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Having a plan in place to recover from a disaster is critical to the survival of your organization. Recovering from a disaster isn't the kind of thing most people want to think about, but if it's your livlihood on the line, it's probably keeping you up at night. Documenting critical aspects of your business and implementing appropriate redundant systems will allow you to carry on operations until full recovery is achieved, but you need a plan to achieve this. What kinds of resources need to be put in place to allow for critical operations to resume? By working with our Business Continuity team, you'll get a comprehensive assessment and a step-by-step guide that will detail areas of risk and detailed recommendations that can help you close the gaps that we find. Putting in place these recommendations can enable your staff to work as productively as possible - even when the worst happens.

Unlike other online backup services, Lanlogic Desktop Backup will restore your data to a loaner laptop in the event yours is stolen or damaged so you can get back to work faster. Two years ago, while maintaining our own servers, we suffered from a catastrophic backup failure in our offices, and the Lanlogic team worked straight through to a more successful recovery than could have been expected.
Ever since that time we have happily enrolled their Hosted Services to keep us up and running, as well as fully backed up.
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Business continuity planning is a way to ensure that your organization keeps running even when bad things happen. Lanlogic's team of certified IT professionals have the experience and foresight you need to prepare for crises big and small.

We'll work with you to document your unique risks and vulnerabilities and the precautions you should have in place to address potential scenarios specific to your region, type of operation, and recoverability requirements..
Knowing your weaknesses is valuable, but Lanlogic helps you do something about your unique situation. Our backup and disaster recovery evaluation process not only identifies risk areas and makes recommendations, but we put those recommendations into an easy to follow checklist.
Simply follow the custom-tailored, business and data recovery checklist we'll provide you to quickly increase your peace of mind.

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