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As such, this book is a gold mine of practical information, based on solid theoretical underpinnings. International (DRII), and is increasingly influencing government policy and regulatory regimes. 90+ disasters, as well as advice and guidance for clients in over 200 emergency situations. Based on the book Principles and Practice of Business Continuity by Jim Burtles, this eight-week course aims to provide the participants with a practical working knowledge of the subject.
Because business continuity is very much a hands-on, interactive discipline, students are encouraged to learn from practical exercises. The business continuity manager must always apply his or her disciplines to other divisions, departments or functions of the organization.
A thorough understanding of all aspects of business continuity planning and business continuity management and related disciplines. Practical experience of delivering and supporting the complete range of business continuity deliverables from the initial introduction right through to building and operating a command and control centre. Competence in the subject developed through playing the roles of both the service provider and the service user. Knowledge of the subject based on exposure to the basic theory behind, and the principles underlying, the subject in all its phases and stages.
Graduates from this course should emerge armed with the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform effectively as business continuity practitioners. Now that students have learned to prepare the key deliverables, which are the various types of business continuity plans, we move on to look at some of the longer term issues such as maintaining the plans and putting them to practical use. The students should have read through chapter 11 of Principles and Practice before we introduce them to the entirely new concept of a Vulnerability Chronogram. In the afternoon the students will be asked to engage in another long-term task which is concerned with utilising BCM skills, concepts and resources to assist in the management of a relocation or expansion project.
Apart from reading through chapter 12, the majority of this day is spent on practical exercises. At the end of the day there is just time to introduce a model of Disaster Actions or how business continuity modes of operation change over time with a short PowerPoint presentation (32 Disaster Actions). Exercising and Testing is, perhaps, the most important aspect of any business continuity program because it is where the notional theory is turned into realistic practice. During the last session of the day we move on to the rather more intricate subject of exercising which is where we develop the essential skills and learn how to improve the plans. For your committee most ideas, the primary requirement that must be learned is the essay rubrics set forth by your proposal.

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