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Moving on with our Building a Bargain Bug Out Bag Series, we are going to discuss low cost first aid kits.
This kit contains supplies that treat: cuts, scrapes, sprains, insect bites, headaches, muscle aches, and allergic reactions.
I believe you should have a first aid kit stashed about everywhere possible: EDC bag, car, home, office, purse, daypack when in the field to name a few. You will want to add some Quick Clot, Field Dressing's, and any prescription med's you need. It comes in a bright red bag (I like my med kits to be in bright red for quick identification).

For many of us first aid kits are low on the totem pole when it comes to our gear purchasing. If you do purchase a kit make sure to supplement it with Quick Clot and a military field dressing (if it doesn't already come with those items). Doing survival stuff and using sharp knives on a regular basis leads to cuts and it quickly seals them up and disinfects without needing a bandage. This kit also includes instructions for minor medical issues as well as  some survival supplies (button compass and whistle) with survival instructions.
Its basically an old medicine bottle that has clear medical and duct tape wrapped around it.

This pill bottle will address and cuts or scrapes, anything where I have to address minor bleeding.

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