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This goes beyond the mere Emergency Response Plan or disaster recovery activities that have been previously implemented.
Business continuity planning helps ensure that companies have the resources and information needed to maintain service, reliability, and resiliency under adverse conditions.
A Business Continuity Plan ensures that all involved parties understand who makes decisions, how the decisions are implemented, and what the roles and responsibilities of participants are when an incident occurs. Sustainability is about staying in business for the long term, and today, business continuity is key to sustaining business over time. The National Gallery of Australia (the Gallery) has undertaken an extensive project to develop and implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and to introduce a strong Business Continuity Management (BCM) culture throughout the organisation. The business continuity program includes regular exercises to ensure the full effectiveness of the BCP.
The Gallery is implementing BCM to create business resilience, with the aim of lessening the probability of the occurrence of incidents that may adversely affect people and the national collection, and to minimise impacts if and when incidents occur. The National Gallery is open daily 10am–5pm (closed christmas day) Parkes Place, Parkes ACT 2600. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. The conclave can be considered the oldest ongoing method for succession planning and is considered a plan to manage the gap that has arisen by the departure of the Pope. Wikipedia describes succession planning as the process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business (leadership) positions. Business Continuity Management (BCM) Planning is the process of highlighting operational risks that can cause damage to the business, and then taking steps to mitigate those risks. Any mature BCM practice will find resource (staff) planning a foundation block to operate the business when crisis strikes. Today’s companies are facing higher resources demands because of globalization, 7×24 operations, reliance on technology and automation, and not to mention demanding customers who want more for less.
Having appropriate staffing when you are dealing with operational situations that impact the delivery of products and services is key to your customers, who can directly impact the bottom line if you lose them.
Consider key positions and employees with ‘one of a kind’ skill sets when undertaking a business impact or risk assessment. A good business continuity plan has identified both primary and back-up resources for given positions within the plan required in meeting the work flow to carry out the business deliverable.
Without staff available for these functions, your organization would be unable to effectively deliver it products and service to customers or meet its business objectives.  In this step it is beneficial to assess current and future needs based in the organization considering three to five-year business plans.
Step 2:  Identify Position Capabilities For any critical staffing positions, an inventory of the required competencies needed to successfully identify alternate staff from either internal or external sources should be developed. Resource planning for business continuity can include a combination of training and developing existing staff within your organization, or use of external resources. Step 4: Employee Succession Action Plan Once the succession planning strategies have been inventoried, the next step is getting organized. Succession action plans can take many forms but a  written plan is best to effectively manage the process with tasks and times lines (including decision points) to meet the desired goal. To operationalize the continuity plan and validate functionality in meeting the required performance levels.
The planned or unexpected loss of employees within critical staffing positions can introduce risks and business impacts both operationally and financially.

Advance resource planning introduces time to develop appropriate strategies so when such events occur, it promotes the safeguarding of organizational business interests by accelerated response and recovery times in meeting internal or external customer service level agreements. Business Continuity Planning is the way an organization can prepare for and aid in disaster recovery. In layman's terms, a Business Continuity Plan or BCP is how an organization guards against future disasters that could endanger its long-term health or the accomplishment of its primary mission. Disaster Recovery Plans are generally part of a larger, more extensive practice known as Business Continuity Planning. According to a Network World article dated May 16, 2007, between 2,000 and 4,000 Cisco routers went down for approximately 7 hours in the NTT East Network in Japan. Round out your business continuity plan with cloud-based services and get protection against costly disruptions and downtime. Without a business continuity plan, natural and man-made threats—from leaky pipes and power outages to tornadoes and fires—put your business at constant risk of losing valuable data, revenue and customers. Your company’s communications technology must be a key component of your business continuity plan. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) combines the best of replication, cloud and virtualization technologies, delivering customized and comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provide everything you need to ensure your data, applications and communications are safe, secure and there when you need them. Unfortunately, every organization is at risk from potential operational disruptions—natural disasters, fire, sabotage, information technology (IT) viruses, data loss, acts of violence. This approach broadens the scope of issues beyond mere emergency response and allows companies to budget for and secure the necessary resources to support critical business activities before, during, and after a major crisis event. Plans are also in place for emergency responses (including building evacuations), and disaster recovery.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. To clarify, the conclave has been the process for selecting the Pope (CEO of the church) for centuries since the Roman Catholics church was established and led to the appointment of Pope Francis I late last week.
Like a business without a president or CEO, the church without Pope and the papal direction provided, unfavorable risks may present themselves which may impact operations. Regardless of your business, your employees both management and operational staff are essential to the existence of your business. Burnout of inexperienced staff who are challenged with keeping up, and with the retirement of the ‘Baby Boomers’, the resource gap can widen, and the talent gap can strike your organization quickly leaving your unprepared.
Your essential staff (and replacement strategies if they leave) is an organizational strength, but can also be a weakness if they are not available for whatever reasons to deliver their work. Succession planning for day to day business or continuity planning can be achieved by four simple steps.
It should be noted that critical staffing positions can be found at all levels of the organization from the CEO to the customer call center.
Resources identification strategies can include networking and social media sites for targeting candidates who are seeking career renewals (job seeking). In the papal conclave methodology, choosing from all the global Cardinals brings focus to those with the appropriate skill sets to be considered as potential candidates.
Considering the business continuity plan, identifying and naming such individual (both primary and alternates (back-up)) is mandatory to the success of operationalizing the plan when needed. Developing succession plans as part of a business continuity program can improve the capability of your business to address staff related risks including the collateral risks that occur when key employees leave an organization.
It is an arrangement agreed upon in advance by management and key personnel of the steps that will be taken to help the organization recover should any type of disaster occur.

BCPs take into account disasters that can occur on multiple geographic levels-local, regional, and national-disasters like fires, earthquakes, or pandemic illness. While Disaster Recovery plans, or DRPs, often focus on bridging the gap where data, software, or hardware have been damaged or lost, one cannot forget the vital element of manpower that composes much of any organization. DR plans should be well practiced so that the key players are familiar with the specific actions they will need to take should a disaster occur. Organizations can ensure that their mission-critical data and applications are protected through Cloud Computing, Data Backup and Storage services.
For businesses that must maintain regulatory compliance, we’ll provide the necessary tools to adhere to all government and industry regulations for record retention and disaster recovery for essential data. Recent world events have further challenged organizations to prepare to manage previously unthinkable situations that may threaten the future of the business. Ultimately, following this process helps companies to stay in business through a time of crisis. The BCP is a living document which will be regularly updated to reflect changing circumstances or information. My past experiences with succession planning, have always been associated with the organization’s top talent, which is usually considered at the VP and CEO level.
Also the metrics for tracking and measuring performance for the position must be defined.  Having this information in hand when selecting candidates these positions will aid in setting expectations regarding responsibilities and performance required to be successful. This approach been pre-planned from for centuries so on demand ‘papal succession’ selections can occur within days so as not to impact ‘church’ business.
This can be a simple plan if the position competencies and candidates are plentiful, or more detailed if the skill sets and experience needed are more complex and fewer in numbers. Preplanning also allows the organization the needed time to identify key employees and the risk they pose if they were longer available. BCPs should be live and evolving strategies that are adjusted for any potential disasters that would require recovery; it should include everything from technological viruses to terrorist attacks. A building fire might predominantly affect vital data storage; whereas an epidemic illness is more likely to have an affect on staffing. Let the experts at Windstream review your business continuity plan and fill in any gaps with our wide array of cloud-based services.
And our Unified Communications and Hosted Voice services are ideal for organizations whose daily operations are contingent on phone communication.
My current experience has shown me that succession planning needs to be applied to lower management staff that one day will become emerging senior leaders and should be prepared for advancement or promotion into newer challenging roles.
The ultimate goal is to help expedite the recovery of an organization's critical functions and manpower following these types of disasters. In order to be fully effective at disaster recovery, these plans are recommended to be regularly practiced as well as outlined. This sort of advanced planning can help an organization minimize the amount of loss and downtime it will sustain while simultaneously creating its best and fastest chance to recover after a disaster. Companies must consider all these facets of their organization as well as update and practice their plan if they want to maximize their recovery after a disaster.

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