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Related Questions:Books to be referred fro GATE exam for ECE departmentList of best books for GATE(ECE)? All the concepts and theories you should study from text books that you followed in throughout your B.Tech.
It comprises with the electrical engineering and electronics engineering.It is originated by the electrical engineering. Details and prices for the books?Names of Publications of books to prepare for IES Exam being a candidate of ECE?

Which month the exam will held?List of books for GATE electronics and communication?How should I prepare for GATE exam myself?
I am a final year student from ECE departmentList of good books for GATE CS exam?Best books for JTO exam preparation for ECE stream students? The duration of the total course is four to five years.After completion of UG degree the students are designated as the Bachelor of Technology. After 12 years you can sit and decide in which subject you want to focus and if you cant then repeat the above steps for Masters and again for Ph.D.

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