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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientists and engineers watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi on screens after the success of Mars Orbiter Mission, in Bangalore on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. ISRO scientists celebrate the success of Mars Orbiter Mission at their Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network complex in Bangalore.
Indian Space Research Organisation scientists and other officials cheer as they celebrate the success of Mars Orbiter Mission at their Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network complex in Bangalore on, Wednesday, Sept. From 'Congratulations ISRO' to 'Howdy Curiosity' here's how India's Mars Mission scored big on Twitter.
Depends on institutional plans for the data because each instrument on the payload has been designed and manufactured by different institutions around India, led by various scientists. 6.15: Will India be able to lower its spacecraft into the Martian orbit in its debut attempt? In this September 11, 2013 photo, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists give final shape to Mars Orbit Satellite at the a€?Clean Rooma€? at Bengaluru. In this September 11, 2013 photo, ISRO scientists work on a Mars Orbiter Mission module at the ISRO Satellite Centre, in Banglore. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy with ISRO chairman K.Radhakrishnan at a function in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday to felicitate the scientists involved in the Mars Orbiter Mission. The Government of Kerala will team up with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to promote science education and research among students. People don't realize how far away Mars is and how complex all this deep space exploration stuff is.
If Elon Musk can dream about putting 80,000 humans on the surface of Mars and about himself possibly dying on Mars, why not India? The fact: The vast majority of people do not have either the ability or patience to think in a long term perspective. If USA is realy willing to help then it would not be blocking GSLV engines which Russia is willing to give to India.
In my view this will really elevate our nation's position in space exploration and will help considering us by other nation as an alternate to US, Russia, and Europe to launch their satellite. Go ahead dear ISRO, this mission will enable us to know a lot new technical approaches and about our solar system.
There are some people who say that this mission is waste of money, but the same set of people will say that India does not spend money on research. I would like to ask anyone who thinks this to be a waste of money that would we really benefit from just giving the 250 crores to the people without basic amenities? Each and every citizen of India is ashamed that the government is spending huge amounts for nothing. It's a great move but can't just our scientist look deep into the untouched ocean in search of geological origin. After so many missions to moon , the world did not know the existence of water till the indian mission proved otherwise.
Whenever an ambitious space mission is launched, people crib about its cost and try to make an argument that it is not helpful to poor people. And don't forget it will not only help for the things which Chairman mentioned but also to strengthen our defence.
Such missions will make us self sufficient and we need not beg the US and China in the future to aid us.
Sign up for our NewsAlert service and have the latest space news e-mailed direct to your desktop. India's first Mars probe is preparing for launch in late October on a trial run to the red planet to lay the technological foundation for future Indian deep space missions. Only the United States, Russia and the European Space Agency have successfully dispatched robots to Mars before. The Indian orbiter also carries a small camera to return medium-resolution color imagery of the Martian terrain, a thermal infrared spectrometer to measure the chemical composition of the surface, and instruments to assess the Mars atmosphere, including a methane detector. But Indian officials rank the orbiter's technological objectives higher than its science goals, according to J.N.

Goswami gave a briefing on the mission in March at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston. Designers based the spacecraft on the Chandrayaan 1 lunar orbiter, which India successfully placed in orbit around the moon in November 2008 and successfully operated until August 2009. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is providing communications and navigation support for the mission, which requires the use of NASA's Deep Space Network, a set of three tracking stations in California, Spain and Australia. The spacecraft arrived at the Satish Dhawan Space Center on India's east coast Thursday after an overland trip from its factory and test facility in Bangalore. Over the next three weeks, technicians will add rocket fuel to the spacecraft, which is about the size of a compact car. Boosted by enlarged strap-on rocket motors, the PSLV will hurl the Mars-bound spacecraft into an elliptical loop with a peak altitude about 14,300 miles above Earth. The Mars Orbiter Mission will propel itself out of the grasp of Earth's gravity with six engine burns, concluding the escape maneuvers around Nov.
The Indian spacecraft will enter an orbit ranging in altitude from 234 miles to nearly 50,000 miles above Mars, completing a lap around the planet every 3.2 days. Being able to do it provides the impetus for more investment in space research as well as could herald an uptick in foreign investment.
That would be too ambitious considering the kind of resources such an installation requires.
It's too soon to say how future missions will pan out, although that one test was encouraging. Both are equipped with instruments that will provide a clearer picture of the Martian atmosphere. A local church served as main office, the bishop’s house was converted into a workshop and a cattleshed the research lab! Radhakrishnan and Director and chariman of Spacecraft Authorisation Board Kiran Kumar waiting for confirmation of the Burn.
Radhakrishnan on Monday backed Chief Minister Oommen Chandya€™s proposal to use the euphoria created by the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) to ignite young minds and encourage students to take to science.
Thie 450 crores could be well spent on that technology and also on the Indian satellites for GPS system. ISRO should have used same money to get expertise on establshing space labs, docking on space labs, doing experiments in same lab, space walk, experince of staying in space stations. Low cost(US rover mission in 450 million $) will also ensure that we can easily make things happen at low budget. You people should realize that projects like Mars mission will enable us to explore a whole new set of technology which can be applied in other fields also. India's problem of poverty not because of money is being spent in a research and development firm.--- It's because of a group of unhealthy minded people's aggressiveness, who rules this country.
You need to prioritize your activities and understand clearly what is the need of the hour. Money spent on such missions builds our stronghold in Space Exploration which is going to be a critical factor in the international power game. 28, the Mars Orbiter Mission will demonstrate deep space navigation and communications, interplanetary travel, spacecraft autonomy, and the complex make-or-break rocket burn to place the spacecraft in orbit around Mars. The Indian Space Research Organization hopes to be the fourth space agency to accomplish the feat. Goswami, director of ISRO's Physical Research Laboratory and a top scientist on the Mars Orbiter Mission. Goswami said ISRO approved the mission in August 2011, with all the hardware assembled on the orbiter in less than two years. Then engineers will hoist the 2,976-pound probe atop an amped-up version of India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle called the PSLV XL.
21, 2014, one day before the arrival NASA's MAVEN Mars orbiter, which is on track for launch directly to Mars from Florida on Nov. Expansion of spacefaring capabilities means development of better launch systems to launch more sophisticated scientific payloads, as well as, in the long run, giving India a foot in the door when it comes to hardcore interplanetary exploration and colonization, far though in the future that may be.

Also, having such an engine doesn't make it easier in the general sense but gives us the ability to launch heavier - and therefore more sophisticated - payloads into orbit, especially the geostationary transfer orbit. The Curiosity rover's next phase of operations includes investigating the possible presence of life in Mars' history and this means finding signs of water by looking for minerals that could have formed only in the presence of water. Also, it is evident from the comments below that most have them do not have even an iota of knowledge of what a space program means, its challenges, risks and benefits. These missions are not meant to help poor people, we are spending enough on other schemes already.
Do you think China and other countries spending on Space programs do not have poor people in their country? MAVEN will assist in this by looking for isotopic signatures, which is something MOM will do as well.
You are moving exactly in the opposite direction of the fundamentals which guided Vikram Sarabhai and his mission. Do you even understand 450 crores is much less than thousands of crores spent on government schemes meant for poor people. This calls for long-term planning for preservation and conservation of these resources,” Mr.
The reason both probes are there right now is because of a certain window that comes once in 26 months that reduces the distance between Earth and Mars, making it a good opportunity to launch probes in this window.
We have so far not been able to demonstrate it in any of the mission conducted.I fear that the space vehicle would get lost in no time after the launch. And anyways, half of the money spent on these schemes is robbed from the poor due to corruption and scams.
Also don't forget India makes these missions possible at much lower cost than other countries. Radhakrishnan said ISRO would explore the possibility of a joint programme with the government to benefit students. Also, readers must remember that the SPACE research was the idea of our legendary PM JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.
Anyone who wants question space research must consider the long term thinking of our first PM behind this before crying about POOR. There will be five instruments to study Martian surface, atmosphere and mineralogy.After leaving earth orbit in November, the spacecraft will cruise in deep space for 10 months using its own propulsion system and will reach Mars (Martian transfer trajectory) in September 2014. I am not trying to get the issue away from poor however being strong and proud in the international arena is important as well.
The map outputs include status of water spread, aquatic vegetation and turbidity,” Mr.
Chandy said the success of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) had imparted confidence for the nation to take up bigger ventures.
If we start feeding poor, we can be feeding them till the end of this world and lament for issues like our country is not performing in sports, chinese incursion,no creativity etc. Outlining some of the applications of space technology in India, he said the imagery from the Insat 3D satellite had helped to provide early warning in the areas lashed by cyclone Hudhud recently.
There will be some performance deterioration”, he said but added that ISRO has undertaken the test and knows how it would operate.
Prasad, Director, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta; and scientists from various ISRO centres. Radhakrishnan said, it would also be possible to take pictures of two satellites of Mars —Phobos and Deimos.

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