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ANIMAL’s feature Game Plan asks video game developers to share a bit about their process and some working images from the creation of a recent game. In Elegy players walk from left to right, detouring only to explore the odd building, across the surfaces of deserted planets. You choose one of three play styles when you select a planet to explore: the game can help you write either a poem or a story, or you can write freeform.
Before that epiphany, when Elegy was going to be about reading stories rather than writing them, Scott and his cohorts designed a very specific narrative inspired by British romantic poets like William Blake and John Keats. Brother in the Land, and check out Brother in the Land on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The narrative begins on a hillside, where the protagonist, Danny Lodge, encounters a man in a radiation suit, who confiscates his bike and orders him to return to his home town, the fictional Skipley.
The local Commissioner issues an order that the injured and infirm are to be taken out of the ruins and placed at the roadside so they can be taken to hospital: this turns out to be front for his plan to kill off those who will be a burden. The protagonists discover that a concentration camp has been erected on a farm outside of Skipley, with the remaining able-bodied population being used as slave labour under the Commissioner's rule. Ben becomes ill and dies of acute radiation syndrome: Danny and Kim bury him in the garden of an empty house. Teenage readings of Brother in the Land and Z for Zachariah, set in atomically- and apocalyptically bombed wastelands confirmed it was better not to know.
ROBERT Swindells developed a love of reading when he discovered his local library, at nine. Beverage company Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE:DPS) represents the little brother in the land of the carbonated soda titans. This week, we spoke with Ziba Scott of Popcannibal about Elegy for a Dead World, a game in which players concoct their own stories about long-gone civilizations.

The great civilizations that once inhabited these landscapes are long dead, and only their ruins remain.
Initially many didn’t take it seriously, and there will always be those who default to dick jokes. Arriving there, Danny finds the town in ruins, and learns that his family's shop has collapsed, killing his mother. Later, the Commissioner implements a system of food and fuel rationing, with severe penalties introduced for hoarding. Members of Masada decide to step up their campaign of resistance, and launch a night raid on the camp.
Kim's sister Maureen has become pregnant, and Kim is worried that the baby may be deformed; in the end, it is born without a mouth, and dies not long afterwards. Kim shoots Rhodes and another biker as they are about to shoot Danny in order to steal his food. Inside the house, Danny finds a ledger, and starts writing an account of his experiences after the war. In this revised ending, Ben still dies, but, rather than leave his account behind, Danny takes the ledger with him to Holy Island, and Kim is expecting a baby, the fourth of Holy Island, with Danny being the father. A passion for reading turned into a passion for writing, and Bradford-born Robert became a multi award-winning writer of children's fiction.
But there are no treasures to find or ghosts to fight in Elegy; instead, players simply try to determine what happened to the alien peoples whose detritus litters their abandoned homes.
As the story progresses the prompts contain fewer words and more blanks, giving your imagination room to take over. It follows the adventures of a teenage boy as he fights for survival in Britain after a nuclear war. His brother Ben and their father have survived, as they were in the cellar, which is used as a stockroom.

The injured, elderly, and people who have been emotionally traumatised by the nuclear attack are given poisoned rations. After a battle, the Commissioner is overthrown and Branwell is established as the new leader. He ends by saying that he plans to leave his account behind for future generations to read; he hopes it will warn them not to go down the path which led to the war.
And of course there’s always the third option, where you insert whatever words you want anywhere in each level. With so much food in their stockroom, the Lodges have plenty to live on, but as the weeks pass, other people begin fighting over food. The brothers seek sanctuary at the home of Sam Branwell, a smallholder who, along with several other survivors, has formed a resistance movement called Masada, an acronym for "Movement to Arm Skipley Against Dictational Authority" and an allusion to the historic siege. By now, the camp's food supplies are exhausted, forcing the people to scavenge for whatever they can find, and many are dying.
Each planet is designed to tell a story, and it’s up to players to interpret what that story is, for better or worse.
Lodge refuses to allow his stock to be used for this purpose and, though Danny and Ben register for ration cards, they only visit the local feeding centre once. Developers Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal set the mood with beautiful visuals and haunting music, and you’re left to determine for yourself what you think occurred. Shortly after Branwell dies from exhaustion during the second winter after the war, Danny, Kim, and Ben leave the camp and head to Holy Island, where Danny hopes they will be safe.

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