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For hitting the trail or when the stuff hits the fan, Ruger’s suppressor-ready sure shot hits the mark! When putting together a bug-out bag—your 72-hour survival insurance policy—rugged, reliable and lightweight gear is a must. For serious packing of a bug-out bag, I would certainly lose the bulky, fitted backpack it comes with, though this may be a handy way to carry it in other situations such as in a vehicle or boat.
You may need to move fast and move a long distance to get out of danger and into a safe place.
The smaller caliber is one of the compromises made when kitting out your bag, a simple trade for weight and a space. The Boy Scout in me has always had a bag ready to go at a moment’s notice because I love hiking and camping. My previous trail gun and bug-out bag weapon was a Ruger Mark II, the older model with the Luger-style grip and butt mag release.
I can carry two, three, or up to four times as much .22 LR ammo than I can centerfire ammo within the same space, depending on the centerfire caliber.

Protection from four- and two-legged predators is also part of the duties of a bug-out bag weapon. Think of all the things you can come in contact with in an emergency, broken glass, twisted steel, splintered wood, hot surfaces.
On the plus side, it is compact, so it easily fits in a pack pocket or can be easily concealed on my person. In a potentially lethal situation, running away to fight a different day is a wise move, but if push comes to shove, an accurately fired .22 LR can be lethal.
The grip frame is polymer, so it is lightweight—a plus for any bug-out bag—giving the pistol a total weight of 32 ounces even with the 4.5-inch bull barrel. The dry lubricant on .22 LR cartridges can quickly gunk up the extractor and make chambering a round or extracting a round difficult. Magazines are relatively inexpensive, so I keep at least three with the pistol and have others tucked away.
You may be tough, but an infected cut can be disastrous when there are no hospitals to go to!

I’ve hiked my share of trails with large centerfire handguns, and I’ll take a small, light, accurate .22 LR pistol or revolver every time.
Some bug-out scenarios may cause you to be in a suburban environment, and residents may mistake hunting for aggression.
I've sold these to people from California to New Jersey and even a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. These retail at over $30.00 Be prepared for an immediate response because I respond to emails as soon as I get them.
They don't all have to be the same size if you wish to purchase a pair as a gift for a friend.

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