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Because of the strong allegorical as well as literal imagery, the book is feared by many and confusing to others. The following are proposed titles for the first seven lessons we go through all 22 chapters of the Revelation of Jesus Christ which should takes us not only to the end of scripture, but the end of the year. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Earlier today I discovered on The Blue Letter Bible H A Ironside’s The Revelation of Jesus Christ Chart. Whereas Ironside’s original Revelation chart depicted only the first seal on front of the scroll and the six remaining seals sequentially along the side edge edge of the scroll. The book of Revelation is the book in the Bible that is considered to be shrouded in mystery. Verse 4 begins the book and you will notice that it begins in a typical first century Greco-Roman letter format.
As we approach Revelation 1:9, John is beginning his explanation as to why he is writing this book. Introduction: From time to time I see in the newspaper that bands of my childhood come to town to play. The cry has gone throughout heaven and earth looking for the one who is worthy to open the scroll.
Revelation 8 has revealed devastating images of judgment as God unleashes his wrath because of the sins of the Jewish nation. Revelation 10 revealed that when the seventh trumpet sounded the things spoken by the prophets would be fulfilled. In the first two verses of Revelation 11 we were shown that the temple of the Lord, representing the holy people of God, would be spiritually spared and remain safe with God through the coming national judgment. We were told in Revelation 10:11 that John still had to prophesy about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings. Describing the Beast (13:11-12) After seeing this terrifying beast rising out of the sea that blasphemes God and makes war on the Christians, we seeing the rising of another beast. Introducing the New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem (21:1-2) The previous chapter has concluded with the image of final judgment. In the first five verses of chapter 22 belong with the description of the bride, New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, recorded in Revelation 21:9-27. Its imagery is a powerful look at the God of the universe dealing with sin and evil within mankind as well as in the the spiritual realm where Satan is defeated once and for all.

Having just finished a summary exposition on the whole book of Genesis for 2011, Berean Home Fellowship now goes from the beginning to the end of history. They will become links as we finish each study and will be open to those who want to follow along with us. I believe the depiction of the seven seals on the refurbished chart is incorrect— all seven seals are depicted on the front. The ancient books of Israel were generally sheepskin rolls; and when we are told that this book was sealed with seven seals, we are to understand that the book was rolled up to a certain point, and there a seal was put upon the edge, so that it could not be opened until that seal was broken. John is going to let his readers know that he did not sit down and decide to write a letter to the seven churches in Asia Minor. One of the ways that we lose our fire for the Lord is in our failure to see how rich we are. Some of the bands that are still touring today that were touring in the 1980s and I am shocked to see it. The church at Laodicea is the last church that Jesus writes to in his letters to the seven churches of Asia.
Wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to peer into the throne room of God and see what is going on in heaven?
Four different colored horses have been unleashed to conquer, wage war, bring famine, and kill with sword, pestilence, famine, and wile beasts. The Lamb has gone to the one who sits on the throne and has taken the scroll from his hand. When the seventh seal was opened by the Lamb, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.
These were partial judgments intended to bring about their repentance (a point that is made clear in Revelation 9). The description of this angel shows us that he is not like the previous angels we have read about in this book.
The book of Revelation has shown us partial judgments occurring against a nation for its sins. Now that the fall of the Jewish nation has been detailed in Revelation 11, our attention is turned to the next object of God’s judgment. We noticed in chapter 13 that the beast called Babylon the great refers to the Roman Empire that ruled from approximately 27 BC to 476 AD. Rome and her empire, along with all the rulers and provinces associated with the empire, have been brought under judgment.

We noticed that the new heaven and new earth are symbolic images just like the rest of the book. New Jerusalem is a picture of the people of God in their perfected state, receiving the eternal rewards and final blessings promised for their faithfulness to God (cf.
Through a chapter by chapter teaching, Pastor David begins to unravel the mystery of this book and explains how every true Christian will be blessed by learning it’s contents. It was rolled up a little farther and another seal put on, and so on, until there were six seals on the edge of the book and one seal closing the entire scroll. This is the focus that the Christians in the city of Smyrna are to have concerning the suffering they are about to experience. The four living creatures and 24 elders are praising and worshiping God because he is worthy and deserving of honor.
We noted in our last lesson that this shows the way the Lion of the tribe of Judah would conquer. The souls of the slain believers are crying out how long until God brings justice and righteousness.
Chapter 9 revealed the Roman Empire being unleashed by Satan to be the instrument of this destruction. The dragon takes his stand on the sand of the sea (12:17), and a beast rises out of the sea. The first beast, as identified from Daniel 7, is the Roman Empire which ruled from approximately 27 BC to 476 AD.
The warning was given to God’s people to come out from the wickedness and worldliness and be separate. Before we begin our study, I am going to encourage you with the same words that I always offer. Therefore, we must read the book as written in signs and symbols unless something in the text demands a literal interpretation.

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