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Bob Zettel is the Manager and a Senior Consultant with the Consulting Services Division of The Manuel Lujan Agencies. MLA’s Business Continuity Planning Process prepares you to reopen your doors quickly after a loss, no matter how large or small. Emergency Management – How are you going to keep your people safe, during and after an event? Simply put, today’s businesses can’t afford a single bout of downtime—not even for a minute. The statistics say enough: a disaster recovery plan is critical for uninterrupted continuity and business stability. A cloud disaster recovery solution is one in which the entire server—from the operating system to the applications to the data—is cloned and bundled into the cloud.
Faster recovery times and multi-site availability as the virtual servers are hardware independent. Here at CloudVelox, we help our clients realize the benefits of a cloud disaster recovery solution.
Wondering if CloudVelox software could help you reduce risks and increase IT productivity and resilience? The disruption from a disaster can threaten your organization’s operations, profitability, and quality of service and image. Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is a major concern of the entire organization, not just data processing.
To determine the Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) critical needs of the organization, each department should document all the functions performed within that department. Once the critical needs have been documented, management can set priorities within departments for the overall recovery of the organization. Essential activities, a disruption in service exceeding one day would jeopardize seriously the operation of the organization. Recommended activities, a disruption of service exceeding one week would jeopardize seriously the operation of  the organization. Nonessential activities, this information would be convenient to have but would not detract seriously from the operating capabilities if it were missing. The first step in the disaster recovery process is to perform a business impact analysis that considers all of the the potential impacts from the disaster senarios put forward. For a successful Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP),  the DR plan  must be integrated with the entire enterprise, strong business unit involvement, senior management buy-in and must be regularly tested through drills and exercises that validates your plans.

A Business Continuity plan will ensure your business stays in top form and a Disaster Recovery plan will assist your team accessing all your business-critical information. We've created quick tutorials on popular subjects in Shield such as exporting reports, uploading documents or adding new sections in your own custom plan. Keep track of action items, hot spots, contacts and emergency response teams at the easiest access point for your team. Our software is easy to use and quick to learn, so please take advantage of one of our trials today.
We work hard, but as our customers know, we try to make a critical task just a little more enjoyable by having some fun too.
Simply put, we help companies protect their information and assets by creating plans which detail how to keep a business safe and how to recover quickly in the event a disaster occurs.
KingsBridge's easy-to-use software creates a tailored plan to support your team in an emergency. Our online software offering has all the tools, content and flexibility you need to create a secure plan using any Web browser. Our mobile application provides you with a simple, up-to-date version of your plan and gives you access to crucial data in the palm of your hand when you need it most. Our Beam Notification applications allows you to have the ability to maintain contact with your personnel even when your own systems are down. KingsBridge's combination of consulting, training and software means that not only can we provide you with industry best practices for planning, we can also do it quickly and reliably. KingsBridge develops software, provides consulting and supports your business to create disaster recovery and business continuity plans. After all, 87 percent of companies that lose access to their corporate data for just seven days are likely to go out of business within a year, according to an infographic distributed by SDN Communications. However, your plan needs to include more than just a bunch of duplicate server racks that are managed and powered by secondary data centers—only to be used during data center outages.
While disaster can strike at any moment, powering a second data center is a significant waste of valuable IT resources, both from a CAPEX perspective (managing the physical infrastructure) and OPEX one (maintaining the staff to look over these resources).  Accordingly, many companies are starting to marry cloud computing with a disaster recovery solution by leveraging the cloud as a secondary data center. As a result, companies are able to take peace of mind in having a secondary data center far away for regional disaster recovery and with a “pay as you go” model. When it comes to our CloudVelox disaster recovery solution, for example, companies are empowered with new and existing Linux and Windows multi-tier applications to run in the cloud without modification. For the rest, this means the recovery of technical environments, such as Information Technology IT systems, networks infrastructure and communications equipment, following an unplanned interruption or outage.

This IT DR plans is part of the Business Continuity plans and preparations which are necessary to minimize loss and ensure continuity of the critical business functions of an organization in the event of disaster. A comprehensive and up-to-date Disaster Recovery Plan ( DRP ) prepares your organization for the worst case scenario or key disaster scenario. In order, to develop an effective plan, all business units and departments should be involved.
Organizations should also develop written, comprehensive disaster recovery plans that address all the critical operations and functions of the business.
Company could start from a smaller scale testing a specific application defined in the IT disaster recovery plan.
A software-driven plan means threats can be automatically identified and updated, and your plan is never out of date. Our training sessions show you how to create a thorough plan and manage it without workplace interruption. With offices around the United States and Canada, KingsBridge customers include insurance, communication, transportation and banking institutions across North America and the Carribean. Moreover, 80 percent of companies without a disaster recovery plan in place go into liquidation within 18 months following a major disaster. In so doing, the enterprise data center is extended to the cloud, and applications can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise. Within all departments the critical needs should be identified and prioritized, critical needs include all information and equipment needed in order to continue operations should a department be destroyed or become inaccessible. In the second year, move to partial warm data center to an actual production fail over to the DR site. This will ensure the ongoing availability of critical resources and continuity of operations. This is usually dependent on the risk tolerance and IT audit compliance of the organization.

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