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In a Connecticut maximum security prison, Ronald Rutan meets Frank Vandever, a former stockbroker with a reputation for cross-dressing, who is aching to escape his 40-year sentence. Breakout, National Geographic’s 8-part tv series we created graphics for is back for second season.
Inmates Roy Harper and John Woolard join forces to break out of Mississippi State Penitentiary. Browse the adventure and exploration photos in our archive—each one ready to be downloaded as wallpaper.

Photos, maps, and more of the 2001 eruption of Europe's tallest volcano, Italy's Mount Etna.
Inmates go into lockdown, tactical squads assemble and K-9 units scour the countryside looking for clues.
The show depicts true life prison breaks which are told through filmic drama and first hand testimonies. After cutting their way through window bars, running five miles and stealing a car, the guys escape, but not for long.

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