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Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.
Today is a very busy day for me because one of my grandsons is getting married, so I have posted a guest blog to remind you to keep your bug out bag up to date.
Your bug out bag is more than just something that sits in the back of your closet or the trunk of your car to give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling when you go to sleep at night or watch the horror that is the evening news. First things first, if you’re not hitting the range with your firearm regularly, then you’re probably not cleaning your gun as often as you should be. Another survival essential that can easily go bad and leave you stranded is your food supply. Last but certainly not least, your pack and your boots are the only ways you’re going to get out of town alive, so they both deserve regular upkeep and attention. If you are living in the pacific Northwest then you need not worry about water at all, it is everywhere and it is drinkable right out of the streams. Woodland Survival Flipper - 8,762 views50+ Canning & Preserving Recipes That Are Better Than Store Bought Food!
These Battery Powered Heated Gloves Will Keep You Feeling Warm Even In Extreme Weather Conditions. Always Stay Prepared With This Tactical Scenario Vest That Incorporates Some Serious Combat Mode Design. This Family Sized Bug Out Bag Has Enough Equipment & Food For 4-People And Will Last 3 Days. If you are a parent or plan on bugging out with family members that have children there are some important factors to consider when preparing for your potential evacuation. This is obvious for anyone who has been a parent but it might be something that is overlooked when packing your firestarters, paracord, and other survival gear. You may pack rations or be able to forage and hunt for yourself but what about the little one? If your child takes a pacifier having one packed in your family bug out bag will make sure it comes with you as you evacuate. As a rule of thumb pack your family bug out bag with 2 more sets of clothing for your child than you pack for yourself. This is generally sold in a concentrated powder or liquid form that is dilluted with water. It is essential to realize that you are going to need to carry your child for the overwhelming majority of your bug out.
Keeping your school aged child’s hands and mind occupied will go a long way in making the situation more bearable for both you and them.

School aged kids will be able to carry their own backpack with a few supplies to take a small amount of the load off the parents. Lastly although school age kids can show some initiative and take on some responsibilities it is important to recognize that at some point in your bugging out the parent will most likely have to carry them.
Kids in this age group should be able to carry at minimum all their own personal gear that makes up your family bug out bag.
Teens and Tweens are old enough to be taught at minimum proper weapon safety, care, and use. As teens are entering the first stages of adulthood this is a great time to start giving them some responsibility. Kids in this age group are able to take on more autonomous tasks to be carried out when on the move and when setting up a camp.
Teens are also able to understand that a bug out situation can be very dangerous and that they may need to defend themselves or their family members. We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program.
As Hurricane Irene nears my apartment in New York, I’m once again longing to be back home in temperate Oregon, where the only natural disasters we fear are the rare earthquakes and volcanos. That said, we’ve always believed here at Archival that the apocalypse is an excellent opportunity to hone your packing skills. You know it will save your life one day and you’ve gone above and beyond to do your research, get the best gear, and make sure you’ve got all the necessities and then some.
From a sinus infection to an infected wound, your likelihood of needing antibiotics in an emergency situation is high, and taking an expired antibiotic could make the problem worse, not better. Extreme temps, prolonged exposure to sunlight and even humidity can render your food storage inedible.
MREs last an average of one month when stored at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and five years when stored at 50 degrees as per the MRE shelf life time and temperature chart, last updated in 2010.
Your pack should ideally be only 25 percent of your body weight and the more you can practice your bug out plan and take long hikes with your pack, the better prepared you’ll be to not only carry it for extended distances but repair any injuries or fortify any weaknesses in the straps, frame or zippers. If you are in the city then yes you need to bring some water, but not as much as I would in the desert southwest.
The contents of my Bug-Out Bag is one of my favorite subjects to ponder during a sleepless night, far better than counting sheep.
But what so many experienced preppers overlook is that a bug out bag not only needs to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, it also needs to be regularly checked and updated.
Every few weeks you should break it down, clean it out and lube it up, and after every trip to the range as well.

Antibiotics begin to lose their potency after a year generally, and even one exposure to extreme heat (like leaving your bug out bag in the car) can render the lifesaving pills useless.
Hopefully your MREs have a Time and Temperature Indicator so as long as the inner circle is not darker than the outer circle and the pack isn’t punctured or swollen, you’re good to chow down.
In the Pacific Northwest, the room you save from having to carry water can be filled with some high quality rain gear, you will need it.
If you live where water is plentiful, there is no need to pack a bunch of water purification material, you just don’t need it. They need to be worn in and worn regularly because a bad blister can mean the end of your travel day. Well all good information, but the truth is bug out bags must be tailor made for you and where you live, and the time of the year. If you are in Minnesota and it is spring time that is one thing if it is winter you better have some seriously warm clothes or you just wont make it. I am saying go somewhere close by in good weather, when temperatures are mild and give it a try.
It depends on your climate, but they all change enough to warrant a change in the contents of your bug out bag.
Here’s your guide to all the little things that can go bad in your bug out bag and how and when to keep them updated and ready to go. If you’re unfamiliar with the inner workings of your specific firearm, head to your local gunsmith for a serious clean and, if you’re lucky, a tutorial.
Taking expired antibiotics may not only be ineffective but can cause whatever bacteria you’re trying to kill to mutate and become stronger, so it’s not a risk the smart prepper is willing to take. Yes there are of course basics, lighter, fire starters, water, space blanket, knife, saw, clothing, flashlight, dry clean socks, plastic sheeting, well then the list can go in any direction from there. Make sure you’re stocked up on meds both at home and at the office and practice grabbing them from their cool, dry location when you do your bug out dry runs. The seasons change and what you need in summer is vastly different than what you will need in winter. Even in the desert southwest it is late October and we are down into the 50’s at night. You will understand them far better than you do now, might be fun and if it is a disaster just get in the car and go home.

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