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Now that we have shown you how we tested the gear we were considering when building The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit (Here if you missed it) let’s take a look at the final packing list. The backpack we chose to hold TUUSK is a Rothco Medium Transport Pack that is perfectly suited for carrying our survival gear plus personal items like spare clothes and important documents. In addition, the Medium Transport Pack is durable and well built making it perfect to endure the harsh urban survival landscape. The first functional group we are going to look at has to do with fire making tools and is a good example of removing duplicate items. The lighters should provide enough fuel to last for months and are a great barter item as well.
We opted to cut out the Grylls fire starter and keep the easier to use cigarette lighters and stormproof matches. We tried to keep this methodology with all our functional groups, check out what else we decided to keep in TUUSK below. In order to keep hydrated and moving while bugging out it is recommended that you consume between 2-3 liters of water per day, depending on levels of fitness and exertion. These 6 ration bars contain 2400 calories and should be enough for at least a day’s hard travel.

The urban environment can quickly become hazardous and toxic in the aftermath of a disaster. The concentrated population of an urban center also increases the possibility of having to discourage unfriendly advances from other survivors.
As you may have seen from our thorough testing of the Spax it is a highly versatile breaching tool that is perfectly suited for the urban environment.
On top of this the Spax is designed to be used as a wrench tool for turning off gas mains and turn on fire hydrants. The Extreme Ops’s light weight (4.4oz) and compact profile means it will take up little room in TUUSK but it is durable enough to function as a full sized knife. In addition to getting communication from external sources we also want to be able to communicate with each other and be able to signal rescue parties and other people we may encounter from afar. Thyrosafe Potassium Iodine Tablets – These are used to protect you from radiation damage from a dirty bomb or other radiological attack. Ammonia Inhalants – Used to wake someone up who has passed out, we decided these would be good to have to keep our bug out team moving after an injury had occurred. In addition to all the purpose specific gear listed above we also chose to include some basic tools that generally make life easier when on the move.

Folding Eating Utensils – This is one of those comfort items that remind you that you are a human being after a day of hiking under grueling conditions. So there you have it, over the course of these emails I have shared with you everything you need to build your own TUUSK or other bug out bag.
To overcome these problems I have convinced the team at Ready To Go Survival to add TUUSK to their offerings. On top of these benefits I have also convinced the founders of RTGS, Roman and Fabian to throw in for free a special bonus exclusively for readers on The Bug Out Bag Guide. I hope our project has been helpful to you and you’ve gained some useful insight into building a reliable, high quality bug out bag.
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