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Many of you that follow me know that my preferred axe is the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe. The country has suffered complete economic collapse and rioters and looters wreak chaos in the major urban centres as everyone fights for food, water and survival.
Whether you’re using it for cooking, cleaning or drinking, water is the most important part of any bug out bag. Now how you choose to carry this water is another debate entirely, depending on how much you want to spend.
In addition to a canteen, collapsible water bladders are also a good purchase as they can be compacted down to take up little space once they are empty. If you’re on a budget and simply looking to make due, there is nothing wrong with the plastic bottles available at your local grocery store. The second step to having a replenish-able source of water is to carry along some water purification tablets (usually iodine). The final step to ensuring a steady supply of clean water is having a good portable water filter to turn any lake, stream or pond into your own personal tap. They have numerous models ranging from heavy duty filters meant to support an entire camp, to smaller units meant to sustain individuals. This little guy is rugged, reliable and able to handle most reasonable water filtering requirements (think slightly brown stream, lake or pond).
When it comes to starting a fire the rule of three prevails: have 3 different ways to start a fire at any point in time. Matches are option number two on the list, and I can’t say it enough; make sure they are waterproof and kept in a sealed container of some sort (I know I don’t have to remind you to bring a striker to actually light the thing). Now that you have a means to make a flame, you’re going to need something for it to catch on. If you are out in the wilderness, the last thing you want to be doing is stumbling around blindly in the dark. While some might argue it’s a waste carrying both a headlamp and traditional flashlight, I frankly have to disagree.
Not just cool accessories for frat parties and raves, glow sticks have realistic value in a bug out situation. I don’t need to lay out the thousand different uses for a solid blade to you, you already know it’s important.

Now that I’ve filled my quota of dirty jokes for the article, let’s get serious for a second. When looking at it strictly from a calorie perspective, fishing requires much less effort than hunting and thus offers the best ROI on your energy. Even though I joked at those with grandeur dreams of snagging a rabbit with a snare, having a small snare set and the know how to use it is a great addition to any bug out bag. While I would like for my axe to be able to fell a tree if necessary, it often takes significantly less energy to bring one down with a saw. Whether it’s your survival knife, axe or multi-tool you sure have a lot of blades on this bug out bag list. While I’m certainly no expert when it comes to food, I do know the basics to putting together a decent survival meal: calories and protein. If you’re interested in the topic of survival food my buddy Rob from Off Grid Survival wrote an awesome article covering the best food items to purchase for an emergency along with their estimated shelf life. Whether just out camping or in a true bug out situation a camp or backpack cooking kit is going to be essential for eating and preparing food. If you plan on doing any soup cookin’ or water boilin’ during your bug out adventures I highly recommend this little gem.
Okay, here’s the deal, if it’s the end of the world will you really care about having a cell phone? While a cell phone might be controversial, it’s hard to argue with having a good hand crank radio. If you’re the type that has plenty of gizmos and gadgets make sure to pick up a solar charging unit that can keep these things going when you’re out of power. If you’re going to be out in the bush for an extended period of time, you’ll need a change of clothes and a way to keep warm. Rogue private investigators outsourced work to specialist blaggers who posed as customers and colleagues to access private information. Just be aware that bite suits do not typically cover the neck and head, a zombies favorite area. Shows like Doomsday Preppers on TV have heightened society’s awareness to the prepper movement. Using untraceable mobile phones, they often referred to scripts and hints recorded in a document that became known as The Blaggers Manual.

In this article, the team at the website worked with Bates to form a list to help people be prepared for the unthinkable, listing a number of essentials every person needs. We’re talking about axes here (get your mind out of the gutter), and the recommended size is entirely personal. The incriminating how to book of crime was found by police when they raided the offices of one private investigator operating in the London suburbs. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and more can all cause a lot of panic when they occur, which means people should always plan ahead. A helmet combined with a bite suit will give you 100 percent protection from the mouths of the living dead.
With wacky weather patterns, unrest in other countries, and diseases threatening to rise to epidemic levels, it makes more sense than ever before to prepare for being self-reliant in case of a disaster.
The Soca report, which was previously released in a censored form, was based on the results of five criminal investigations. In the article, which has a link provided below, the recommendation is to have this bug-out bag stored near the front door for easy last-minute access. The Zombie Survival Guide The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks will provide you with all the information you will need in the case of a zombie attack. Among them was Operation Carytid, Scotland Yard original investigation into phone hacking at the News of the World. Most of the things included, such as water, food, shelter and clothing, is pretty obvious, but weapons, tools and a radio might not be as much.
With topics ranging from organization to clothing to transportation, Brooks will help walk you through the steps of survival. They found five groups of people were using private investigators to obtain information that they could not get their hands on legitimately.

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