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My husband has spent a great deal of time and effort assembling a critical piece of survival equipment: our Bug-Out Bags.
Bug-Out Bag, GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bag, 72 Hour Kit, Go Bag, Battle Box… These are all names for roughly the same thing. There has been a lot of talk over the years about bugging out, bug out bags, and bug out bag lists. The subject of bugging out and bug out bags (some preppers refer to this kit as a bug out backpack) is a popular one and for good reason, disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes , flash floods or other natural disaster, could force survivors to “head for the hills” in search of safer ground.
We are constantly threatened by a series of potential disasters, both natural and man-made. We also face a series of potential  long-term disasters including, ecological collapse, economic collapse, agriculture disaster, war, plague, pandemic, an over oppressive government or any number of disasters that could force the need to seek safer footing or even hide-out in the hills long-term.
Keep in mind that we are not talking about bugging out from the city to a pre set-up and well-stocked retreat in the hills, if this is your plan then you might not need a “bug out bag” since you can just load everything into your car and take off. It would be great if you already have a stockpile of food, medications and gear waiting for you at a mountain retreat, let’s just hope that you can  actually, get past the blocked roads, carjackers, checkpoints and other hazards that will be met along the way get there, unscathed.
If you do somehow, manage to make it through, all of the en-route hazards to your well-stocked retreat in the hills, still don’t be surprised when you’re “greeted” at the door by another family or group that has already, moved in. If at all possible, move to your retreat or relocate to a safer area now – before disaster strikes. Some survivalist aka “preppers” look at this type of bug out kit as an “escape and evasion” bag. Living completely free of civilization, scrounging for food and shelter in the forest, mountains or desert for any significant length of time can be done, under the right conditions, by some people. The prospect of the hidden cave or dug out stocked with survival supplies should be a considered. I have several cache tubes hidden around my area, and have been working on putting in more. If it’s a natural disaster, where help will be on the way, but you have to leave for you immediate safety (say a hurricane is heading your way) would a friend or family member in a distant town take you in? Okay, since we are talking about bug out bag lists, I’m sure that you’re probably wondering what is in my bug out bag. Bug out bag tools – Glock shovel, Mora Light my Fire, Gerber Multi Tool, and Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie. Food items should be light weight, provide essential nutrients and be suitable for long-term storage of one year or more. Another advantage for having a .22 Long rifle is the relatively low-report especially when using CB caps and the ability to be effectively silenced with a homemade sound suppressor aka “silencer”.
The downside of the .22 Long rifle round is limited range, penetration and stopping power all of which limit the rounds effectiveness when used for self-defense. My first choice for protection against such large game would be a center-fire rifle chambered for 308 or larger.
With that being said, a semi-auto military style rifle should be considered especially if you are trying to get from an urban area to the country, where facing organized gangs or other threats attempting to block your exit could be a possibility. An AR-15 with collapsible buttstock or folding stocked AK-47 (for compactness and conceal ability) could help get you out of a dangerous situation if pressed into one, while taking up little space and not adding significant weight to your overall survival gear. I hope that you’ve found this article on bug out bags, and bugging out useful and can put the information above to good use – please share this article with your friends and social media contacts. You’re going for a combination of The Grey Man combined with something pretty tough and durable.
It might be better to get to know every inch, every nook and cranny of your own city or town so that you have a place of temporary refuge relatively close by, where you know people and know how to obtain what you need.
As mentioned in our Bug Out Bag Essentials post, premade Bug Out Bags can be a good option for someone who wants to prepare for the unforeseen but does not have the time or knowledge to piece one together item by item. How many additional items will I need to add to the off-the-shelf survival kit to make it appropriate urban survival or wilderness survival? Are the premade Bug Out Bags’ contents what I am looking for or am I paying for things that I do not need? To help you analyze some of the many options out there for premade Bug Out Bags we have complied the below table to review.
Guardian Survival Pal$32.991Small bagThis kit is very basic and would be well suited to be the Bug Out Bag to keep in a car or office as it is small and lightweight. You seem to have 2-3 days of food, no shelter, clothes, or sleep gear, and enough TP and ammo for a long SHTF situation. I like the idea of a BOB getting me from where I'm going to be back to my big stash on foot of course! Originally Posted By rusteerooster: to make an accurate assessment we need to know a few details: 1) BO to a known location?
If it's just 20 miles, keep the wipes, nothing beats being able to clean you're feet after a long day's hike. Originally Posted By robb01: Originally Posted By mcnielsen: Why is your pistol in your bag? If at all possible, move to your retreat or relocate to a safer area now – before disaster strikes.
If it’s a natural disaster, where help will be on the way, but you have to leave for you immediate safety (say a hurricane is heading your way) would a friend or family member in a distant town take you in? Bug out bag tools – Glock shovel, Mora Light my Fire, Gerber Multi Tool, and Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie. 2.) The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! Silly as it sounds, people under stress, even those skilled at land navigation, sometimes start to second guess their navigation skills for no good reason. This usually takes the form of losing faith in their compass, an issue that can nearly always be overcome by comparing the readings of that compass to a second one.

Stupid simple, but very effective at countering a growing sense of panic, which as we all know is a real killer. Recently I have added several pairs of disposable gloves, I have opted for the heavier 9mil type.
Military heat tabs are awesome — they will get a wood fire going, even with wet wood, with half a tab.
Bic lighters (not necessarily generic lighters, and not the minis) are really sturdy and have a stupid amount of lights in them, so 3-4 lighters (in various places – including at least one in your pocket at all times) will last long enough for you to make a replacement fire set if you are literally reduced to living in the wild until you die of old age. Unless you are moving HARD every single day (too hard to carry a coal), you shouldn’t need to _light_ a new fire every day.
I have a bic lighter in my pocket right now, and carry one constantly, but I also have a high end butane one in my truck, I smoke cigars occasionally, and i always have a stash of matches.
Find some small plastic jars or containers, like the old film canisters, and fill with dryer lint. How about we not grab a bug out bag, and instead grab that weapon go seek out the Militia and fight to save the country? But, as the Revolutionary War proved, less than 3% of the nation’s men were man enough to stand and fight for the nation, while the other 97% coward in their hiding places. The nation needs every man to defend it, not run to their hiding places to hide while the real men fight the criminal corrupt government of thugs. It’s because the nation has meow men in it that are too cowardly to stand and fight, so they run and hide. I think Kannin is right here–it may only be three percent fighting but if you are in that three percent I am sure you will appreciate others in the 97 percent who serve you a hot meal, give you the opportunity to take a shower, wash and tend your clothes, and have first aid supplies and antibiotics to treat wounds. Run and hide in the very short term in order to protect your freedom to call together or join the militia in a few days. Sorry George, but many of us stayed and fought for our homes and country until it became apparent that despite a hundred and fifty years residency, we were no longer welcome.
Sure, I’d like to cap some of the Blue Helmets if it comes to that but realistically when THEY come for you they come from a position of POWER AND NUMBERS. I”m not saying it is better to run away and live to fight another day but come on, if you know in advance the SHTF and it is time to beat feet, do so, gather with like-minded folk and take the pain to THEM. If you live in an arid climate, your bag will be quite different from someone living in the wet Pacific Northwest or the frigid Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ziplock bag containing copies of birth certificates, plasticized maps, immunization records, insurance records, title insurances, contact info for friends and relatives, etc.
Because a Bug-Out Bag seems to be similar to choices in weapons, cars, sporting teams or spousal types (meaning, men especially can argue forever about these things), I expect a lively debate about what should be included. The subject of “bugging out” is bound to come up in any conversation about survival preps and every survival blog has at least one article posted about how to put together a bug out bag. It seems like we are being threatened from all sides, and sometimes, I admit to feeling like just throwing up my hands in despair and just giving up.
You should keep in mind if you are forced to leave your home or retreat; you have essentially made yourself a refugee, which is the last thing you want during hard times. You had better have a way to supply your basic needs after exhausting the gear contained in your bug out bag contents. Where they will use the kit as a grab and go bag that will be used if they’re forced to head out to the forest and mountains to hide from danger – for most this is a flawed idea. But it would not be easy and the constant struggle to stay alive would be more than many could handle and most would not make it very long. Having a hidden cache of essential survival gear could mean the difference between death and survival if you’re forced to head for the hills.
You need to have a “disaster buddy” in another area, but still reachable in a few hours’ drive, with whom you’ve already made plans and have an agreement with, where if a disaster happens in your area that you can go to his place to wait it out and vice versa. I want to stay out of the FEMA camps.  And who wants to be dependent on the government for their survival anyways? Well that depends on you personally – you’ll have to consider things, like your location and where you’re going, your health, your skills, and time of the year.
A .22 caliber rifle can take small game as well as larger game such as deer with proper shot placement. Just remembered that such a device is illegal without proper government approval and will land you behind bars if caught, and is suggested here for a worst case scenario only or after you have went through all of the legal hoops. For example those bugging-out in grizzly country should definitely consider something more powerful than the aforementioned 9 mm or 38 special. Trust me you are not a coward if you avoid the possibility of being shot or having to shoot someone else. My kids are extremely good at using one and it’s a skill you can pick up with only a few hours practice. While no place would be good in the event of a complete collapse, you’re better off in the collapsed shithole you know, than the one you have to hike 500 miles amidst mobs of other desperate refugees, to get to. It includes an emergency shelter, hand powered flashlight and water purification tablets, useful items that not every basic level kit gives you. The inclusion of the Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide is an excellent addition for the inexperienced.
It does have good food and water options for its size and cost as well as a hand powered flashlight. Distance? 2) Urban, suburban or country? 3) number of people you will be traveling with or carring gear for? 4) Geographic location (will determine what weather type gear may be needed) This pack is mainly to get me from my immobilized vehicle from the farthest point from my BOL that I would normally travel in a months time. I think I'll order some paracord, and possibly a tarp for at most 2 nights of shelter (there is lots of wooded land I would have to pass through). Add spare wool socks and some diaper rash ointment or petroleum jelly to keep monkey butt away during said 20 mile hike.
Having a hidden cache of essential survival gear could mean the difference between death and survival if you’re forced to head for the hills.

One more thing that I think some people should have more of in there bug_out bag if many different ways to start a fire, because most of the bug_out bags that I haave seen is where they have a lighter or two and some matches but what if your bag gets wet or over time you will use them or it up. When I was in my twenties… I was on a long liner in Alaska, We were wet for 18 hours a day. Cotton balls with petroleum jelly are great as well and light with a single strike from a Swedish fire steel, even damp.
How may illegal criminals and criminals in the truest sense of the word, are RELEASED DAILY nationwide and roaming around already in packs or simply reuniting with their established crew ?
I know this seems obvious, but it is the most important thing to remember when assembling your own Bug-Out Bag. But whether you decide to make one of your own, or decide to purchase a pre-made bag, you need to keep in mind it must be applicable to YOUR unique circumstances. This may not seem too heavy, but I assure you that if you are unaccustomed to carrying thirty extra pounds over any kind of distance, you’ll be in for a rude awaking. The ultimate purpose of a Bug-Out Bag is to keep you alive for 72 hours, and to give you those three days to reach safety or to have the time for someone to reach you. Don't forget to fill (and change often) these with water the moment you have your kit done. Since food is usually one of the bulkiest items in a backpack, we purchased a 3600 calorie ration bar with a five-year shelf life. This is like your standard space blanket, but formed into a bag suitable as a bivvy sack for outside your sleeping bag (a big multiplier for heat retention as long as you recognize its limitations). Good for washing everything as well as finding water leaks in pipes, unsticking zippers, and lubricating saw blades and screws.
But before you recommend a small solar panel, communication devices, alternate food types, etc., remember three things. Hopefully, the photos will help you or someone who you know put together your own bug out bag. You are not expendable – neither are the lives of your family or those in your bug out group. A knowledge of edible wild plants and their seasons is crucial if you happen to get lost- forget societal collapse- in whichever region you happen to live. And keep the leatherman toy and give me two pair of small channel locks, a straight blade screwdriver and a philips.
But don’t think your cozy, well-stocked refuge is going to be waiting for you when you do- prepare for the worst, which is a life of homeless hunting and gathering. The bag and contents are brand-name and high quality including Leatherman, Fox, AMK, and Black Kaito. They don't have to fit in the bag cause you'll be wearing them, but throw a pair of well worn in boots next to the bag in your trunk.
After a long rain one can still find dry pine needles under trees, and small twigs enough to get a fire going. We can have a different viewpoint and contribute to the discussion without trying to pick a fight.
But then I’m one of those “wrong-headed” Americans who would rather trust their own wits and skills than the government to take care of them after a disaster (or anytime)… They just hate that. But by looking at bug out bag lists that have been put together by a number of different people, we can get ideas to work with and expand our bug out bags for our personal location and needs. Those with the macho kill ‘em all attitudes will not last very long after the poop hit’s the fan.
Those with the macho kill ‘em all attitudes will not last very long after the poop hit’s the fan. I can tell you that a good tooth brushing will make you feel better no matter how bad a night you've had. With a great bag and high quality contents, This is the bag to go with if it is in anyone's budget. My hope is that it would take me no more than 48 hours to get back to my BOL, so I would be able to wear what I had on at the time and use what is in the BOB to get me there. Your 3% may be heros to you, but that 3% and those they incited taught my family a lesson about not trusting neighbours and friends, about always having an exit plan, and about having the strength to rebuild. The need for shelter along the way and other issues that do not matter much for a day hike.
Now imagine hauling that extra weight for miles and miles, possible over fallen trees, up and down slick and steep gullies or through deep snow or soft sand.
Encrypted thumb drive with account info, scanned copies of ID's insurance cards titles, etc.
Pony up and put energizer lithium batteries in it (they never leak) and call it good for a very long time.
Contractor bag is overhead cover, survival blanket on ground on a big pile of leaves or grass, the string to tie the ends of the cover to carved tent pegs, just like a tent for around $5.00 and a half a pound of weight. Of course you can use the components for anything else you need and not be out anything which is nice.
Sipping on a cup of warm water when you're wet and cold can make all the difference and you can pack stuff in it so it's almost like its not there.
I'd keep three or four MRE's and replace two or three of them with melinnium bars or one of those life boat rations like main stay.

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