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Bag Contents The Recon Bug Out Bag is the most robust and thorough tactical kit on the market!
Store this in your home, car, or at work.  This has enough equipment and food for 1 person and will last you 3-5 days or more depending on how you ration the food. Unlike most emergency kits out there, your investment in our gear won’t just sit idle waiting to be used in an emergency.
The retail price of this bag is $867.04 + tax + shipping + the value of dozens of hours of your time. Bandana One of the most flexible & important items in your BOB.
Leather Palm-Split Gloves Gloves can be very important in an emergency situation when you may have to move & cut wood, clear brush, or when using tools repeatedly.
Vinyl Poncho This poncho is made of sturdy vinyl that is resistant to rips. Signal Mirror This un-breakable mirror can be used for signaling messages, rescue and hygiene. Whistle This police whistle can be helpful for communication, calling for help, or to ward off an animal threat.
Sabre Defense Spray Provides security in a simple compact canister with a pull-away key chain attachment.
Playing Cards In the aftermath of emergencies playing cards can be a form of stress release and soothing to the nerves. Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. UST Wetfire Tinder–8 pack Initially developed for military personnel, WetFire is now available so that you too can get a blaze going even in a downpour. UST "Blastmatch" One-handed Fire Starter An innovative design for an all-weather fire starter in a functional, lightweight, compact package. Ben’s 100% Deet Insect Repellent The amount of deet determines how long your repellent will last without reapplication. Mini Medicine Pack You never know when someone in your group is going to get sick.  This pack covers most of the common problems you’ll run into such as headaches, stomach aches, allergies, diarrhea and heat related issues.
In the event that you pack additional canned food or come across any in your survival situation, this little tool will open it up for you.  It takes virtually no space and weighs about the same a quarter. Datrex 2400 Calorie Ration Bar These ration bars actually taste really good.
Hand Sanitizer Sanell hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs on contact. Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Castille Soap Clean your face, hands, hair, brush your teeth and wash your cook set with one soap! Compact Toilet Paper Roll Nice & compact, biodegradable single-ply toilet tissue is soft yet strong and absorbent. The LED Lenser L7 is built to withstand extreme temperatures and the harsh elements of the outdoors, but is also ultra-bright, compact and elegant. Designed specifcally for law enforcement, the V Dual-Color has a red LED setting to preserve night vision. Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp The wide beam and two lighting modes of the TIKKA headlamp provide comfortable proximity lighting and allow for some movement. SAS Survival Manual–Pocket Size The bestselling compact guide on how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. Gorilla Tape This handy roll of Gorilla Tape is a tough, thick, moisture-resistant duct tape. 50’ Paracord Rope Paracord has hundreds of uses from tent guy lines and hanging bear bags (bags with food hung in trees to keep away from bears) to lashing branches together to drag back to camp.
UST Sabercut Saw This revolutionary hand-operated chain saw cuts and clears in both directions, so every stroke eats through whatever you need to cut. Fiskars Composite Trowel This Fiskars Nyglass trowel is everything such a utilitarian tool should be: remarkably light, and incredibly strong.
Survival Fishing Kit Be prepared for any survival situation with this great compact survival fishing kit.
Having the right items in your vehicle bug-out bag will make the difference when survival is a must. The purpose of a bug-out bag (BOB) is to allow you to survive for a short period of time—roughly three to five days—during a period of temporary turmoil or while you’re making your way to secure shelter away from the turmoil.

While all good BOBs should share common elements to satisfy several basic needs, the exact contents of your kit should be determined by the situations you are most likely to encounter. You should also supplement your VBOB with additional items stored in your car, but not necessarily in the bag itself. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Best Hand Saw for Camping, Fits in Pocket, Cuts Wood Fast, Survival Kits, Hunting, Boy-scouts, Atv accessories, Emergency Gear, Back Yard Clean Up, pruning, Bug Out Bag, Hobbies. It contains the best products from some of the best quality name-brands the outdoor industry has to offer. A bandana can be used in a hundred ways such as protecting your neck & head from the hot sun, a towel, a water pre-filter, or a wound dressing.
These large gloves, which can accommodate a large variety of hand sizes, are sturdy & rugged and hold up under tough conditions. Actually, as attested to by combat forces, shaving and simple hygiene has a calming and civilizing effect on people in the midst of turmoil. Crank the hand turbine for four minutes and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of use. That’s why we’ve included an easy to operate (even with cold hands) gas lighter–try lighting one of those small bic style ones with cold hands, its almost impossible! One handed operation is perfect in cases of a hand injury, or using one hand to block wind.
An effective way to warm your body is to put the warmers under your armpits (to prevent possible burns, use a barrier between your skin & the warmers). So, with 100% deet, you’ll be protected for 12 hours against those pesky and potentially disease carrying bugs!
They have a coconut shortbread flavor, a crumbly texture, and are made with all natural ingredients.
Dr Bronner’s soap is a natural plant based soap that has a refreshing peppermint essential oil based scent.
The L7 features the Advanced Focus System and its shock-resistant polycarbonate housing makes it lightweight and shatter-proof. This is why we choose the low-tech but effective 12-Hour green sticks that can serve to light your way or can be twirled on a rope for signaling.
This updated edition contains all the latest techniques on survival training and timeless advice from the foremost expert in survival, Lofty Wiseman.
The SOL Emergency Bivvy is made from heat-reflective polyethylene (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. Its self-cleaning cutting teeth and custom carrying case make this a must have for anyone spending time outdoors hiking, camping, or backpacking. Made of AUS-8 steel with an attractive powder coated finish, the 4.75-inch partially serrated, fixed blade has a clip point shape that delivers a quicker and deeper puncture and makes quick work of any task.
You should follow a similar logic in planning your vehicle bug-out bag (VBOB) and adjust the contents accordingly. For example, if you typically wear a suit and dress shoes to work, but need to be prepared to walk 10 miles home, keep extra clothes and appropriate shoes in your car. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Paper that can withstand wet weather would be ideal in this situation to leave directions and notes.
In addition to blocking splashes, sprays and large droplets, the respirator is also designed to prevent the wearer from breathing in very small particles that may be in the air. This cheap hand sanitizer contains moisturizer formula along with 62% alcohol, which dries fast. All of it is rooted in the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the famous elite fighting force, in which Lofty served for 26 years. If you’re forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop in the SOL Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.  New polyetheline material is quieter and more durable than traditional reflective blankets! Great for rough, uneven surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, stucco, plaster, brick and more.
Inner strands can be removed from the outer sheath to effectively make 350 ft of rope with each strand having 78 lbs of tensile strength.
The ergonomically contoured and well balanced handle has a black finish and is made of glass-reinforced nylon that will fit comfortably in your hand.
GlovesSeveral pairs of surgical gloves for first-aid use and a pair of tactical gloves for hand protection and warmth.3. It is also helpful to record important information like contact information, notes about water intake, food, etc., and kids can use it as a draw pad too! It is optimized to reduce wind blow-back and has an enhanced safety system to prevent accidental usage.

Using clear line drawings and color illustrations, and new case studies and survival scenarios, Lofty describes survival techniques if you find yourself at sea, in the mountains, at the polar icecaps, or in the desert.
It is resistant to tears, but any tears that might occur can be easily repaired with tape like our Gorilla Tape. The raised diamond pattern on the handle provides a no-slip, secure grip during inclement weather. It won’t rust either, and the one-piece construction means the handle will always stay securely attached to the head. Waterproof PonchoWearing it over you and your VBOB keeps both dry and conceals your VBOB from envious eyes.
This compact hard case canister unit delivers approximately 25 shots with a range of 10 feet. Generally, to check for proper fit, you should put on your respirator and adjust the straps so that the respirator fits tight but comfortably to your face.
SOG’s unique cryogenic heat treatment process results in an overall increase in toughness and heightened wear-resistance.
Generously sized for lots of earth-moving ability, with an easy-to-grasp, slightly oversized handle with convenient hanging hole.
Ponchos also make great improvised shelters, ground cloths and additional layers for added warmth.4. Space BlanketsThese amazing Mylar blankets are about the size of a pack of cards when folded and weigh only a couple of ounces. Shemagh, Cravat Or Large BandanaA simple cloth can be used as a do-rag, a neck wrap for warmth, a dust mask, a water filter, a sling for an injured limb, etc.6. Trash BagsThe large lawn-and-leaf-style bags with drawstring closures make great dry bags for the contents. Fill them with crumbled newspaper or dry leaves for insulation and you’ve got a survival blanket.7.
Flashlight & Extra BatteriesInvest in a good LED flashlight with low and high settings so you can use only as much light as necessary but still have the power to signal from a distance. Chem-LightsTwelve-hour chem-lights are great for lighting the interior of your car or other shelter. Seychelle Water BottleThis amazing bottle features a built-in, two-micron filter that removes 99.9 percent of aesthetic, microbiological, chemical and dissolved solid contaminants. That allows you to draw water from questionable sources, yet drink it with complete safety. Clear Plastic BottleThis can be used to pre-treat water before putting it in the Seychelle bottle or to store clean water after filtration. Coffee FiltersPaper coffee filters are a simple way of filtering out particulate matter from natural water sources and getting the water into a bottle.14. Butane LightersAlthough primitive fire-making skills are cool, a lighter gives you fire on demand. TinderVaseline-smeared cotton balls, dryer lint, or similar quick-lighting tinder make the fire-starting process much easier.16. Topographic MapThe shortest, and safest, route between point A and safety might not be your usual driving route. 550 CordMilitary parachute cord can be used as is or “gutted” to remove its internal strands.19. Duct TapeOne of the greatest do-everything resources, it’s also great for securing improvised splints on injured limbs.20. First Aid KitIn addition to the usual Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape, get some hemostatic pads like QuikClot Sport, some Z-Fold Gauze for wound packing, compression or Israeli bandages, and a good tourniquet.
You should also have a pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen, an anti-diarrheal like Imodium and some Benadryl to cope with allergic reactions. FoodConcentrate on lightweight, individually packaged foods that store well in extreme temperatures. Examples include military MREs, chicken or tuna in foil pouches, protein bars, nuts, crackers, etc. They can also be used to keep unfinished food fresh and for the solar method of water disinfection.24.
Swiss Army KnifeOne of the most useful and versatile tools on the planet, it’s great for everything from removing a splinter to improvising shelter.26.
Fixed-Blade KnifeA lightweight but capable fixed blade is an invaluable tool that can double as a defensive weapon.28. Cell Phone ChargersTop the battery off with a vehicle charger before you leave and have either a solar charger or an external battery to keep it going. Toilet PaperYes, it’s bulky, but once you’ve had to improvise you’ll never want to be without it.31.

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