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While working on my fighting load carrier (FLC) and thinking about an overnight kit that would fit in a fanny pack, I started thinking about a micro bug out bag.  The idea for a micro-bug out bag came as I was thinking about a short range recon bag, basically a butt pack or fanny pack. If you have food for 24 hours, and someone can make it at least 24 hours without food, then we are up to 48 hours.  How far could someone in a city walk in 48 hours on a deserted highway? As with all Maxpedition packs, the Condor II offers top notch quality, expandability and quality workmanship. The pack is a top loader, so you can cram in your gear until its full, stomp on the top, then cram some more. The pack is covered with PALS (ladder system) to attach MOLLE or ALICE equipment all over it. The compression straps work well for keeping the pack slim, and for lashing a tri-pod stool to the side of the pack. The water bladder compartment is big enough to fit a 2 quart bladder and have plenty of room left over. Over the years I have seen one topic that has been repeated over and over, and that is the topic of the bug out bag.
In reality, a bug out bag should contain copies of important papers, house title, car title, insurance policies, change of clothes, snack, or even 2 – 3 days worth of food, phone number contact list, and any prescription medicines you might be taking. People that live close to railroad tracks or chemical plants might be asked to flee their homes due to a chemical release accident. In fantasy, the bug out bag will be used to bug out to the wilderness when society collapses. Even though the bug out bag is one of the most discussed topics on a survival forum, I also think its the least understood.  I see a lot of so called survivalist thinking they are going to grab their bag, and bug out to the wilderness.
If you plan on bugging out to the wilderness during a SHTF survival situation, post your comments in this forum thread about bug out bags. My personal opinion, its better to have a bug out location, or have plans to stay with a friend or relative until the disaster passes.  At least with a BOL you can stockpile supplies, food, water, shelter, first aid supplies, farm, garden, hunt, stockpile ammo,,,,,, and on your own private property.
Four of the biggest issues that I see with bugging out to the wilderness – exposure, food, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and waterborne infections. During that 3 day camping trip, the only reliable food source we found was through fishing.  And like everything else, that was hit and miss. If your planning on grabbing your bug out bag and bugging out to the wilderness, test those plans.
Science channel Saturday morning of July 30, 2011 had a program on about Kublai Khan, and his doomed fleet that tried to invade Japan.
During excavations of the ocean floor, scientist discovered that most of the ships in the fleet were flat bottom river boats. It appears that Kublai Khan was in a hurry to invade Japan, so he ill equipped his navy with the wrong type of ship.  This short sight meant the fleet was lost in a storm.
In the survivalist community, there are a lot of people that plan on grabbing their bug out bag, bugging out to the wilderness and living off the land.  There are lots of problems with that situation, such as being able to find enough food, diseases, illness, vitamin and mineral decencies,,, only to name a few. If things start to get too bad (riots, natural disasters), stores will close and barricade the doors.  When a hurricane makes landfall, stores will stack bails of cardboard in front of the doors to protect the store from looters. Lets say that some kind of long term SHTF survival situation happens, whether its long lasting civil unrest, outbreak of some kind of new disease,,,, panic buying is a short term solution to a long term problem.
Short term survivalist – these are the people that buy enough food for a couple of weeks. It is impossible to plan for every SHTF situation.  Somethings are beyond our control, such as nuclear war, natural disasters and climate change for example. The problem is, 22 long rifle is not adequate for anything larger then rabbit and squirrel sized game. Take the time to assemble your survival gear and make solid plans.  Just like in the case of Kublai Khan and his navy to invade Japan, hastily assembled and ill equipped survival plans are a plan for failure. The main bag is made of a brown cloth, has a drawstring at the top, when empty laying flat on a table, the bag measures 18 inches tall, 15 inches wide and has a 7X9 rectangle bottom. Another nice thing about the mixed fuel stove, the support arms move around to make the stove very compact for storage. Ok, lets talk about food for the bug out bag.  My ideal loading is 3 days of eating good, and 5 days of eating spartan. Accessories pouch, this contains a couple of spoons, hand sanitizer, various packs a tea for mixing into a canteen or water bottle, matches,,,, just various stuff like that.  A spork really needs to be added to accessory pouch.
Something happened to the main power feed for my town, and then the backup power feed failed.
First thing I realized was that we do not have a radio here at work that works off batteries. A hand crank flashlight would probably do good, but when you want to light up a road or a field, nothing beats a good 200 lumen light.
Fifth, even though the power came on about 30 minutes before lunch, jack-in-the-box, mcdonalds and sonic were either closed of their computers had not come back on yet. If I wanted to, the 32 ounce water bottle could be turned into a personal survival kit, and just use the water bladder to carry water.
Affected by heat – unless you have the room in your house, or a climate controlled storage area, your MRE lifespan is going to be seriously affected by storing them in the garage or storage building. 4 of each of the items in the entire product range, as pictured below, which should be enough meals for 5 to 6 persons over 3 days, or 3 to 4 persons over 7 days.
Perfect for Bug Out Bag because the meals can be eaten straight out of the Pouches (Hot or Cold) with no water if needed, as heating could be the bonnet of your car. All Happy Camper Gourmet has a minimum best before date of between 3 and 6 months from purchase.
Best before dates: Happy Camper Gourmet meals have a best before date of 18 months from the day of cook at the factory but they have been tested for up to 6 years at least.
Note:  This is breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 days so it is a great cost efficient option. Prep Time:  Ready to eat, unless you would like to wait 10 minutes for the flameless heater.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Survival bug out bag is one of the most discussed and disputed topics regarding personal training for difficult emergency situations.
It should be noted that a survival kit can be of many kinds, depending on the user’s point of view. Regardless of their destination, most kits contain a number of elements essential for the survival of anyone in a difficult situation.

Choose your bag – the first thing you have to take into consideration is choosing the actual bag. Second, gather all the items and then choose the bag so you have enough space for all the materials. Clothes – keep in mind that you always have to be warm and dry, so you will need at least two changes of clothing. You should prepare this part of your bag considering your level of comfort at different temperatures. Food – the food is not so important because the body can withstand a considerable time without it (and that means days). The lack of food, in particular in the conditions required for a survival situation, may have further exacerbated effects (amid fatigue, stress, etc.
Water – It is particularly important because its absence can take you down in a much shorter period (about 3 days, depending on conditions). You may improvise a container for carrying the water by placing a plastic bag inside a sock. A very tight survival blanket, folded and placed in the bag can be a very valuable element. As a general indication for the shelter location you should look for a good place, away from dangers and easily adaptable. There are two important aspects that you should consider, although the practice has shown that they are frequently overlooked: insulation from the ground and the size of the shelter. Heat source – heat is essential in temperate or cold climates and the kit should contain at least 2 methods to make fire so to be safe. You can use a lighter (some of them are very resistant, they can produce sparks even after they are out of gas), a flint and waterproof matches (preferably with wax) packed in a zip bag. Primer (the material which transfers the spark to ignite the fire) is very important and it is good to have it in sufficient quantities. Amongst many other materials, a primer good to have in your survival bag consists of  hygienic pads soaked in melted wax. The modified matches are a combination of  both spark and primer which leads to the prolongation of their burning time. Hygiene items – you may say these are not as important, but remember that they may prevent infections which can lead to a bad shape and poor health for you. First aid kit – the items from the first aid kit should be placed separately, like a medical kit. Obviously, this kit can be adapted and modified according to requirements, situations and especially the area where the traveling is to be made.
Self defense – bugging out is a dangerous situation and you should be prepared to face it. Parachute cord may be used in so many ways that it would be impossible to list all of them in this article. Wire (brass or copper) is very good, it has endurance and is the best material for building traps.
An awl and several needles of various sizes, attached to a small sewing kit can be very valuable in repairing the equipment. During a trip some of the items described here can be carried separately from the kit in convenient areas.
Although it would be nice to never have to use the items in this bag, it is better to be prepared. You will be all on your own and maybe you will have to take care of some members of your family, too. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites!
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I was thinking about something I could grab and go walking in the woods with and it would contain basic items for an overnight stay.  Then I started thinking, why couldn’t someone in a city use this to walk out of the city and to a suburban or rural area? That was one of my thoughts.  Instead of having a fully loaded bag weighing 40, 50+ pounds.
The main compartment is big enough to carry extra clothing, one man tent, MREs, hammock, rain poncho, poncho liner, tent stakes. These are the people that keep very little food at home, no bottled water, no fuel for camp stoves, little first aid supplies,,,,,.
People go into the store thinking they need enough food for 3 or 4 days, and by the time they run out of food everything should have returned to normal. They may be stockpiling mountain house foods, storing rice, beans and oatmeal in mylar bags. In the survivalist community there is a group of people who plan on using a 22 rifle for just about everything.
Those people that are planning on using 22 long rifle for deer and hog sized game are doomed for failure.
For the most part the food bag contains a single burner stove for a bug out bag, pot for cooking, eating utensils, lighter and matches for the stove and for building a camp fire, hand sanitizer,,,, and other odds and ends. In a bag this size, someone should easily be able to carry at least 3 days worth of dehydrated food. I finally got tired of packing that large propane bottle around, so I bought a single burner Coleman Max stove that uses a blended fuel of butane and propane.
Someone said it was related to the wildfire about 15 miles north of here, but I do not have any proof of that. The power does not go off very often, but when it does it would be nice to get some news from the local radio station.
I have a small AAA light on my key ring, but something a little larger would have been nice. Sonic could not even serve a couple of teas because their computers were down, same with jack-in-the-box, and mcdonalds was closed. Thereafter, a prudent choice would be the lighter, longer shelf life of our Freeze Dried Range of Food products which are much lighter and longer shelf life.
Unlike the other examples listed, this would only realistically feed you for one (maybe two) meals.

We will refer here to the items needed for survival in nature, not necessarily discuss specific situations and capabilities of surviving in extreme conditions with minimum of equipment.
Wet clothes and dressing light in cold weather may lead to hypothermia which can be deadly. You need to have basic knowledge of building a shelter from natural materials as this can help you survive. You have to exploit the potential of the terrain (you can use a large boulder, a tree broke or uprooted, a natural indentation, etc.).
Insulation from the ground is very important and it is good to be done with as many materials as possible (natural materials, extra clothes, sheets, newspapers, tree bark) to create a barrier between the body and the cold ground. To waterproof the matches you may cover the knobs with nail polish, but this method is not at all friendly because they will damage quickly. A good primer can consist of cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly and kept in a sealed container.
You may also use: natural fiber rope passed through wax, wax paper strips, small paper cones filled with confetti covered with wax, vegetable fiber, lint, textile debris, etc. They can be created by wrapping a small piece of wool or cotton string right next to the knob and dipping it in wax. This may be a small fixed blade knife (which is preferred in all cases when possible), a small, solid pocket knife with a folding blade or a multitool.  The necessary features of the tools should be solidity, reliability and convenience. Also, depending on the situation, you may use a signaling mirror (keep it wrapped in paper to avoid scratching), a piece of burnt rubber or a flashlight. It is preferable that the kit elements have multiple valences (can fulfill multiple requirements).
For example, you may put objects whose use requires immediate access (little lighter, whistle, LED flashlight) on a piece of lace at the neck that can be worn every day.
You may adapt it to your own needs, the country you live in or the place you want to travel. In an emergency situation, like a natural disaster, the one who has the survival kit will have more chances to live than the one who doesn’t. The most important part of the kit is your mind, along with the skills and knowledge acquired and applied in time. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While on a hiking trip, I can lay the pack on the ground, open the map case, get the GPS out, drink from the water bladder and never have to open the main compartments of the pack. While the other compartments are big enough to carry a first aid kit, flashlights, GPS, topo maps, map compass, water filter,, and other odds and ends. Once the plan is tested, then you know where the weak spots are, and then you can make improvements. The keel helps ocean going ships weather large waves, while flat bottom boats will capsize. If there is some kind of disaster (like a hurricane), people rush to the nearest store and buy as many supplies as they can afford. Those people justify their decisions because 22 long rifle ammo is cheap, and it has a low report.
There are a lot of people that will argue that the 22 long rifle is the perfect survival rifle, but its not perfect for all size animals.  When hunting, as with everything else in life, use the right tool for the job.
My boss pulled out a hand crank radio, but the hand crank was locked up to the point where the handle could not be turned. My little AAA light does good for close in work, like plugging computer wires into the back of a computer, or lighting up a small room. There are literally many ways of preparing your bug out bag, but all the bags must contain some essential components. We will talk about the bags that will ease the life of someone who has to survive in the wild or to a disaster like a flood or an earthquake. A person with a normal, regular diet will experience a weakening of the body and a decrease in physical abilities after 7-8 days of starvation. They can be placed over the framework of the shelter and help effectively against wind, rain or snow by retaining warmth. The shelter must be built in an area protected from strong winds (when possible) and at a larger distance from a water source because of the animals that may come there to drink. The size of the shelter is important because this way you will see how quickly it will become warm and keep the heat from the body or other sources. When you use wax waterproofed matches remove the wax with your nail or a knife so that they can light up. Packaging may be a plastic bag, a box of film camera or even a marker tube – you must use your imagination. There are certain areas where it is very hot (therefore you should bring more water, for example) or very cold (bring warm clothes).
Think about the fact that you won’t have shops to buy food and water, hotels to rest in or doctors to treat your wounds.
Adaptability, optimal decision making, correct assessment of a situation can often help you avoid the crossing of a potentially dangerous situations, a situation that puts your life in danger. David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur. With the low report, survivalist can keep a low profile while hunting, you do not want raiders and looters knowing your location. In a survival situation it may mean a worsening of an already potentially dangerous situation.
You can also use water purification tablets, obviously respecting the dosage written on their packaging, or water filters.
Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency" (the motto, in the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook). Being a Prepper has been a blessing to me, my family, and friends on more then one occasion.

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