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This is a Mylar thermal blanket that is used to reflect heat and keep you warm in the event of an emergency. A thermal blanket is a must-have for any emergency kit or bag and is great to have with you while camping, hiking, or prepping for an emergency.
The reflective Mylar material warms you by reflecting your heat and then trapping it in the air pockets that surround you. The Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket keeps in 90% of your body heat and helps to preserve your body temperature.
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These blankets are also sometimes referred to as space blankets, first aid blankets, emergency blankets, or simply a thermal blanket.
It reduces loss of body heat due to convection by providing a barrier between you and the elements.

Although you may be able to get multiple uses out of it, it is typically made for one use only.
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An emergency blanket is made of a low bulk and lightweight material that is easily packable. You may also come across an injured hiker and need to help keep him or her warm until help arrives. A set of emergency blankets like this are an absolute must have in any well built bug out bag. We also supply you with a list of additional item which you may want to consider packing in your bug out or get home bag. If we choose to incorporate your suggestion or comment into our bags we’ll send you the Deluxe Solar Charger for Cell Phones for FREE!
It is typically a plastic film that has been coated with a metallic agent, usually vaporized aluminum. The blanket is small and light and will easily fit into most first aid kits or bail out bags.

The material will only protect against convection and not conduction, so you will not be insulated from the cold ground if you are lying down. The blankets are good to have in case of emergency, natural disaster, or nuclear meltdown, but should not be relied upon as your sole source of warmth if you are packing a 72+ hour bag. The list contains items such as clothing, toiletries, walkie talkies, a firearm and much more.
NASA first developed this material because they needed the smallest and lightest possible insulation to fit inside the spacecraft, which makes them perfect for fitting inside a bug out bag. The best application for these blankets is in emergency situations to help protect against hypothermia. This means that you can still lose heat if lying on the ground because there are no air pockets to trap the heat beneath you and the material will not stop your body from transferring heat into the ground. These would also be good to have in the home and in the car in case of emergencies during the colder months.
If you are lost and need to be identified by rescuers, the blanket doubles as a signal because it is so reflective.
Emergency blankets are also known for their usefulness in do-it-yourself solar projects and can be used around the home.

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