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Having a business continuity plan is vital for companies to function sequentially in the event of power failures, intentional or accidental mishaps and environmental disasters. Environmental disasters however irregularly they occur can destroy your business premises and all of the valuable infrastructure and data within the building. Housing data offsite within the cloud prevents companies losing data if work on premise is disrupted due to fire, power failures or environmental disasters. Apocalyptic disasters aside bring your own device (BYOD) trend and the current 1.2 billion mobile employees increase the likelihood of duplicate or missing data without a cloud based solution in place.
CRM offerings such as mobile CRM for wealth management allows employees to sync work done offline and remotely with the data in the servers. External communications with customers and clients will also help to create transparency and trust with your valuable customers. After implementing a risk management and business continuity plan tests should be carried out to insure that both the backup IT infrastructure works and employees know what to do in the event of a contingency plan. During Hurricane Sandy some hospitals after losing access to IT systems during the storm were able to revert to paper records others were not.
Running tests and creating a dialogue with all involved will allow your company to envision any problems that may arise and how to combat them.
Good cloud computing infrastructure, a robust CRM package and strong communication and planning will ensure that whatever occurs your business will be able to stay up and running.
For more information on investor relations marketing, CRM or a package that meets your industry needs speak to a consultant in your area. My home was wrecked by flooding and I cana€™t access my accounts: Will I be fined if I miss the tax deadline? Ensure any important paper documents are protected or stored off site or copiedEnsure you have emergency contact details for the landlord or managing agentIf the premises are unoccupied or become unoccupied you should notify your broker or insurance company.
Led by the ‘brilliant’ Paul Dean, Holman Fenwick Willan boasts an ‘impressive combination of industry knowledge and the infrastructure of a top-tier, full-service law firm’.

Business interruption insurance is often a key component of a company’s business continuity plan. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy IT logistics must be considered and protection plans implemented to prevent loss of data and ensure business continuity.
Without a business continuity and risk management plan in place not only will top end growth be damaged, client trust may diminish as a result of companies’ inability to perform and deliver results and lost data could prevent a company from reopening their doors.
Functioning in the cloud with multiple servers in different locales will mean that companies will be able to switch servers to access email, CRM and vital documents for business continuity. Mobile employees are set to take up 70% of the work force in the US in 2013 so it’s prudent that your company invest in a CRM software solution that supports mobile and cloud solutions. In instances like Hurricane Sandy where employees have been dispersed across New York, some without power and water, internal communication has been essential for understanding the challenges facing the company and how it can be tackled. By communicating with customers the problems your company is having and how it may disrupt your service you are being proactive.
This includes ensuring employees can remotely access the company database from home and having a data recovery plan in place to prevent loss of data.
This raises the question of whether or not to include hard copies in your data recovery plan.
This seemed to be due to government regulators in ability to police a completely electronic finance market.
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The insurance is designed to compensate an insured for the financial effect of the interruption or interference to that business as a result of physical damage to an insured property or other key external events, such as damage at a supplier’s or customer’s premises. Cloud computing allows employees to access servers remotely so that no matter where your business may be operating out of your employees can be efficient, productive & proactive ensuring your company doesn’t miss a beat.

In some instances this has meant putting up employees in hotels so that they would have access to a power supply and Wi-Fi.
It is much better to mitigate any problems that may arise with customers before it happens rather than after the fact. Whilst most would recommend not having a paper trail to reduce chances of data duplication if your company cannot afford to be without this data at any time perhaps having a paper copy may be useful for times of emergency. I had 16 members of staff working so they helped me move furniture, files, computers and anything else of value we could grab quickly. The intention is to restore the business to the same financial position as if the loss had not occurred, subject always to the terms and conditions of the policy. Significant data losses have an even more harrowing effect on businesses; 43% never reopen and 29% of businesses shut down within 2 years of losing the data. Internal communications ensures that all employees know how to help provide business continuity. Customers will also be more understanding if they know that there will be disruptions to the service. This time however, she was better prepared.'My flood file was on the first floor this time, including all plans for the hotel. Tom Walters, Nick Roberson and the ‘likeable and easy to deal with’ Richard Strub were promoted to partner.

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