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An incongruous ice-cream van lurches up into the Welsh hills through the hail, pursued by a boy and girl who chase it into their own dark make-believe world, and unfurl in their compelling voices a tale which ultimately breaks out of childhood and echoes across the years. Pigeon is the tragic, occasionally hilarious and ultimately intense story of a childhood friendship and how it's torn apart, a story of guilt, silence and the loss of innocence, and a story about the kind of love which may survive it all. Driving to the seaside together are a young girl on the verge of womanhood, her mother and her stepfather with his son. This debut collection of short stories by the award-winning writer and journalist Nigel Jarrett brings together places of violence, longing, helplessness and vivid remembrance, where characters must cope with the darker side of human relationships, often inside the seemingly cosy world of the family. From the Rhys Davies Prize-Winning story about a married Japanese woman risking a scandalous love-affair to a hotel in 1950s post-war Switzerland, Nigel’s stories explore romance with tragedy, family with madness and the lives of people with a warm and tender humour. Nigel Jarrett is a freelance writer, a former daily-newspaper reporter and a winner of the Rhys Davies Prize for short fiction. Local hack Gary Blanchet, inspired by the mother’s story, joins forces with former police psychic Lydia Collins to seek answers. Debz Hobbs-Wyatt was born in Essex and now lives and works as a full time writer from her home in the mountains of Snowdonia. This is a new edition of the influential critical text which secured Raymond Williams’ reputation as one of the foremost writers and thinkers of his generation.
In The Long Revolution Raymond Williams examines the gradual change which is came over the political, economic, and cultural life of the late 21st Century, laying special emphasis on the 'creative mind' in relation to our social and cultural thinking. Deborah Kay Davies was born in Pontypool and has lived most of her life in the Eastern valleys of South Wales. Stevie Davies was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, though she lived in Swansea, Wales from a week old, and spent a nomadic childhood in Egypt, Scotland and Germany.
Niall Griffiths was born in Liverpool in 1966, studied English, and now lives and works in Aberystwyth.
Jill Piercy is an exhibition curator, consultant and writer specialising in contemporary art and craft in Wales. Dai Smith was born in the Rhondda in 1945 and educated at Porth County and Barry Grammar School. A former journalist with the Western Mail, Meic Stephens founded the magazine Poetry Wales in 1965 and was its editor for eight years. Rebbecca Ray was born in 1979, to dope smoking, goat-rearing, hippy artist parents, in the most rural area of Mid Wales.

Antiquarian bookseller Jeff Towns has been pursuing and dealing in the books, manuscripts, letters, iconography and ephemera surrounding Dylan Thomas from his home town of Swansea for over forty years.
Carwyn James treated rugby football as if it was an art form and aesthetics part of the coaching manual. After his sudden death, alone in an Amsterdam hotel, his close friend, the Pontypridd-born writer, Alun Richards set out through what he called "A Personal Memoir" to reflect on the enigma that had been Carwyn. Launched in Cardiff, London and New York in Spring 2006, The Library of Wales is a Welsh Government and Welsh Books Council initiative, designed to ensure that all of the rich and extensive literature in Wales that has been written in English will be made available to readers in and beyond Wales. The Library of Wales series includes fiction, poetry, essays, anthologies, memoirs, and drama.
They work to deflate pomposity where they find it, and celebrate a bleakly beautiful urban world.’ Zoe Brigley.
Watching too from the grassy knoll nearby is a young mother who, in the confusion, lets go of her daughter’s hand.
But this time they’re not looking for a man in a crowd with a gun; they are looking for little Eleanor Boone. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bangor University and has had several short stories published.
He turns to a fascinating historical study of education and the press, tracing the development of a common language, and revealing the links between ideas, literary forms, and social history. He taught at both Oxford and Cambridge, and in 1974 was appointed as Professor of Drama at Cambridge.
She has written for numerous publications and has prepared catalogue essays for many galleries in Wales. She moved to Wales in 2002 to study at Aberystwyth University where she now works as a lecturer in Creative Writing. He has an MA in Film and Television Directing from the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava, and is an award-winning director. He was a founder member of the performance-based writing groups Cabaret 246, Horses' Mouth and Working Title Writers. This son of a miner, from Cefneithin in the Gwendraeth Valley, was a cultivated literary scholar, an accomplished linguist, a teacher, and a would-be patriot politician, who also won two caps for Wales. The result, a masterpiece of sports writing, is a reflection on the connected yet divergent cultural forces which had shaped both the rugby coach and the author; a dazzling sidestep of an essay in both social and personal interpretation.

Davies records his life with three women: from his affair with Bella, the wife of a Sergeant Major, to his year-long liaison with the gentle Louise, to the turbulent brushes with a society woman who fears for her own life at his hands.
Sustaining a wide literary heritage is understood by the Welsh Government to be a key component in creating and disseminating an ongoing sense of modern Welsh culture and history. There’s something sinister about Evan Charlton, and all too soon the girl is plunged into a nightmare world that she cannot understand. She won the 2013 Bath Short Story prize with ‘Learning to Fly’, has been nominated for the prestigious US Pushcart Prize 2013 and short listed for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013. His best-known publications include; Culture and Society (1958), Border Country (1964), The Country and the City (1973), Keywords (1976) and Marxism and Literature (1977). Upon return to the UK she taught in Language schools and became a mature student at Portsmouth Poly, followed by a PGCE at University of Surrey.
Grits was made into a film for television, and Kelly & Victor and Stump are being made into films. For six years she was the Art and Craft Officer for the National Eisteddfod of Wales and has curated work for many galleries in Wales, Europe and USA. He was the first man to coach any British Lions side to overseas victory, and still the only one to beat the All Blacks in a series in New Zealand. Republication of these classic texts, currently unavailable, out-of-print, or merely forgotten, will bring back into play the voices and actions of the human experience that has made us, in all our complexity, a Welsh people.
Fifty years later, when everyone remembers what they were doing at that moment in history, she is still missing. That was in 1971, and it was followed in 1972 by the legendary triumph of his beloved Llanelli against the touring All Blacks at Stradey Park.
Spurning London society and the literary circles where he had been lionised since the publication of his Autobiography of a Super-Tramp, he set about looking for the right partner on the streets of London. He has emerged as a figure of great talent and stature within Welsh performing arts, and holds a cult status amongst fans. His subsequent and successful career as broadcaster and journalist and then a return to the game as a coach in Italy never quite settled his restless nature.

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