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How would the United States survive an EMP blast? Many people say that an EMP would cripple the country.
When discussing what measure can be taken to guard against an EMP; it’s first necessary to get rid of a few myths. Another false concept is that EMP “out of the blue” can harm your body or cause major damage to your brain way lightning strikes can. Concentration of metal, wiring etc…  is the main reason that most electrical equipment would be destroyed by the EMP.
A Faraday box is the easiest way of protecting most small electrical equipment that can be unplugged from the power source.
Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet. Everyday uses of the Faraday Cage concept includes the Microwave Oven which is used to contain microwave energy within the oven. It has been written that a Faraday Cage is not necessary to protect against an EMP resulting from a Solar Storm because the radiation particles are not concentrated enough to effect small electronics.
In the event of a grid down scenario, prudent Preppers will have alternative sources of energy including a solar array or a generator.
Wrap each item that you plan on storing in the Faraday Cage in the heavy duty Aluminum Foil. Place the items in the can and add at least one 50+ gram Desiccant Pack to absorb moisture within the Faraday Cage.
Seal the lid on tightly and as added protection, wrap the lid’s edge with the aluminum tape. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy caused by either solar flares or a nuclear blast.
Because of this ability, EMP weapons have been created with the aim to destroy the enemy’s technological capabilities. This fear has caused many preppers to invest in a Faraday Cage, giving them the means to protect their most valuable technology-based survival equipment. A Faraday Cage, simply put, is a metal container with a lining on the inside that does not conduct electricity. In order for it to protect any electronics you place in it, the inside of the metal container must be lined with a protective cover so that your electronics cannot touch any metal. Just remember that the larger the metal container, the more protective lining you will have to invest in for your Faraday Cage to work. Let’s say you decide on making one out of a metal trash can since they are easy to find and relatively cheap while still being able to hold a fair amount of contents.
We’ve established that you are opting for a metal trash can (for the purpose of this article). Now that you have your container, you must line the inside of it with enough cardboard so that no contents will be able to touch any metal. Any electronics you consider vital in case of an emergency should go inside your soon-to-be Faraday Cage.

If you want to take extra precautions, you can opt to wrap your gathered electronic in heavy gauge aluminum foil. Your standard 31-gallon metal trash can will be able to keep a lot of electronics safe and is a favorite container among many preppers. EMPs are a threat to modern society and many preppers base their entire bug out plans on the event of an EMP striking their city or even the majority of the United States. This simple project can be finished in under 30 minutes and will help insure that your valuable electronics will be safe from being fried by an EMP blast, which would happen without warning.
There are many potential disasters to prepare for, but perhaps the one that deserves the most preparation is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Conclusion As you can see, building a DIY Faraday cage is a very inexpensive and straightforward process. Some think it may come from the government detonating an nuclear bomb in the atmosphere, and others say that solar flares from the sun will create an EMP blast across the country. While the two (lightning and EMPs) each produce similar results; an EMP is actually more like to a super-charged radio wave. Insulating with cardboard, rubber, plastic or even wads of paper are acceptable methods.(2) The metal shielding must be continuous. Although EMP and lightning strike are very different in the big picture; a good example how NOT grounding your Faraday box is beneficial would be to look at lightning strikes on a flying plane.
Michael Faraday was an English scientist who became well known in the early 1800′s for his work with electromagnetic induction, leading to the development of the modern generator. Also, the scan room of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, commonly referred to as an MRI, is designed as a Faraday Cage in order to prevent outside radio frequency interference from affecting the test results.
However, as we advise fellow Preppers, we should prepare for worst case scenarios in our preparedness plans and an EMP resulting from a Nuclear attack is one such scenario. These alternative sources of power can run your electronic devices provided that they survive the effects of the EMP. Go to the hardware store and buy a 10′ copper encased grounding rod and pound it in the ground next to your driveway within easy distance of your vehicles. Buy a flashlight that does not have led’s or fluorescent bulbs, these all use electronics as a ballast and will be fried by the CME leaving you and your family in the dark. If you’ve done any previous research on prepping for disasters, then you’ve undoubtedly at least heard of EMP’s, and for good reason.
Once your electronic device has been fully wrapped in the cloth, wrap it further (and tighter) in plastic wrap. Now that your electronic device is fully wrapped in cloth and the cloth is wrapped in plastic wrap, proceed to gently wrap this packaging with at least three layers of aluminum foil.
Once this is completed, confirm that there are no holes in the aluminum foil and that every square inch of the packaging has at least three layers of aluminum foil surrounding it.
The materials only cost a few dollars, and if an EMP ever happens, you’ll be glad to have some working electronics. There’s even been a congressional committee put together that was created to discuss the threat of an EMP on the United States.

Any bright ideas about using lightning-rods, lightning arrestors  or any such grounding techniques will undoubtedly fail in protecting equipment from EMP. If the object placed in the box is insulated from the inside surface of the box, it will not be affected by the EMP travelling around the outside metal surface of the box. If you have electrical equipment with such components, it must be very well protected if it is to survive EMP. The Faraday Cage, in its many forms, will distribute that charge or radiation around the exterior of the cage. The biggest concern to Preppers is that an EMP will destroy power grid transformers resulting in a collapse of the power grid.
A properly designed Faraday Cage will block the electromagnetic radiation created by the EMP thereby safeguarding any electronics stored inside. Note, contrary to some reports, this step alone is insufficient to protect your gear from an EMP.
When a potential CME from the sun happens, unhook the battery in your car and ground an unpainted part of the vehicle frame to the grounding rod with jumper cables. National Geographic aired a made for TV movie called American Blackout, and while it received mixed reviews there were a few lessons that we could take away from it.
The Faraday box simple and cheap and often provides more protection to electrical components than “hardening” through circuit designs which can’t be (or haven’t been) adequately tested.
Technically, the Faraday Cage acts as a hollow conductor blocking the intrusion of the charge and distributing it around the external surface of the Faraday Cage.
Jumper cables have the gauge of wire needed to ground your vehicle, this should help to protect it. We would literally have no power, no communications, no banking, no internet, no transportation, no running water, and no supply systems. You would think that making an apparatus that could truly shield your electronic devices from an EMP would be a complicated and expensive process, but it can be done with little more than a cardboard box, some aluminum foil, an old piece of cloth, and plastic wrap. They are defined as any kind of enclosure with an outside layer made out of electrically conductive material in order to block electric fields.
The size and shape of the enclosure does not matter, and the enclosure itself doesn’t have to be conductive.
As you’ll soon see, it can simply be any normal enclosure or box wrapped in a conductive material such as aluminum foil. You will need the following items to build your DIY Faraday Cage: Aluminum Foil (preferably heavy duty). In this example, our electronic device will be an ordinary phone and our piece of cloth is an old T-shirt.

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