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Stephen Jones’ Zombie Apocalypse trilogy was an anarchic and subversive treat for living dead fanatics.
Mark Morris’ Horror Hospital is as much a companion piece to Jones’ trilogy as it is its own self-contained story arc. The majority of the other characters, including the corned beef-gobbling Vince, are little more than parodies. The hospital setting taps into the reader’s instinctive fears of death, decay and ageing, it’s understandably a tried and tested locale.
Thomas Moreby, however, is the book's greatest folly, he’s pure pantomime with a whiff of Darren Shan about him. While the zombie subgenre remains most prominently a visual medium, be it TV, film or video games, the Zombie Apocalypse novels prove that the living dead are just as effective in prose. STAR WARS GRAPHICSGenre fans have long rejoiced in arguing impossible questions; who is tougher, Hulk or Superman? This week I’m changing it up for the zombie comic or book review and am featuring a comedic parody book. I took a dramatic deviation from what I usually review for ZADF because my boyfriend happened upon this book when we were re-packaging some of his things in storage.
The last resistance of the human race fight their way at the end of the world through the zombie hordes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

The last resistance of the human race fight their way at the end of the world through the zombie hordes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. The plot focussed on the ‘New Festival of Britain’, a satirical quip at the state of a country gone to pot.
Again the New Festival of Britain is the focal point, set in the near future with subtle historic and speculative differences; no 2012 Olympic Games and the Trafalgar Square massacre. The chapters, identified by the change in character and time listings, present a well-paced narrative, allowing the reader to experience the unfolding infection.
Cat Harris is one of the standouts, a steadfast nurse at the titular ‘horror’ Lewisham University hospital. The ‘gangster’ characters in particular seem more informed by urban dictionaries than by actual observations.
Indeed there’s a medical and pornographic preoccupation with violence, taken to farcical extremes. It’s a shame, there are some great passages throughout which gives insight into how good a novel it could have been. While Morris is inconsistent and preoccupied with discharge and fishy metaphor, Horror Hospital is a biting satire and an entertaining read despite its flaws.
Built over the site of a South London church, the New Festival released contaminated fleas which re-animated the dead and infected the living. The black and white pictures throughout the novel, however, are as cheap-looking as they are unnecessary.
The novel would have been altogether tighter and more entertaining without the gangland aspect, which just seems to point the finger rather than objectively representing.

While these rants are infused with vitriol, it doesn’t take the reader too far outside of the narrative. The most engaging zombie stories are character driven, but Horror Hospital often opts for the easy way out. Spradlin and Illustrated by Jeff Weigel is an incredibly entertaining read and was a nice break from the depressing tales of the zombie-ridden wastelands that typically grace the would be shelves of ZADF. To get an idea of what you can expect from this book in either hard copy or Kindle version, I’ll include a small selection in the form of the would be title track for you to sink your teeth into, as it were. Elton John, Celine Dion, Patsy Cline, the Beatles, and Eric Clapton are some of the few who were selected to have their love ballads turned into tales of gore and blood lust.
I would be surprised if you don’t end up with at least one of these tunes stuck in your head with the new gore coated lyrics by the time you finish the book.
Morris, surprisingly, has a knack for writing believable women, but why he feels the need to tell the reader the extent of Gill’s sagging breasts remains a mystery. This book is filled with zombie themed parodies to remind you of simpler, better times and to give you something to sing to yourself as you separate your beloved’s head from their torso.

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