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Over on the Urban Survival Site there is a list of 50 survival items that are often overlooked.
And there’s lots of room left over for your personal items like clothing, shoes, medicine, etc.
Unlike most emergency kits out there, your investment in our gear won’t just sit idle waiting to be used in an emergency. We’ve saved you countless hours of work by building a robust bag with quality items from names that you trust. Leather Palm-Split Gloves Gloves can be very important in an emergency situation when you may have to move & cut wood, clear brush, or when using tools repeatedly.
Signal Mirror This un-breakable mirror can be used for signaling messages, rescue and hygiene. Whistle This police whistle can be helpful for communication, calling for help, or to ward off an animal threat. The solar panel harnesses the sun’s energy to power your Scorpion and thanks to the battery charge indicator you’ll always know how much power you have left.  You can also use the hand crank to self-power radio broadcasts, the LED flashlight and even a cell phone. To charge your smartphone, simply plug it into the USB port and begin turning the hand crank.
The Scorpion’s rugged exterior is designed to handle extreme outdoor adventures and emergency situations.
Sabre Defense Spray Provides security in a simple compact canister with a pull-away key chain attachment. Playing Cards In the aftermath of emergencies playing cards can be a form of stress release and soothing to the nerves.
Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. Solkoa FastFire Tinder–8 pack Initially developed for military personnel, WetFire is now available so that you too can get a blaze going even in a downpour. UST "Blastmatch" One-handed Fire Starter An innovative design for an all-weather fire starter in a functional, lightweight, compact package.
Ben’s 100% Deet Insect Repellent The amount of deet determines how long your repellent will last without reapplication.
Mini Medicine Pack You never know when someone in your group is going to get sick.  This pack covers most of the common problems you’ll run into such as headaches, stomach aches, allergies, diarrhea and heat related issues.
In the event that you pack additional canned food or come across any in your survival situation, this little tool will open it up for you.  It takes virtually no space and weighs about the same a quarter. Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Castille Soap Clean your face, hands, hair, brush your teeth and wash your cook set with one soap! SAS Survival Manual–Pocket Size The bestselling compact guide on how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea.
Gorilla Tape This handy roll of Gorilla Tape is a tough, thick, moisture-resistant duct tape.
Fiskars 14" Hatchet An easy-to-carry choice perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Fiskars Hatchet is ideal for chopping kindling and small to medium-sized logs. Britain's spy agencies like MI6 have gained popularity through the James Bond series of books and films.
Ia€™m talking about a a€?Bug-Out Bag,a€? a ready-to-grab-at-anytime kit that gets you out the door and long gone, quickly and safely, when things go south.
Even though you probably arena€™t going to have a foreign hit squad on your trail, or Federal agents ready to kick in your door, there are still a number of situations where the Average Joe needs to have a bug-out bag a€” or a a€?Get Home Baga€? (see below) a€” packed and ready to go. So I spoke with Creek Stewart, survival skills trainer, owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, and author of the upcoming book, Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72 Hour Disaster Survival Kit (May 12, Betterway Books), to find out what those situations are, and what we city-dwellers need to have to create an Urban Survival Bug-Out bag thata€™ll keep us from resorting to a€?Lord of the Fliesa€?a€¦ for 3 or 4 days at least.
If youa€™re forced out of your home and need to survive on your own for at least 72 hours, Stewart says to remember the Core 4 Basic Human Survival Needs: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food a€“ and to make sure your bag covers them all. Stewart says to keep in mind the first bug-out bag you grab may actually be a a€?Get Home Baga€? a€” providing you the essentials you need to get out of a stricken city and home to your family. Mass chaos and exodus would make getting from work to home very complicated, and a disaster-stricken city is a very dangerous place.A So, just as military pilots have a a€?get-home survival kita€? packed in their cock-pit, Stewart recommends having a a€?Get Home Baga€? ready to go at your office or in your car.
A Get Home Bag is simply a down-sized version of the Bug-Out Bag designed to do just that a€“ get you home safely.A It will be smaller and have fewer supplies a€” just the necessities to get you through and out of ground zero. Stewart told me having Bug-Out bags at the ready isna€™t about becoming a crazy survivalist in the woods or having a bunker mentality.

Deals of Note: Save on the Perfect Summer Henley, Wireless Headphones for Your Home Theater and More. If this kit is a bit too large for your tastes, Army Ranger Rick has assembled a few smaller kits that contain a safety whistle (really loud), folding knife, 550 cord (parachute cord with a strength of 550 lbs.), saw, signal mirror, LED light, and sparker.
These are great for staying dry, and can be used as a potential shelter.  Pair this with a poncho liner (cleverly disguised as my backdrop), which is a military type blanket.
There are a million great flashlights out there, but for practicality I’m all about the Tikka XP headlamp.
What's New, NowToday in Gear: April 25, 2016A no-nonsense flannel, a no-nonsense watch that you'll wear on every adventure, a doorbell that doesn't put up with any nonsense at all and much more. Exploring Chile's Northern DesertAdventures in the AtacamaSurrounded by the Andes and billed as the driest place on Earth, the Atacama desert is one of the most extreme corners of the globe.
More: On The EdgeBowline to Clove Hitch12 Knots Every Outdoorsman Should KnowOne knot can be the difference between a secure boat, a safe climb, or just the opposite. The Teton Scout 3400 has a fully adjustable torso to fit men, women, and youth [it works for our 9 yr old]. The Scout features plenty of pockets, rainfly, sturdy zippers, mesh lumbar support, thickly padded waist and shoulder straps, and bendable aluminum stays that conform to your shape for maximum comfort. Scan through the groups of blogs to see the newest posts on prepping, survival, and homesteading. There are no cheap knock off items included, which can be life threatening in an emergency situation. It can be worn on the back as a rucksack when you use the shoulder straps, or a simple duffle-type style gear bag. Or you can use the grab handles on each end so two people can help carry the load if needed. A bandana can be used in a hundred ways such as protecting your neck & head from the hot sun, a towel, a water pre-filter, or a wound dressing. These large gloves, which can accommodate a large variety of hand sizes, are sturdy & rugged and hold up under tough conditions. Actually, as attested to by combat forces, shaving and simple hygiene has a calming and civilizing effect on people in the midst of turmoil.
Which means you’ll have everything you need for outdoor adventures and off-the-grid emergencies.
Get vital information—from weather forecasts and alerts to other emergency messages—when and where you need it. Power will be transferred from the Scorpion to your smartphone.  Great for emergency calls or texts on the trail or in a storm. That’s why we’ve included an easy to operate (even with cold hands) gas lighter–try lighting one of those small bic style ones with cold hands, its almost impossible! One handed operation is perfect in cases of a hand injury, or using one hand to block wind. An effective way to warm your body is to put the warmers under your armpits (to prevent possible burns, use a barrier between your skin & the warmers). So, with 100% deet, you’ll be protected for 12 hours against those pesky and potentially disease carrying bugs! They have a coconut shortbread flavor, a crumbly texture, and are made with all natural ingredients.
Dr Bronner’s soap is a natural plant based soap that has a refreshing peppermint essential oil based scent. This is why we choose the low-tech but effective 12-Hour green sticks that can serve to light your way or can be twirled on a rope for signaling. This updated edition contains all the latest techniques on survival training and timeless advice from the foremost expert in survival, Lofty Wiseman. The SOL Emergency Bivvy is made from heat-reflective polyethylene (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. The hatchet combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design to maximize your performance.
Access to resources such as water, food, medicine and fuel: Large numbers of people congested into small areas will deplete available resources in a matter of hours.
Sanitation: Especially in a a€?Grid Downa€? scenario without working water, sewers and trash services, sanitation (and the associated risks) will become a major concern. Rioting, Looting, Armed Violence: Desperation and lack of order bring out the worst in some people.

Army Ranger Rick additionally offers a water purification kit with Aquatab tablets and a condom… for holding water (a surprisingly innovative and space conscious water container). Be sure to use it outside (denatured alcohol can have a bit of an odor) and couple with a wind break (DIY plans are available here). This has enough equipment and food for 1 person and will last you 3+ days, depending on how you ration the food.
We think it's the best inner-frame pack in its class on the market you won't find as good a quality inner-frame for the money–we promise!
Perhaps the most convenient feature is its two wheel base so it can be pulled like a suitcase. Paper that can withstand wet weather would be ideal in this situation to leave directions and notes.
In addition to blocking splashes, sprays and large droplets, the respirator is also designed to prevent the wearer from breathing in very small particles that may be in the air.
All of it is rooted in the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the famous elite fighting force, in which Lofty served for 26 years. If you’re forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop in the SOL Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.  New polyetheline material is quieter and more durable than traditional reflective blankets!
Great for rough, uneven surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, stucco, plaster, brick and more. Inner strands can be removed from the outer sheath to effectively make 350 ft of rope with each strand having 78 lbs of tensile strength. Its half-serrated, high-carbon stainless steel blade is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope, and it comes with a nylon sheath. But maybe the best part--it is extremely comfortable and durable, and when properly fit, its load lift straps and overall design distribute the weight so effectively that even when fully loaded, it feels pounds lighter than it actually is. It has gear loops to attach an axe, shovel or firearm, and also features a top carry–loop which makes it easy to load into a car or carry one-handed. Think of the time it takes selecting all the items you’d need, comparison shopping, going to the store, buying online, shipping, sales tax, etc.
It’s equipped with compression straps that allow excess volume to be reduced, which in turns reduces the bulk of the bag.
It is also helpful to record important information like contact information, notes about water intake, food, etc., and kids can use it as a draw pad too! It is optimized to reduce wind blow-back and has an enhanced safety system to prevent accidental usage.
The Lumora’s frosted globe slides down easily to switch between lantern and flashlight modes.
Using clear line drawings and color illustrations, and new case studies and survival scenarios, Lofty describes survival techniques if you find yourself at sea, in the mountains, at the polar icecaps, or in the desert. It is resistant to tears, but any tears that might occur can be easily repaired with tape like our Gorilla Tape.
With more blade penetration on each swing, you can chop more wood in less time, with less effort and hand strain. A survival blanket, compass, whistle, cable ties, mini headlamp, flash mirror, and Tinder Quik (a fire starter) are just some of the items that make up these kits.
Even though this is one of our entry level kits, we’ve not found any other survival kit on the market that rivals its scope of products and quality. We have chosen the outdoor industries best products in their class, taking into consideration the quality, robustness, dependability, user rating, size, and weight of the item. It also features a heavy duty base and chunky zipper, and multiple small zipper pockets both in and outside the bag.
This compact hard case canister unit delivers approximately 25 shots with a range of 10 feet. Generally, to check for proper fit, you should put on your respirator and adjust the straps so that the respirator fits tight but comfortably to your face.

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