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At Mail-Gard we can typically have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan tested and implemented in eight to ten weeks.
For more information surrounding critical communications business continuity and disaster recovery plans, don’t hesitate to contact us. Step into the ring with this complimentary offer: our latest collection of tips and trends to power your marketing and maximize the ROMI of your next campaign.
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And by the way, if this looks like your company’s disaster recovery plan, you may want to look more closely at a cloud backup and data recovery solution like ours.
Common objections include cost, having a second facility with backup capabilities or outsourcing of print-to-mail operations. From a financial standpoint, all businesses need to maintain positive cash flow even in the event of a business disruption. More and more industries have regulations surrounding time frames for providing information to stakeholders or customers.

While Mother Nature certainly plays a role in our industry, other business disruptions should be your primary concern.
Assigning your print-to-mail requirements to an outside company can make sense in a number of ways, but it doesn’t mean you’re covered if a business disruption occurs.
One-third of the business disruption declarations Mail-Gard® has supported since our inception have extended into 4-9 month recovery time frames. This will depend greatly on your internal recovery process and your ability to gather required documentation and pre-test data transfer methods. Often a variety of laws and regulations require or imply the need for a recovery plan to protect critical communications. Much like protecting your business from losing customers, any delay in these messages can be costly – in this case fines and legal complications.
Equipment failure, employee issues and other man-made factors happen more frequently and can seriously affect your ability to provide the critical communications your customers rely on.
If you outsource, make sure you have tested and verified your recovery plan so that it’s not simply a “best effort solution.” Just because your supplier has multiple facilities doesn’t mean you have a proven recovery plan.

Once a plan is in place and activated, Mail-Gard can receive data from the back-up source within eight hours (often sooner) after a business disruption is declared.
They can range from loss of revenue and critical cash flow to service level penalties and fines or corporate image issues. Printing and inserting will begin within 24 hours and often as soon as customer forms, paper, envelopes and inserts are received.
Any delay in delivering critical documents to the people who depend on them can put your reputation at stake and cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Lead times for replacement printers and inserters are one reason for the lengthy recovery time.

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