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Whether it be a home or a commercial  building our systems are designed and installed to the highest standards and comply with the current standards and specification set out in UL96 and NFPA 780. The air-terminal network is a grid section installed at roof level forming a faraday cage with cross bonding to all extraneous metalwork, roof mounted plant and potential strike points. A lightning protection system should include all of the following elements, which work together to prevent lightning damage. Electronic Protection — Modern building are especially vulnerable to the havoc that lightning can wreak on sensitive electronic equipment.
September 12, 2011 By Beckie Carrie from Dittle Dattle was busy over the summer building outdoor furniture, including some fabulous chaise lounges and an umbrella stand side table. Ideally, anyone going into the wilderness will have, at the very minimum, a basic survival kit. Morse code is commonly an audio signal, sent over a wire, with a whistle or even tapping a piece of metal on a pipe. The idea with any distress signal is to create visual signals, sounds and even smells that would not normally be found in nature.If you choose to find help yourself, it is a good idea to stick to waterways and coastlines. A lightning protection installation can range from a Class I, II, III & IV and in brief consists of an air-terminal network, down conductors and earth terminations. Where practical metallic roof coverings can be utilised as a natural conductor therefore eliminating the need for a roof mounted air terminal network.
To assure the highest level or protection, UL-listed lightning surge arrestors are installed on electrical service panels and other incoming lines.

Bonding Connections at vents and antennas with clamp or lug if within 6 feet of the lightning cable.  For a neat job run the down cables next to or behind down spouts, molding, etc.
It is simple and it can easily harness wind or water power, and light a lightbulb.This is why I was wondering if you have any magnets. She realized the task of furnishing her exterior was not complete while grilling with insufficient space to manage all her ingredients. It very rarely happens that you have no plans to go into the wild, yet wind up in the middle of nowhere. But it can be a visual signal too, made by flicking a flashlight on and off, for instance.Morse code works by assigning a combination of "dots" and "dashes" to each letter of the alphabet. When a building is equipped with a lightning protection system, the destructive power of the lightning strike is directed safely into the ground, leaving the building, family members and personal belongings unharmed. Arrestors are the first line of defense against harmful electrical surges that can enter a structure through power lines. I don't think I'll be trying to build this one right off, I would have to do more research on it.
Carrie decided a console table was next on the list and went to our good ol’ friend PB for inspiration.
Even well trained survival experts are susceptible to the fear of the unknown.In fact, it would worry me to hear that someone isna€™t a little scared of getting lost in the wilderness, as this shows a lack of respect for the potential consequences.
If you have a search party on call should you fail to reach your destination, the best option might be to find a clearing and start building distress signals.

For instance, if you were camping on the Oregon coast, head west, on the Maine coast, east, etc.But if you dona€™t know where the nearest body of water is, look for signs of water, like clouds, birds and denser foliage.
It is important that the cable (wire) that is used MUST be braided and be designed specifically for Lightning Protection System installations.
Finding a couple styles she liked, Carrie actually combined the two to create this console table with simple lines and short, vertical slats. Carrie’s DIY outdoor furniture is totally drool-worthy, so I encourage you to head over and check it out! Since water runs downhill (stay with us, wea€™re getting pretty scientific here) you have a better chance of finding it as you descend. When lost, getting your bearings is another major psychological comfort, even if you discover youa€™re still miles from civilization. At least you know where you are!And though you'll ideally have a basic survival kit, it is a good idea to get some training in primitive survival skills from schools like Primal-Knowledge. Learning flint knapping, bow making, hunting, fishing and fire starting techniques, without man-made tools, can save your life.

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