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This document is intended to help you to audit & review your business continuity and disaster recovery plan. How to Audit Your Business Contingency & Continuity Plan to Ensure IT Covers September 11 & New Global Threats, by Javier F.
Information systems are vital elements of the almost all business processes and they're required for successful work of the company. It may be reached creating appropriate plans and procedures and implementing technical controls, which allow quickly and effectively recover systems in critical situations. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) helps our customers to keep business operations, save time, reduce errors and potential losses, define volume of the costs required to recover or continue operations in crisis situation. Business Continuity Plan - BCP) is focused on business process maintenance during and after crisis situation.

Disaster Recovery Plan - DRP is related to catasprophic events when information systems may become unavailable for the long term. Both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans are the part of crisis management activities.
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Technology (IT) Systems. Working and tested internal documents (policies, procedures) which describe the nesessary actions before, during and after crisis situations. It covers the status of the plan itself, and explores in some depth the content of the plan, embracing everything from business function definition to post disaster recovery actions. Business process examples are customers' currency payments support, payroll process etc.

DRP often focuses only on IT systems and is targeted to recover normal functioning of separate system on the backup site after disaster happens.
Planning of business continuity is targeted to reduce risks exposure during crisis situations and disasters.
In some cases BCP may not rely to long term process recovery and normal functioning restore.

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