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Jeu en vue 2D isometrique a la Zelda 1 ou 3 (donc en vue plus de dessus) mais autrement tres similaire au mode Survival de Zombie Shooter avec une possibilie de variante avec 4 terrains avec murs.
Les zombis s’amassent beaucoup plus vite mais vous etes largement aide par des tourelles et des mines. Autant j'ai joue pendant des semaines aux precedentes versions (la serie des Rooms), autant je l'ai totalement lache avec Zombie Wars (pourtant il est nettement plus beau). Le code HTML est affiche comme du texte et les adresses web sont automatiquement transformees.
The grenade and the shotgun come into play fairly soon after the Uzi, both are very powerful. Next comes the rocket launcher, this is a devastating weapon and clears considerable ground. The 3rd Boxhead Game: Boxhead More Rooms introduces difficulty settings to the game series.
There is also an option panel to turn certain game features on and off before the game begins.

The devils fire balls have been upgraded to huge infernos that are fired across the screen.
Your mission in this awesome game from the Boxhead series is simple, you have to kill all the baddies, Zombies through to the Devil. Boxhead is a series of Flash zombie games in which your block hero tries to survive against increasingly hostile waves of blocky zombies and other monsters. Click here to start slaughtering the walking dead (opens in a new tab for full screen glory). LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this web site. Boxhead: More Rooms - equipped with even more weapons and equipment, the Zombie has become cannon fodder and the new Beast will take you down unless you get all the 90+ upgrades and perfect your skill!
As you go, you’ll gain access to more destructive weapons, like shotguns, uzis, and explosive barrels. To earn new weapons and equipment kill the enemy quickly and as many with one shot to increase the Multiplier.

Use "Z" or "X" KEYS to select next or previous weapon or select weapons directly with NUMBER KEYS. As the Multiplier increases you gain new weapons and the weapons you already have are then upgraded. You can also check previous games from Boxhead series: Boxhead the Rooms, Boxhead More Rooms and Boxhead 2 Play. There are also many warfare games on our site, such as Warfare 1917, Castle Keeper, Strategy Defense series, etc. You can find castle defense games and defend your castle from enemies attack, and tower defense games, where you have to build your turrets and towers for destroying enemy troops who cross your land. Online shooting games are available too and you can try your shooting skills using the best weapons and guns in the world.

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