlestickes.
Until that time, please call us at 540-992-1273 to place your order.We appreciate your business. The Mosaic law of sacrifice is done away with as new and old wine (testaments) can not be mixed.
If two people begin arguing Satan will put stuff n their minds to boost the madness between the two people so we should be aware of that.
By the going forth of this white horse, a time of peace, or the early progress of the Christian religion, seems to be intended; its going forth in purity, at the time when its heavenly Founder sent his apostles to teach all nations, adding, Lo!
The Divine religion goes out crowned, having the Divine favour resting upon it, armed spiritually against its foes, and destined to be victorious in the end. Such scenes also followed the pure age of early Christianity, when, neglectful of charity and the bond of peace, the Christian leaders, divided among themselves, appealed to the sword, and entangled themselves in guilt.

On opening the third seal, a black horse appeared; a colour denoting mourning and woe, darkness and ignorance. As the stream of Christianity flowed further from its pure fountain, it became more and more corrupt. During the progress of this black horse, the necessaries of life should be at excessive prices, and the more costly things should not be hurt.
But when the dark clouds of ignorance and superstition, denoted by the black horse, spread over the Christian world, the knowledge and practice of true religion became scarce. When a people loathe their spiritual food, God may justly deprive them of their daily bread.
The attendants, or followers of this king of terrors, hell, a state of eternal misery to all who die in their sins; and in times of general destruction, multitudes go down unprepared into the pit.
The period of the fourth seal is one of great slaughter and devastation, destroying whatever may tend to make life happy, making ravages on the spiritual lives of men. Thus the mystery of iniquity was completed, and its power extended both over the lives and consciences of men. He saw the souls of the martyrs under the altar; at the foot of the altar in heaven, at the feet of Christ.
It is not their own death, but the sacrifice of Christ, that gives them entrance into heaven. The Lord is the comforter of his afflicted servants, and precious is their blood in his sight.

As the measure of the sin of persecutors is filling up, so is the number of the persecuted, martyred servants of Christ. When this is fulfilled, God will send tribulation to those who trouble them, and unbroken happiness and rest to those that are troubled.12-17 When the sixth seal was opened, there was a great earthquake. Such bold figurative descriptions of great changes abound in the prophecies of Scripture; for these events are emblems, and declare the end of the world and the day of judgment. Though Christ be a Lamb, he can be angry, and the wrath of the Lamb is exceedingly dreadful; for if the Redeemer himself, who appeases the wrath of God, be our enemy, where shall we find a friend to plead for us?
As men have their day of opportunity, and their seasons of grace, so God has his day of righteous wrath. The idolaters are described as hiding themselves in their dens and secret caves, and vainly seeking to escape ruin. In such a day, when the signs of the times show those who believe in God's word, that the King of kings is approaching, Christians are called to a decided course, and to a bold confession of Christ and his truth before their fellowmen.

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