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Over on the Urban Survival Site there is a list of 50 survival items that are often overlooked. A bug-out bag is a portable, carefully-curated collection of items necessary to effectively evacuate and survive for at least 72 hours during an emergency.
Don’t forget to check out our list of the best fire starters before you assemble your next bug out bag. Here are 7 suggestions on lightening your bug-out-bag’s load, so that you can continue to hike it out for a longer duration and distance, furthering your chances at survival.

The first step you should take is to take out a scale and weigh each individual item you will be carrying and add them up. Serious hikers go to extremes when lightening their loads, from removing patches from their gear to drilling holes in equipment, they realize that every ounce adds up towards unneeded pounds.
There are some pretty impressive survival bags out there, some that have an incredible amount of spare straps and pockets.
Most preppers pack only what’s really needed in their go-bags, like food and important gear, but there are always those who add to it a little more than they really need.

Scan through the groups of blogs to see the newest posts on prepping, survival, and homesteading.
Each week wea€™ll curate a new bug-out bag as a guide for those looking to build their own bug-out kit.

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