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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Disasters could cripple your organization, suspending mission-critical processes and disrupting service to your customers. At Mail-Gard we can typically have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan tested and implemented in eight to ten weeks. For more information surrounding critical communications business continuity and disaster recovery plans, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Recent research suggests that on average 20% of all organizations will experience some form of unplanned event once every 5 years. The focus of business continuity in an organization consists of plans and preparations taken which assist in resuming operations and services as quickly as possible after a crisis.
As leaders in the community, businesses should model effective behaviors in crises situations. Many businesses depend heavily on technology and automated systems, and the disruption of these systems for even a few days could cause severe problems. An emergency is any unplanned event that can cause death or significant injury; or can shut down your organization, disrupt operations, threaten your reputation, or cause physical or environmental damage.
For business continuity purposes, the terms “risk” and “threat” have the same meaning and are interchangeable. Depending on where you look and who is speaking, risks are categorized in several different ways.
Environmental – Severe weather including high winds, tornados, lightening, ice storms, flooding, extreme heat and cold, and other events such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and forest fires. Man-made intentional acts – Theft, vandalism, cyber attack, workplace violence, bomb threat, terrorism. Generally speaking, the greatest single threat to businesses in most of the United States is related to severe weather. Since each organization is unique with their own assets and capacities, there are a variety of approaches to the business continuity process. Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP DRP) with a simple piece of software (webinar pdf ppt) - Evidian WARNING: this version of Internet Explorer is not supported. The primary purpose of UBL E-Commerce is to secure customers’ financial information, employees’ working directories and life safety. Founded in 2004, with the aim to provide buying and selling facilities to the existing consumers of UBL over the internet.
UBL Net Banking (NB) is Pakistan’s first E-Commerce Portal provided by any financial institution. This is a strategic product that offers the consumer to use UBL Orion from all over the Pakistan without using any computer or even mobile.
Emergency response plan is the immediate response, which is performed to the occurred incident. The response procedure of ERP should include the protection of employees first, containment of the incident second and assessment of the situation third.
ERP should include the lists of roles and responsibilities, tools and equipment, resources, actions and procedures. CMT is responsible for making high-level decisions, which might be related to the internal staff, external staff, vendors and contractors.
An Incident Response Team is established to provide a quick, effective and orderly response to computer related incidents such as virus infections, hacker attempts and break-ins, improper disclosure of confidential information to others, system service interruptions, breach of personal information, and other events with serious information security implications.
The Incident Response Team is authorized to take appropriate steps deemed necessary to contain, mitigate or resolve a computer security incident.

The Incident Response Team will subscribe to various security industry alert services to keep abreast of relevant threats, vulnerabilities or alerts from actual incidents.
The immediate actions that should be executed in any of the above emergency are given below. The Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Team is a single team that would address the immediate first response as well as long term needs during an emergency. The Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Team, includes a Fire Warden, Deputy Fire Wardens and Searchers, and act as a first response to an immediate emergency that affects the safety and well being of staff.
Security Focal Points are the primary contacts with UBL Security and Fire and Safety regarding emergency conditions and information.  The Security Focal Points and alternates are also designated with updating and maintaining information concerning the Emergency Plan and related activities.
In the event of fire or fire alarm, ascertain the location of the fire and direct the evacuation of the floor in accordance with directions received from the Fire Command Station via the loudspeakers. The security system includes closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, door contacts, magnetic locks, and perimeter and interior motion detectors.
These disasters could be man-made or natural in nature. The Business Continuity Plan addresses an organization’s ability to continue functioning when normal operations are disrupted.
Common objections include cost, having a second facility with backup capabilities or outsourcing of print-to-mail operations. From a financial standpoint, all businesses need to maintain positive cash flow even in the event of a business disruption.
More and more industries have regulations surrounding time frames for providing information to stakeholders or customers. While Mother Nature certainly plays a role in our industry, other business disruptions should be your primary concern.
Assigning your print-to-mail requirements to an outside company can make sense in a number of ways, but it doesn’t mean you’re covered if a business disruption occurs.
One-third of the business disruption declarations Mail-Gard® has supported since our inception have extended into 4-9 month recovery time frames. This will depend greatly on your internal recovery process and your ability to gather required documentation and pre-test data transfer methods.
When an organization is impacted by a crisis, then their ability to serve the needs of others is compromised.
Business continuity is dependent on a simple, but effective, plan to minimize damage and speed the resumption of office operations after a crisis.
Companies maintain a collection of key skills, which reside in selected people, including the operation of certain equipment, inputting or retrieving important data, or managing key processes. In a clear methodical way, planning for business continuity should go through a step-by-step process to identify potential threats, prioritize them, and then assist you in finding ways to deal with each. They can describe those elements lurking in our environment that are the precursors to emergencies. The basis of ERP is the risks, which is identified by the company during risk assessment phase.
Various roles and responsibilities should be defined for each member of the team and each team member should receive specific training according to their concerned roles and responsibilities.
It is also responsible for determining the most appropriate responses to situations as they occur. The Incident Response Team’s mission is to prevent a serious loss of profits, public confidence or information assets by providing an immediate, effective and skillful response to any unexpected event involving computer information systems, networks or databases. The Team is responsible for investigating suspected intrusion attempts or other security incidents in a timely, cost-effective manner and reporting findings to management and the appropriate authorities as necessary.
Make sure that everyone has arrived there safely; use attendance register to count the employees.
A Disaster Recovery Plan is used to define the resources, action, tasks, and data required to manage the business recovery process in the event of a disaster. In this workshop you learn to identify vulnerabilities and implement appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate threats to your mission-critical processes.
Often a variety of laws and regulations require or imply the need for a recovery plan to protect critical communications.

Much like protecting your business from losing customers, any delay in these messages can be costly – in this case fines and legal complications. Equipment failure, employee issues and other man-made factors happen more frequently and can seriously affect your ability to provide the critical communications your customers rely on. If you outsource, make sure you have tested and verified your recovery plan so that it’s not simply a “best effort solution.” Just because your supplier has multiple facilities doesn’t mean you have a proven recovery plan. Once a plan is in place and activated, Mail-Gard can receive data from the back-up source within eight hours (often sooner) after a business disruption is declared.
As a resource for communities – business continuity must be maintained enabling stronger companies in times of crisis.
A Business Continuity Plan focuses on the organization and those plans and actions that will limit damage and allow you to recover and resume operations more quickly after a crisis. If these people are lost for any reason, forward movement on important projects could be severely impacted. Lightening striking a transformer on the other side of town, may create a city power failure. In its most advanced form, organizations will hire a consultant to come in and manage the process. For example, if fire breaks out, the emergency response to this incident is to evacuate the building, call the fire department and in the meanwhile try to control the fire by the use of fire extinguisher.  There may be several kinds of risks that could occur and they may also require emergency response plan. The leader of the ERT is responsible for coordination and activation of the emergency response and also for notification to the concerned authorities. They can range from loss of revenue and critical cash flow to service level penalties and fines or corporate image issues. Printing and inserting will begin within 24 hours and often as soon as customer forms, paper, envelopes and inserts are received. It is better to create common checklist for all risks rather than to create separate ERP for every risk. The leader of the ERP should also be a member of the Crisis Management Team and should report the team through out the emergency response. Any delay in delivering critical documents to the people who depend on them can put your reputation at stake and cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Lead times for replacement printers and inserters are one reason for the lengthy recovery time. It works with the standard editions of Windows, Linux, AIX, and it can adapt to any application with standard edition databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle…).
The SafeKit replication has the same properties as the synchronous real-time replication on a SAN: only modified data is replicated in real time through a standard LAN. So, with a simple piece of software, you can build both your Business Continuity Plan and your Disaster Recovery Plan. No need to invest in expensive and complex hardware machines for installation and configuration.
It is a way to drastically reduce integration and validation costs in your BCP DRP projects.
When a critical application and its data are integrated and validated with SafeKit, there is no change in configuration between the solution with 2 virtual machines (or physical ones) on the same site and the one with 2 virtual machines (or physical ones) separated between 2 sites.
You will see that a SafeKit solution is ideal for small load balancing Web farms (typically 4 servers) and replication of medium-sized data (typically a few Terabytes).The case of the supervision of a Paris metro line is then presented with 40 SafeKit licenses in production and pre-production.

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