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This illustration represents faithfully presented all these biblical predictions about the seventh seal. World of injustices of the billionaires, banks and markets and its liars and deceivers leaders religious.
American Republican party opposed to the millionaires to pay taxes in the United States of America. If the link on the image above doesn't work on your email program, you can click here to read more and order.
Freedom - Equality - Justice - Progress - Peace - Love - Happiness - The 666 offers today to the world! God is a great Spiritual Entity that created the Universe and all the material and livings things that exists in the Cosmos.
God is also The 666?s Great Spiritual Father and want now to help man to have a happy life and existence in our Planet Earth. For this reason God has send now to the world his beloved son The 666, to make a Paradise on Earth with the Project 666. All of these charts are also available in a large 4 feet by 6 feet, five inch version printed on flexible vinyl with grommets for hanging.

The following chart by Clarence larkin is available as a 10 X 12 transparency for use with an overhead projector.
This is a comb-bound set of charts that appear in Larkin's most famous book, The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World. For two millennia Christians have pondered over Biblical prophecy, trying to discern the identity of the Antichrist. In recent years many have pointed to the twelfth Imam of Shi'a Islam as the one who will fit the bill. Charts may be purchased individually for $3.95 each, or select discounted sets of five, ten or all fifteen charts (See Below). But if the Antichrist is Islam's long awaited Mahdi, shouldn't there be parallels among all the prophecies of the Bible and Islamic scripture?
The 14 X 32 charts are being discountinued, so selection is limited to the titles listed below. In The Dragon and the Beast, Faith Jones reveals that the end time prophecies of the two religions align nearly perfectly. The dragon of Revelation is As-Sufyani, the Muslim tyrant who arises out of Iraq to conquer the entire region.

At the appointed time, the beast out of the sea (the Mahdi) will gather his troops on the shores of Galilee and defeat him. These parallels in prophecy, and the fact that both Daniel and Revelation point to the Middle East as the heart of the beast's empire, are strong evidence that Islam will be the false religion of the beast, and that its Mahdi will be the Antichrist. It appears that the stage of the end time is already being set in the Middle East, but will Christians be ready? Can modern believers recapture that same urgency to do great things for the kingdom in the last days of the Age? In the seven letters of Revelation, Christ gives a message to the Church at each broken seal, warning that many will fall away.
Yet in His letter to Thyatira, He reveals that the gentile Church will be raptured at the fourth seal, triggering a time of great distress for Israel under the Mahdi's regime. At the sixth seal, 144,000 Jews will receive Christ and a special anointing to spread the gospel and build up the Jewish church of Philadelphia.

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