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Although, fortunately, emergencies occur rarely, when they do they can have a devastating impact on the local community. 43% of organisations over the past year were disrupted by loss of IT, while over one in three experienced loss of people (35%). Business Continuity Management is widely recognised as a good management process which provides a framework for ensuring the resilience of your business to threats and challenges. Business Continuity needs to be considered by small companies and organisations as well as larger corporations.
A Business Continuity Plan will enable a business to respond in a controlled manner to any disruption caused by internal or external factors. Our experienced team constantly develop and improve a methodology which only we use and which puts us above all competition. BS 25999 comprises two parts: Part 1, the Code of Practice, provides business continuity management best practice recommendations.
Good BCM takes account of all business processes and the risks that they are exposed to, seeking to reduce these as far as possible.

Our business continuity consultants can help your organisation conduct a business impact analysis (BIA), which is a useful tool to determine recovery priorities in terms of processes and resources. The plan that results from this BIA exercise is usually fairly concise, with all departments maintaining their own disaster recovery plans.
The main Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should provide the framework for managing the incident. Previously BS 25999, ISO 22301 is the ISO standard that provides a frame work to manage business continuity.
Taking a structured approach, organisations can assess business risks, evaluate threats, apply mitigating controls, plan for recovery and test those plans to ensure they work. ISO 22301 includes many recognisable features of ISO management systems and therefore aligns well with other ISO standards.
Our business continuity consultants can help your organisation achieve certification to ISO 22301, which adds an independent verification of the management system.
Incidents, such as a major fire, flood, loss of staff, loss of utilities or communication failure, have the potential to disrupt normal business routine.

This has been recognised nationally by the Government and as a result the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 has been introduced to address this and other issues to help protect you and your business.
Understanding how you can get your organisation up and running quickly after an incident means that you are much more likely to be able to provide employment, meet customer need and, ultimately, generate profit.
The size, scale and nature of your organisation will dictate how comprehensive your Plan needs to be – there are many self-assessment tools available to help you gauge how prepared your business is. Part 2, the Specification, provides the requirements for a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) based on BCM best practice. In recent studies of businesses caught up in such incidents, it has been shown that those who have Business Continuity Plans in place are far more likely to recover their operation and minimise their loss of trade.

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