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An old analog phone and address book with a rotary mechanism for finding the correct page, isolated on white. Six books will be available under Paradox Books initially, and several more have been signed and will be distributed later in the year. Half strategy guide and half novel, this “Narrative Guide” to Paradox’s award-winning Crusader Kings II tells a fictionalized tale of deceit, diplomacy, and dynasties.

The books will broach everything from biographical behind the scenes books to game strategy guides to fiction and novels. Players will learn winning tactics for playing the game as they read through an intriguing story set in the medieval game world. In the year 1066, England must defend herself from the largest invasion since the days of Rome, while two young Earls work to unravel hints of a conspiracy that could tear the kingdom apart!

However, when a brutal landowner steals his family estates and plans to evict the tenants, Jack must take up the sword and win back his inheritance by force of arms.

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