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Ever wondered why people you hardly know open up to you and share their most trusted thoughts? Lately, I have been going through a phase in which I have been shifting through spiritual beliefs at a rapid pace.
My prayers and thoughts are Catholic, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist and Hindu, with a little bit of quantum physics thrown in for good measure! Even when I am conferring with Buddhist wisdom, listening to Alan Watts and praying for non-attachment, I get that angels are still involved with my personal spiritual practice and that most Buddhists would not have a problem with that (though they might refer to them as Devas). I have been practicing for a few days, and though I have always worked with and communicated with my angels, the techniques in this book have made the communication and help from them much greater. In fact, before I found the book I was praying on a daily basis to them and asking them for greater communication in my life, and giving them full permission to intervene in my life if it leads to a better, happier, more joyful, more abundant, healthier, more fulfilling and more love-filled life experience. This course has been designed to maximize business and intuition for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), no matter what type of business you are involved with! This is achieved by specialising the content to fit the needs of the HSP, working in alignment with an entrepreneur’s unique skills and abilities. Imagine being able to make clear, strong and congruent choices for yourself and your business, knowing exactly what to do next and how to do it. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious or that your life and business has become a little dull and repetitive?
You may also lack a work-life balance, leaving your health, spirituality, relationships and well being until everything else is done? As an Intuitive Entrepreneur, a conscious business person, a spirited, courageous and creative individual, you understand that if you are suffering, so is your bottom line. Let us train you to be able to recognize, listen to, and then follow your specialised intuitive intelligence as an Empath, to benefit your life and your business.
Within this 12 Module course, delivered over 12 months, you will learn Life and Business Strategies for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People that will take your business to the next level of success. This will happen through profound and purposeful directed education of who you are, how you are made, what makes you tick, and how to maximise your potential in business and in life. You will truly understand that the rules that apply to others do not apply to you, and you will understand this as your hidden super-power, not a curse! If you are looking to escape from the corporate world, and start a business, then this course will be highly beneficial for you too. Think about the cost to you so far and how you may not presently have the skills or ability to create real change in your life and your business. Heidi Jane, a passionate Empath Wellness Advocate, and Principal and Founder of the IIAI, has the expertise and knowledge to get you to as an HSP to a place of health, wealth and fulfillment, and is looking forward to making you an expert in your chosen field!
Deeper Perception Made PracticalDeeper Perception Made Practical » For fun and profit, read deeper. I was sick and tired of managing the emotional side effects and I had a strong intuition that somewhere in energy healing land there was a healing modality that would just shovel it all out.
But sometimes we experts at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) have additional frustrations related to what is mainstream in New Age spirituality and mainstream ideas about energy, healing, and so forth. Prepare for grit and grime and down-to-earth, all ye who enter into reading today’s blog post. For years I’ve been writing about why energetic literacy is an essential skill for us, living now, and very attainable for all of us who wish to learn it. Well, DAVID has created a beautiful flowchart that you may find helpful for understanding these 15 stages of energetic literacy and the sequence in which they develop. I fell in love with Shalonda Holt the day I read about her in the Washington Post Magazine. Shalonda Holt was born on a bathroom floor, to a 17-year-old mother who had kept the pregnancy a secret — even from her parents. You can read the details about this remarkable educator, Shalonda Holt, in this profile in The Washington Post.
You recent graduates of my Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop– a spectacularly talented group of empaths, and a delight to teach.
All of you who have taken my workshops or mentored with me, allowing me to teach you at depth.

Experts in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), both my hardworking apprentices and you who now serve humanity as RES professionals. All of you who have been my clients for personal sessions; especially those who have been long-term clients, exploring the cumulative results of RES sessions. When I can share the best that I know with you, and you really get it, that gives me heart to share more. FINAL NOTE: Today, April 20, I did receive word in the evening that Coletta Long has now completed her transition from earth. So she developed a way to facilitate past-life regression that would help clients to progress emotionally, spiritually; sometimes even resolving problems related to physical health. Do you think it’s responsible to do aura readings, face readings, or Skilled Empath Merges on a politican? It’s very complex, the ethics of doing aura reading or face reading research on a political leader. What do you do with that information as a voter or a follower of politics in order to inform youself properly? Occasionally there will be information that, to me, would be a real deal-breaker about voting for somebody. The newspaper withheld the interview until AFTER the election, publishing it only when the results had been decided.
Have you wondered what makes presidential candidate Ted Cruz tick? ISABELLA CATES brings perspective, based on applying energetic literacy skills to this recent photograph of Senator Ted Cruz, taken at a town hall meeting. One of the books that they had was one about Sedona, and I think I met the writer when I was living in Sedona.
And then I realized that lately I had forgotten to access a EXTREMELY HELPFUL tool for anyone to use, especially indigo adults, who can notice energetic shifts and changes. In retrospect, I used a book as a type of portkey to move to Los Angeles, as well as to take a glorious trip to England in my late teens.
My parents old vinyl records transport me to New York as a 4 year old, before we moved to New Jersey, because that’s when they would play them and I would look at them and SMELL them. You can even transport to a particular time if you pick the right book that describes the time in the correct way.
The reason portkeys don’t work instantaneously for most people (including me) in the physical world is that our physical bodies are too dense to move at the speed of thought and intention. I imagine there are a few gurus out there who have the ability to transport themselves from place to place physically, but for the rest of us, our energetic body will have to do until our physical body catches up. But I am remembering, though my experience with the Sedona book yesterday, that the best way for me to get someplace energetically and then physically is to connect to it through writing.
Fine Excerpted from the March 26, 2014 show on A Fine Time For Healing, What Is An Empath and Are You One Have you ever wondered why people who are strangers or people you hardly know open up to you and share their most trusted thoughts? If this awareness is used properly it has the potential to bring the planet to balance and well being. These spaces are strictly limited, incur an additional fee and require an application process. So hard-core childhood STUFF that you can overwhelm professional counsellors with.  And this post is directed to people who are coming to Rose for similar reasons and to encourage them to persevere. That’s to say, as I understand these aura reading skills  and teach them, all part of the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. So many friends, and so many people you have helped — it is good to think about of us.
You know, so that my comments wouldn’t influence voters by bringing insights into the character of these politicians. What is a responsible way to use aura readings, face readings, or Skilled Empath Merges in order to inform how you vote? I could feel that thinking of Sedona relaxed me a bit and was thoroughly enjoying the book, but I decided that I have enough books to read right now and went about my business without buying the book.
It’s kind of what I was saying about music in my last post, but with a more specific and definited destination in mind. I experienced for the first a smell in an area of my house and it projected me way back when I was about 7..wile in vacation !!

Comments and blog posts are only personal to the extent I deem helpful or historically interesting. Then I decided to fit into this model some more advanced skills that I’ve been using to help clients. Coletta Long was a clinical psychologist and Unity minister, but her claim to spiritual fame is that she developed a unique style of past-life regression.
Are you unable to watch violence, cruelty, or tragedy on television or in the movies because your soul just can’t bear it? Do you have an instant knowing about the character of the people you meet upon first meeting them? This extreme sensitivity applies to the familiar as well as the unfamiliar; people we are intimately close with and total strangers. We experience the world around us and feel what other people are feeling through our extraordinarily heighted senses and keen intuitions. We often internalize the feelings of others without being aware we are doing it and interpret those feelings as being our own. They may fill him with uncomfortable emotions, emotions that feel as if they are his own, picked up from the all the energies around him. Environments with depressive, low energy, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals can cause feelings of depression, physical maladies, and fatigue in the empath.
Thrift stores, consignment shops, and antique stores, places that carry the residual energy of previous owners can be very draining for empaths as can used cars or pre-owned houses.
I love antiques but I have had to stop frequenting those types of shops because they zap my already low energy, energy that may be constantly being depleted by the many pieces I already have in my home. Likely having experienced paranormal experiences of our own, whether it be near death experiences, out of body experiences, psychic ability, or a connection with those who have crossed over to the other side, we easily incorporate this unseen reality into our physical experience without question.
In order to do that, empaths must learn ways to keep the energy of others from becoming their own. If and when we are confronted with turbulence we will take on the role of peacemaker and will work toward a resolution as quickly as possible. About LonerWolfWe are the voices of the thinkers, the visionaries, the healers and the magic makers of life, called by the solitary inner quest of self-growth, soul development and transformation. I quickly change the channel the second it comes on; otherwise I begin to internalize the suffering of the animals. We Recommend Recent Posts Mandala Meaning: How the Sacred Circle Helps Us Reconnect With Ourselves Is Your Life Crisis Really a Spiritual Calling in Disguise? It is never a comfortable experience for me because I can’t help thinking about the once beautiful living and breathing animal that was killed, maybe even suffered, and is now on my plate. But this knowing ability also makes it very difficult for others to lie to us, put on a facade, or hide their emotions. We are also adept at reading body language and noticing subtle inflections of speech that others might miss. Our work must feel meaningful to us or it will end up making us emotionally, spiritually, and physically unwell. Many empaths work in creative fields such as art, dance, writing, or music; expressive fields that feeds their souls and is vital to their well-beings.
We feel imprisoned by control, rules that are too rigid or that we don’t believe in, and routines. Many of our life experiences have been daring or adventurous—we have a great need to experience the true pulse of life, whether good or bad. This often makes us appear wise to others, though we are usually quiet about our achievements unless asked. We can form lasting friendships with those who are not like us but it will always feel as if an element of the relationship missing. It is hard for us to stay grounded because we understand the freedom of the alternative world, but we must stay grounded because that is the way we all complete our Earthly missions.

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