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End times timeline revelation timeline, •end times events timeline •revelation timeline •2012 timeline •last days timeline •rapture timeline •eschatology timeline. Mark biltz accuses john hagee of stealing four blood moons, Joseph farah and mark blitz are accusing john hagee, pastor of cornerstone church of ripping off the four blood moons revelation. John hagee - false prophet (and the antidote), John hagee made predictions (oh yes he did!—see below). The timelines used on this site are intended to aid the reader in understanding the order, extent, and concurrent events that are presented in the many prophetic passages in the Bible. The timelines used in this website are general in nature and every effort has been made to assure their accurate depiction of the prophetic passages. 1, Daniel as a young man is carried away with other well-learned and skilled men and women away from Jerusalem to Babylon. The following graphic builds upon the basic timeline above, and illustrates critical historical events and prophetic events yet to occur relative to the church age. To assist with a broad understanding of how the book of Revelation fits within this timeline construct, the following graphic provides four basic timeframes that the book may be divided logically in a sequential order. The following two graphics are an extension of the timelines above, but they have been simplified to remove the time references, and provide a focused view of the events within the New Testament era, from the cross through to eternity future. First is the main horizontal bar that changes color from gold to an iron color, which are similar colors as revealed to Daniel by God, in Daniel 2.
Second, there are the segments along the time of the Gentile age that identify significant events since the Lord’s first advent. Third, the catastrophic change on earth is shown in the horizontal bar with the abrupt change to a blue arrow labeled Millennium. Fourth, there is a season of time when Satan is allowed to roam the earth again following the first 1,000 year reign of Christ's eternal reign. The next chart is a summary of the words of the Lord to John, instructing him to write the things that he has seen, the things that are, and the things that shall be, Revelation 1:19. Finally, this timeline provides the view of the church age with the list of the seven churches.

Have you done much study in regards to how the early church fathers viewed the book of Revelation?? First, I am not an expert in this area - not in the early church thinking and even less when it comes to understanding and having a credible idea about Revelation. To begin a conversation about the early church view of The Revelation of St John I would point you to Martin Rist's introduction to Revelation in the Interpreter's Bible Commentary set, 1957. I realize that many "End-time" preachers and teachers claim to have figured out the "code" of the scriptures and can explain John's Revelation. 11 "The same writer gives also other accounts which he says came to him through unwritten tradition, certain strange parables and teachings of the Saviour, and some other more mythical things.
12 To these belong his statement that there will be a period of some thousand years after the resurrection of the dead, and that the kingdom of Christ will be set up in material form on this very earth. 13 For he appears to have been of very limited understanding, as one can see from his discourses. My summary of the first four centuries would be that the immanent return of Jesus was held at first, died away after the Romans wiped the Jews out in 70, and slowly regained strength in the 90's due again to persecution.
It is important for me to state up front that THIS section is NOT under the normal rubric of CH101, an attempt to give the facts, the data from the early church and the early fathers.
I am NOT lumping Revelation into the same exact bundle, after all, it was included in the NT canon, but it IS an apocalyptic writing.
All of the other stuff: tribulation, weeks, times, time and half a time, vials of wrath, seals and trumpets, the ten-headed beast, the anti-Christ, the three horsemen - is confusing and none of the teachers agree on how it all fits together. I know several men who get all worked up about the details in Revelation and they claim to understand it. Does anyone think the early Christians living in 95-105 AD could understand more than the general message?
Most denominations do not abide by it because it cuts across their particular and distinctive doctrinal beliefs. The Revelation had a difficult time coming into the New Testament canon partly due to the difficulty in understanding the writing.

When working for my ordination I studied, thought and prayed about eschatalogy (the study of the last age) and came to the decision that the scriptures really were not clear.
Deal and others like him admit their folly - but Jesus told us we would not know exactly when these things would happen and the theories as to understanding the "seasons" are all over the map. I suppose he got these ideas through a misunderstanding of the apostolic accounts, not perceiving that the things said by them were spoken mystically in figures.
Revelation is filled with symbolism and various numbers, all of which probably carried certain meanings to some of the original audience.
Apocalpytic writing typically deals with hidden knowledge, uses symbolism regarding the end of the world and the fight between good and evil. The problem is that the bulk of the writing is very difficult to follow and understand in any kind of depth. Secondly pre-literate societies have an ability to retain and process words heard in a way that we have lost. Other material related to the Book of Revelation will also be posted below as it becomes available. The basic message is easy: no matter what happens in this world (persecution, people falling away from faith or physical distress) God is in control.
He also believed that Constantine had ushered in a new age - the age of the Church, and he saw the Emperor as the personal representative of Christ on the earth. This leads me to an important rule in biblical exegesis: The text cannot mean to us what it could NOT have meant to the original audience.
If it was crystal clear we would not have so many different versions of the charts - do a Google image search and you can find dozens of charts.

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