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Jorge helps organizations and individuals understand and get the best out out of latest in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. Yatedo is a search engine helping people find other people with public information on the Internet. Yatedoa€™s robots continually scan the web (social networks, web pages, blogs, picturesa€¦) and produce beautiful profiles in the form of digital resumes.
Yatedo provides you with a fully customizable and professional-looking profile which centralizes all of your public information (including social media accounts). Your centralised and up-to-date online presence in the form of a digital resume not only showcases your professional experiences in a beautiful way, but also facilitates and increases your exposure with recruiters. Whether you are looking to claim your Yatedo profile for professional or personal reasons, you will have access to valuable insights such as the number of people who viewed your profile and where they come from. Jorge focus on: BCP, DRP, Security, Telecommunications, Wireless, VoIP, Training, Education and International Professional Speaking. You can edit key information at any time and manage your online presence in just a few clicks. Our consultants prepare a plan specifically for your business by performing an objective end-to-end examination of systems and operations, executing a Business Impact Analysis, and providing you with a list of your business essential, business critical and mission critical applications with recommendations on how to develop the quickest recovery time.

Companies affected by an event lose productivity, suffer a loss of profits and could be forced to close.
And while some companies today have a written BCDR plan, most plans are out-of-date, untested and don’t address the latest threats. BCDR planning essential to manage risks.Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery planning is a necessary part of the risk management process. Risk management assesses risks and measures the probability of what could occur and how likely it is that it will occur.
With that knowledge, you can determine what action to take: accept the risk, plan to control it, insure yourself against it, or do everything reasonable to avoid the situation. BCDR plans play a large role in risk management by helping you control your business and mission critical applications during an event with faster response times and greater protection. Effective planning to keep your business in operation.Spohn Consulting is the Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery subject matter and industry expert, working with enterprise and mid-market businesses to develop, write, or improve BCDR plans as part of your larger risk management framework.
Spohn acts as your business continuity plan coordinator, identifying your potential for downtime and loss of business.
Spohn’s in-depth planning process includes the execution of a Business Impact Analysis to provide you with project management, assessment recovery options and disaster recovery procedures.

Your Business Impact Analysis includes components such as an Application Critical Analysis, providing you with a list of your business essential, business critical and mission critical applications and recommendations on how to develop the quickest possible recovery time. Our experts will also meet with your management team to determine business continuity sensitivity. Spohn will also prepare a test and maintenance schedule to preserve the longevity and effectiveness of your plan. Planning will cover critical aspects of your business including personnel, facilities, infrastructure, support and information systems. In particular, if any entities have not performed a recent risk analysis, they are encouraged to initiate that process.
JD Supra Business AdvisorsSpohn Headquarters8940 Research Blvd.Suite 300Austin, Texas 78758(512) 685-1000 Spohn Consulting 8940 Research Blvd.

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