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It can be a little intimidating for newbies to know what all these bug out bag acronyms mean, let alone knowing which ones to focus on. Different people live in different situations and have different needs which is why we need to make it clear what each of them is and to point out the differences so you can make the right choice.
Obviously, if you’re looking for information on bug out bags, there is no better resource than the site you’re on right now. A bug-out bag is simply a backpack filled with emergency essentials that allow you to run from danger, whether it’s natural or man-made.
Another very important set of tools to keep in your BOB are the ones that help you survive in the wilderness. It’s obviously better than nothing so if you really want one, that’s up to you, but this article plus the well-researched articles on this site make this type of bag a poor choice for newbie and advanced preppers alike. A 72-hour pack can serve as a lightweight option for day hikers to prepare for the unexpected. The second favorite bag for preppers is the get home bag and it is built with one purpose in mind: to help you get from when you are when disaster strikes either home or even to your bug-out location (BOL) if it is feasible. There’s an excellent chance that you won’t be at home when disaster strikes and that you’ll have to get there in record time and, possibly, even have to face certain obstacles. The main difference between a GHB and a BOB is that a GHB is made for short distance emergency traveling (typically less than 100 miles), it has a lot less items in it and it’s also lighter. Forced to leave your car behind, you’ll be glad to have your get-home bag well-equipped to commute on foot. The thing is, most of the items you have in your get home bag are already in your bug-out bag but the entire reason you need this second one is because you know you’ll be away from your main BOB when it happens. When the line between get home bags and bug-out bags is really blurry is when we’re talking about cars. Backpack$$$$Extremely high quality construction and well thought out pocket design make this a flexible and practical bag for real-world use. Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack$$$Tough ballistic nylon construction protects gear and stands up to any conditions. ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Lumbar Pack Lumbar Pack$Compact with mulitple compartments.
High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack Lumbar Pack$HEX_VENT mesh padded back panel wicks moisture. Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag Messenger Bag$Cotton canvas with polyester lining. UTG Urban Messenger Bag Messenger Bag$No top flap enables all compartments to be readily accessible while on the move.
Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical Attache Messenger Bag$$$Heavy duty water resistant nylon exterior. Camelbak HAWG 100 oz Hydration Pack Hydration Pack$$$Sufficient gear storage capacity plus 3L hydration bladder. Osprey Men's Manta 36 Hydration Pack Hydration Pack$$$Weather protected with integrated raincover. People who prefer INCH bags are planning to survive harsher conditions and longer periods of time without a permanent shelter. Your INCH bag should include gear for making fire, as well as means of obtaining and preparing food. The contents of an INCH bag is very similar to that of the BOB although more items will be required. Items that could be a part of your EDC: your phone, wallet, a small flashlight, a button compass, paper clips, a Paracord bracelet, a Bic lighter, a bandanna and so on.
The funny thing is that even with EDCs, you may not have all the items with you at all times. Your EDC kit may fit easily in a small pouch or you may prefer a messenger bag or backpack that can fit your laptop and other larger items. For example, if you’re travelling a lot by car then it makes sense that your get-home bag and your bug-out bag are one and the same and safely secured in your trunk.
As we have discussed, it’s a basic responsibility to have a disaster supply kit in your household.
It comes complete with the basic necessities in a backpack that offers versatility and space for customization.
Constructed of rugged polyester, this FOX backpack is extremely durable and despite its reasonably compact size, offers a generous carry volume. Overall, I found the FOX pack to be comfortable to wear and I liked the organizational options.
As the name implies, the Survival Preparedness 72 hour bag is designed to sustain one user for up to 3 days.
MRE’s are a nice option for inclusion in a bag like this due to their small size, high calorie content and long shelf life.
The kit contains a nice array of tools and supplies for basic bushcraft, repair and first aid. Two After Bite wipes, two 25mg antihistamine tablets, eight 200mg ibuprofen tablets and one 10 yd. The first considerations in a non-combat survival situation are shelter, water and food, which we’ve squared away above. Also included, our old friend para-cord, one of the most versatile pieces of gear you’ll find.
A disaster like a tornado, volcano or explosion can launch dangerous particulates into the air. However, one of the great features of this bug out bag is that it is a strong foundation you can build upon to add extra comfort, redundancy and robustness to your kit. Overall, I found the Survival Preparedness 72 Hour Bug Out Bag from Survival Bags Inc to be a great option for those looking to jump start their emergency preparedness.
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Feeding yourself off the land can be a challenge even in favorable conditions and is one of the most important bushcraft skills to learn.
Being able to forage for your dinner requires an in depth knowledge of the plants in your area. Roots and tubers:  Roots and tubers are found in the soil underneath the vine or stalk of a plant. Bad smelling plants – If a plant, or fruit has an off putting smell it is probably not ideal to eat. Taste of almond – This is usually an indication of the presence of prussic acid which is toxic to humans.
The Color Red – Seeing red leaves or fruit is a likely sign that a plant is dangerous to us. If you are uncertain if something is edible or not and out of options the general approach is to taste a small bite of it WITHOUT swallowing it. Also remember that cooking or boiling can reduce or remove bitter tastes and in some cases toxins as well.
When every calorie counts, there’s no question: Eating animals is the most efficient path to survival. If you’re in a situation that calls for feeding yourself, you’re likely to have a lot of work to do to stay alive.
When setting traps, the key is to placing the trigger or snare loop where an animal is likely to hit it. Once your carefully set traps have secured some food, don’t ruin the payoff with poor processing.
If foraging is one of the many bushcraft skills you want to master, start by learning about the plants and animals around you and then get out there and try it.  I challenge you to try and feed yourself 1 meal from foraged or caught food the next time you head out to the woods! This article is the result of the survey we recently had some of the older members of our community take. As I have mentioned in the past, there are a lot of options out there for people looking for a premade bug out bag. Mike (of Survival Bags Inc) specializes in high quality survival kits packed with tough gear at a fair price.
The Silverleaf has a large main pouch, 2 small size zip pouches and a medium sized secondary compartment with organizer webbing inside. The gear that is included in the Head For The Hills kit fits easily in the Mossy Oak Silverleaf, leaving room for me to pack a spare change of clothes and personal items. The Head For The Hills kit comes with 2 SOS Food Labs ration packs which each contain 6 ration bars. I opened the ration package assuming the bars would be a cross between sawdust and meal worms. They were so good in fact that after I split the first bar with my Dad, we opened up another to snack on during the drive home. In addition to these rations, the Head For The Hills survival kit comes with 12 4.22 oz water packets which are also made by SOS Food Labs and are also Coast Guard Approved. The kit also came with 50 feet of 7 strand paracord that I tested out by tying a basic square lashing. There are nearly limitless uses for paracord in a survival scenario so it is great to see a large amount included in the Head For The Hills bag.
The Head For The Hills Bug Out Bag comes with a few practical, well thought out personal survival items. Survival Bags Inc also packs 3 N95 rated dust masks in the kit, making it more useful in an urban disaster scenario. The Head For The Hills kit Mike sent over includes some good basic hygiene items that would help boost the morale of any person while making their bug out.
This premade bug out bag also includes an Adventure Medical Kits 1 person first aid kit to keep you moving past any minor injuries along the way. The Adventure Medical kit is good for an entry level bag such as the Head For The Hills and would certainly be helpful if you had a minor to moderate wound. Overall the Head For The Hills Premade Bug Out Bag from Survival Bags Inc exceeded my expectations. This would be a good starter bug out bag and can even be used as is as a get home bag for your workplace or vehicle. As I stated at the beginning of this article, I have known Mike over at Survival Bags Inc for a while now.

If you are interested in more premade bug out bag reviews, check out my in depth guide here. A thorough understanding of reading contour lines is an extremely useful tool to add to your arsenal of map reading skills. Important to remember is that the grids on a map do not necessarily indicate north and south, though they may provide a rough indication of this. The test I devised for our Emberlit stove review was pretty simple: make a cup of instant coffee-a trail favorite of mine.
The floor of the stove keeps your fire off the ground which is great in wet or snowy survival scenarios. Overall I would rate the Emberlit Stainless Steel Collapsible Stove very highly and recommend it as an addition to any camping kit or bugout bag.
We carry a full line of Tactical Gear, Survival Equipment and Camping Supplies from 511, Blackhawk, Wise Company, Datrex, Columbia River and many more. We’re super-excited to announce the launch of our PrepReady™ line of premade bug out bags and emergency kits. Bug Out Bags (BOB) are also called: Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD Bag), 72 Hour Kit, Jerk And Run Kit, Grab-N-Go bag, Survival Kit, Emergency Kit and many other terms. A couple items we felt it necessary to included in all our emergency bags are sun, wind & dust goggles, N95 disposable dust respirators and ear plugs.
We really wanted our game to be fun while somehow keeping to a cub scout theme, so bam, nerf cross bow target game. All you need is at least two different colors of paper, preferably a heavier card stock, and glue. We got all the supplies at our local craft store so we had to make do with what they had but if you look online the options are endless. Every Easter we would get pretty dresses, frilly white hats and crisp, clean white patent leather shoes. Once my grandmother was getting too old to continue the cake we had a few Easters without it. The second year I make a simple chocolate cake with no shavings which didn’t have as much flare but did contain enough hidden tooth picks to be hazardous. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions on how it was made. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
If tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters struck your hometown, would you be prepared to weather the rough days that follow until emergency response teams set up? A little while ago, we reported on an innovative idea of an inflatable shelter called the Life Cube. Conner and Pedersen have created the Life Cube to ultimately provide relief within 24 hours to disaster victims.
Pedersen recommends that although the Life Cube comes fully stocked, it’s never a bad idea to add extra preparedness supplies of your own. If you or anyone in your family use medications, wear glasses, or have other specific needs, adding those items to your bug-out-bag will personalize your supplies and provide you with vital items for survival. Over the past few years, Conner and Pedersen have been working to upgrade the quality of the Life Cube. These Life Cubes have been designed to be airdropped anywhere on Earth, so even in the most remote locations, disaster victims won’t have to wait for relief.
The concept of the Life Cube started in 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina and the Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan. The Life Cube is just in its beginning stages, but Conner and Pedersen have big goals for the future. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Survival, shelter on April 29, 2014 by beprepared. It's an OK idea but too expensive for the average family, even for their proposed lower priced unit at $5,000.00.
Age, location, climate, skill and many other factors come into play when deciding which backpack to get and how to assemble it. Typically, a BOB contains a lot of tools and items to aid in your survival but it should also contain food and water for up to a week (although opinions differ on this one). You just never know if you’re going to make it to your destination so having a tent or a tarp, several ways to start fire, a couple of light sources and so on… these are all important.
The 72 hour pack is nothing more than a simplified version of the BOB that has a catchy name, reason for which survival companies use it to sell you this pre-packed bag. It’s good practice to have supplies in your car because it’s going to act as your bug-out vehicle so, when you think about it, the emergency survival bag you have in your trunk can act as a get-home bag just as well as it can be a BOB. At the end of the day, the more you have the better but keep in mind that a heavy pack will make it harder for you to move. Molle integration along with hydration bladder compatibility mean easy customization to suit your exact needs. 14L capacity and extra mesh pockets on the waistband provide sufficient storage space for its compact profile.
A bug out bag can take you to your bug out location but if you’re not able to get there within a few days, maybe a week, surviving is going to be very tough for you.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get more food but more ways to procure that food. They are only limited by the number of pockets you have and by how much you’re willing to carry with you every single day. Your phone is within a couple of feet from you most of the time but sometimes you forget (or just leave it) when you go about your day. For many people who don’t have the time or inclination to build their own kit from scratch, a premade bag is a great solution.
The pack has a nice three compartment configuration with large bottom pocket and two side pouches.
It’s an excellent pack for this type of application, but I could also see it being a nice option for more conventional day-to-day use as well. The tent definitely goes for portability more than comfort, but this kit is not for camping, it’s for moving in a hurry and surviving and to that end, the tent is ideal. An N-95 mask can filter most of this out allowing you to avoid discomfort and potentially long term health consequences. If you have to run out of your house in the middle of the night and only grab this bag, what will you wish you had in it?
Plants can offer additional nutrients, flavor, and supporting calories, but generally won’t contain enough calories to sustain you on their own. Regardless of your geographic location, you can rest assured there are plenty of indigenous wild edibles.
Moving toward safety, tending a fire (learn how to make a self feeding fire HERE!), securing water, and treating injuries take time and calories. It’s important to cleanly skin and gut game to adequately cook and minimize spoiling of the meat.
The backpack has some nice features like a tie-down bungee on the outside of the secondary compartment, wide padded shoulder straps and a hunter’s orange sternum clip with an integrated signaling whistle. The Mossy Oak Silverleaf Daypack is a good size for the Head For The Hills kit – roomy but not cumbersome. If you do decide to include paracord in your bug out bag I would suggest storing it in some manner other than coiling it up and throwing it in with the rest of your gear.
It does not have EVERYTHING I would want in my Bug Out Bag but some tailoring and modification should be expected when buying any premade survival kit. You may have planned your routes by them and will be relying on them throughout the course of your expedition or bug out. For instance, having a small-scale, detailed map will be of no use to you if you simply plan to drive through an area. These will represent a range of manmade and natural structures, types of land (woodland, swaps or beaches, for example), rivers and water. This division is either based on longitude and latitude or may be individual to the particular mapping authority. You will need to also be aware that your compass does not point to true north, but to magnetic north. When he’s not working on the next big thing for preppers; he likes to go camping, shoot stuff at the range, archery, and ride his bicycle excruciating distances.
The Emberlit comes in a nice, reusable package with assembly instructions printed clearly on the front. As with any camp fire, you want to make sure you have all the fuel you’ll need set aside before you light your fire. I removed the grill section and added a couple of pieces of balled up paper, some of the smaller dry twigs on top to start. I extinguished the fire, allowed the Emberlit to cool and quickly wiped it down and packed it.
Use whatever is at hand: wood, moss, cardboard, paper, charcoal, dung, or any other biomass. We feel that protecting your eyesight, lungs and hearing in an emergency situation is very important. I bought green liter bottles and dumped them out before apply the decals and then dropped the little LED lights in them when we set them up at the carnival. I traced my sons cute little hand on the paper, trying to squeeze as many on one sheet as possible. I will list the name brands of the premade jars and bugs at the end of the post in case you fall in love with ours, and you will. We stuck them to brown bag colored paper and cut around the stickers with a little boarder to make sure there was enough room to write on the back.
They make tons of tiny little animals and are usually placed near the cash register since they would be way to easy to steal. I then have the boys trace their hands onto the felt and write their name and the same side as the tracing. Mass every Sunday,  sometimes more, midnight candle lit services, holy water, sharing cheap watered down boxed wine out of a crystal goblet with every one else there, eating stale flat bread, stand up, sit down, kneel, stand up, kneel, kneel, kneel. One year my aunt decided to try making it, I don’t actually remember how it was but I do remember the funny story she told about making it.

Unfortunately they don’t make pre-made costumes, fortunately I am handy with a hot glue gun, a sewing machine and some colored electrical tape.
Although the Life Cube is not the end solution, it is a viable option to consider when thinking about disaster relief. The survivors of these disasters were dying because they couldn’t get the food, water, and equipment they needed to survive. For consumer products, Pedersen and Conner are working on a “Life Cube Every Man” which works more like a tent.
Add in that it's a large package and tough to find a safe storage space, I'd rather get a tent and my own supplies together for much less $$$'s. I won’t go into details on what it should contain as there are plenty of good resources such as this one and this one but, if you’re completely new to this, let me talk a little bit about the purpose of a BOB. Beyond that, you should either be at your bug-out location where more supplies await your or you should pre-pack some tools that will aid you in procuring food and water. In reality, you’re much better off doing it yourself as you’ll save cash and make it such that it can help you survive for much longer than 3 days. Shoulder strap pad for messenger carry or separately purchase Mountainsmith Strapettes for additional carrying options.
Keep in mind you might be forced to live in the wilderness for months on end and even have to make a permanent shelter with your bare hands.
Your EDC is all about the items you carry with you on a daily basis when to help you get away from danger and to one of your other survival bags. It depends on a lot of things but I think the factor that matters the most is your lifestyle. I recently got my hands on The Survival Preparedness 72 Hour Bug Out Bag by Survival Bags Inc and found it to be excellent option in this area. Modular attachment points on the back and sides allow for more pouches and tools to be attached to the exterior of the bag.
Mylar reflects body heat incredibly well and this type of blanket provides a high level of insulation relative to it’s size and weight. Socks and underwear to start and some outerwear appropriate to your climate like a jacket and a warm hat. One of your regular bushcraft projects should be to practice identifying and gathering some of these food items. Gather convenient plants while you’re moving on other tasks; don’t devote valuable time to seeking out these lower calorie foods. Don’t waste either of those precious commodities on actively hunting for one animal at a time.
Place snares directly in the trail with the snare loop a couple inches off the ground at the height of a likely target animal’s head. From there, a quality knife, plenty of snare wire, a primary and backup fire starter, and a small fabric bag for holding foraged food are all near-necessities.
In the same way, if you are on foot, then having a less detailed map can be next to useless. These show the altitudes of the land and are recorded at regular intervals – usually 50ft (15m).
Grids will allow you to more quickly determine distances, since they are usually at a comprehensive scale (for example, the distance from left to right is often 1 kilometer). There are a variety of stove types you can add to your bugout bag and picking one that meets your needs while making the right compromises is an important decision. I removed the Emberlit folding stove from its envelope, hastily ignoring the simple instructions and just assembling on the fly.
Since it is pretty easy to put together I have just recycled the boxes and bottles each year to reduce the amount of junk I have to store in my garage. By using rubber cement to glue on each figure it easily allows them to be removed later to keep.
With some help the boys cut out the hands and I write their names with black puffy paint on the blank side. After our initial article, we were interested in the background of the company and the idea of the Life Cube. Michael Conner knew something needed to be done; a few napkin sketches were drawn up and the Life Cube was born. This Life Cube would have the same features as the military-grade one, but at a lower price ($5000-$6000 each rather than $9,000-$15,000).
While the Life Cube is great for folks walking on two good legs, I guess people like me will be the first to die in any emergency unless we can be cared for in a hospital or something. Contrast this with the 200 calories available from a small freshwater fish and 500 calories provided by a single fat squirrel.
Traps with baited triggers, like the Figure-4 Deadfall (see the video below), should have some tasty bait rubbed on the bait stick. If you luck into enough meat to last for longer than one or two meals, consider smoking and drying the meat on a tipi-shaped rack made of green wood and covered with bark.
Integrate these setups into your regular bushcraft projects (but check your local game laws first). Map reading and land navigation is are vital skills that can be applied to many survival situations. Each point on a contour line’s ring is hypothetically at the same height, which is indicated with a number (in feet or meters). For instance, roads, paths and waterways will often have a standard width which may not represent their exact measurements.
The deviations between these can help you map-read your way across a landscape, as can taking note of your surroundings in relation to features on the map. The only real thing to note in assembly (pointed out in the instructions) is that the front (the side with the fuel feeder opening) goes on last. The rocket stove based design of the Emberlit makes getting your little fire going as easy as you could hope for.
Then using blue painters tape we marked two different lines on the floor, one for the smaller kids and another further back for the older and more advanced scouts.
My son and I picked out 4 different little guys and had to get enough to create 27 cards total! It wasn’t until later of course that I realized that I had chosen the one most religious traditions of the holiday.
Hopefully I will get a few years out of this costume because, let’s face it, it’s awesome! We called up founders Michael Conner and Nick Pedersen to get additional details about this new way to survive in an emergency.
Once set up, the Life Cube is weather-resistant against 40 mph winds without external tie downs, and against 55 mph winds with external tie downs.
Take note, however, that it can take much longer than 72 hours for help and supplies to arrive—three days is a minimum.
But Pedersen’s suggestion of storing extra supplies extends beyond adding more preparedness gear to the Life Cube.
Maybe our four-in-one portable shelter may work better, if you are looking for a life cube-like solution.
This bar will show the size at which a kilometer or mile is shown on the map and is usually expressed as a ratio.
The walls protect the small fire and hold in heat, while the bottom vents draw in air creating a chimney effect.
These little puppies were by far the most expensive cards we have ever made, but worth every penny. Using 1 inch die cuts I found at the dollar store, I traced out the letters on the red felt. Nuts, to be fair, do offer a respectable caloric payoff in the neighborhood of 150-200 calories per ounce. Keeping a few good sections of thin wire in your bushcraft backpack or survival kit is a good idea, and can be one of the more valuable bushcraft tools in a survival scenario.
For instance, 1:50,000 means that each measure on the map is 50,000 times smaller than the true distance. This simplicity of design means you could put the stove together in a hurry, in a low light situation, or if your hands are numb from the cold or unsteady. At the end of the school year what is a child most likely to remember, that generic Sponge Bob card that he probably got duplicates of or the cool frog he got? If caches of Life Cubes were placed in various cities, then local officials could deploy them immediately after a disaster strikes—without waiting for Federal Aid approvals or third-party organizations. Most acorns will need a lot of preparation, but walnuts, beechnuts, and butternuts can be eaten fresh or kept for a few days after being dried in the sun. However, it’s important to bear in mind the scale of your map so that you don’t over or underestimate the gradient.
Each child was given their chose of a piece of candy or a little trinket, the ones that hit all three bottles were asked to grab a whole hand full of candy. Then with the tacky glue I glued the cub scout emblem in the center and arranged our pack and den numbers around it, glued the rick rack around the edges and the hands evenly spaced on the flag.
Since this is such a small fire, you do have to keep an eye on it and feed it as it consumes fuel. Last year the kids wanted us to up the ante a bit so half way through we spread the bottles out further and I added a dance for each kid to knock down three bottles. My husband cut the pvc pipe to make a frame and stand and used pipe fittings to put them together. I will talk to my supervisor about writing a post about what those in a wheelchair can do during an emergency. The grill section is flat and stable enough to accommodate a large pot or pan, should you need it. The kids went bonkers for my silly dance, who knew my two left feet would come in handy some day. I think this is a much needed post and it would be great to get insights from you about it.

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