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I love Superboy Prime, his totally cracked, over the top attitude was hilarious, coupled with his extraordinary power levels made him a very suspenseful read.
Every month, Superboy picks on some detail, and beats the offending hero or villain (or creator) to within an inch of death. Considering how Superboy Prime responded to the Post-COIE DCU, one can only imagine how badly he'd take the New 52. A The storm is travelling north and will continue towards the Sunshine Coast and is expected to affect the suburbs of Maroochydore, Nambour, Yandina and Coolum Beach.

But before he can finish his brutal deed, a faceless arm reaches out from off-panel and offers Prime the latest issue of this month's showcase series.
Well there's a rematch that would be interesting, but almost one sided given that He never could beat a Flash. Comics being Prime's kryptonite, he must sit down and read it while his would-be victim escapes. Barry enjoyed the old comics (GA Flash), but he took them as inspiration and wasn't beholden to them (how SA Flash came about).

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