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Recent surveys have shown that 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control and 35% of SMB’s have a disaster recovery plan in place (Gartner).
Attix5 Pro offers unique source and target de-duplication and industry standard encryption to ensure that the smallest amounts of data gets transferred, allowing for data to be stored locally onsite or at a cloud provider. The revolutionary VirtualRestore feature allows instant access to interrogate backed up data without having to run a restore. Whether you choose to protect your data by means of a private (with data being stored on an onsite backup device), public (leveraging on a cloud providers infrastructure) or hybrid cloud (data stored on an onsite device with an additional copy of the data mirrored to a cloud provider) implementing the correct software for the task is of critical importance. Disaster: Anything that disrupts a business significantly enough to cause outage and loss of revenue generation.
There are over 2.4 billion users of the internet in the world right now, exploring over 634 million websites, consequently 90% of the world’s data is being produced online. Yorkshire based cyber security specialists Agenci Information Security (AIS) has launched a simple smartphone app to ensure that business leaders have emergency plans at their fingertips should disaster strike. The Continuity 24×7 app enables directors and managers to download their contingency plans for crises including floods, fires, pandemics and cyber-attacks on the move and wherever they are in the world. The new app was the brainchild of Stuart Barker, CEO of AIS, who says: “Key decision makers need to access vital business continuity plans quickly in an emergency but it isn’t practical to carry paper plans around at all times. Gary Hibberd, managing director of AIS, explains that the Continuity 24×7 app allows companies to develop their contingency plans using standard office software tools and then download them to mobile devices ready to be used in an emergency.
A version of the app for SMEs is available on iStore for ?2.99 with a more complex version for corporates available on request from AIS. OK, so you have a plan, you’ve reviewed and tested it, and you are keeping it under review as and when your business changes.
Let’s face it, there is a significant chance that when you need to execute your plan, you will not actually be in your office. Give some thought now about how those who need access to the plan can be guaranteed access to the current, up to date, plan at the point in time they need access.
This approach has the advantage of minimising the environmental impact and largely overcoming the issue of distribution.
This approach removes the dependence on having Internet access, and can secured more easily.
This approach has the benefit of breaking the dependence on documents as the repository of the plans. The need for fast response, immediate and secure access and ease of maintenance tends to suggest a blend of the above. Alternatively, have first responders use smart devices like Blackberries (note that they must be connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server [BES] and not be consumer devices) and push current versions of key documents to those devices.

There are many ways to store your Business Continuity Plans: some simple, some more sophisticated. Let IT Governance’s expert consultants help you to achieve ISO 22301 certification fast and cost-effectively.
Our business continuity management (BCM) team can offer your organisation a comprehensive solution to implementing a resilient and effective business continuity management system (BCMS) based on the international BCM standard, ISO 22301. IT Governance offers fixed-price and bespoke consultancy options, depending on your organisation’s needs and requirements. This unique consultancy service helps you to implement a robust business continuity management system (BCMS) and achieve certification to the international BCMS standard, ISO 22301, with minimal business disruption and within a limited budget. Delivering the necessary training and skills development to your team in order to effectively contribute to the BCMS and respond to incidents. Defining an incident response structure that includes roles, responsibilities and an escalation path.
Creating incident management and business continuity plans that are appropriate to the organisation.
Establishing an exercise programme to develop and test the capabilities of people and teams, contingency resources and communication channels. Defining actions to improve the BCMS over time and ensuring that corrective actions arising from audits, reviews, exercises are implemented. Call us now on + 44 (0)845 070 1750 if you want to take immediate advantage of our service, or email your enquiry to our consultancy team. From SaaS and freemium to commission and white label, there's more revenue models for digital businesses than ever. Balancing cost with a plan that caters for daily operational backups and restores as well as disasters has remained a challenge for many IT departments. 51% of companies that suffer major data loss shut down within two years, while 43% never reopen for business (Mcgladrey and Pullen study). Restore Point (how far back you need to restore) and Restore Time (the allocated amount of down time that is allowable) Objectives need to be established. The Attix5 Pro Titanium Backup Appliance is a fully configured backup device that allows for the backup of servers and workstations with the option of mirroring the data to a cloud provider.
This negates the need for drawn out Restore Point and Restore Times as all critical data is made available immediately.
The flexible and scalable nature of the Attix5 Pro Suite and Backup Devices caters for secure Business Continuity plans that can seamlessly be scaled for businesses large or small, regardless of industry, data types or compliance regulations, offering secure and functional solutions that reach beyond the standard backup and restore procedures. The app includes features for training in business continuity, incident notification and roll calls to ensure that all staff are safe and accounted for in a crisis.

If you haven’t, why not take a look at my simple 10-step Plan for creating your own Business Continuity Plan.
The challenge is to provide secure access to documents that will inevitably contain highly confidential information, such as passwords and personal contact details, and to provide that access at a time when Internet connectivity has been disrupted. The ability to break down the information into discrete pieces and apply differing security controls to different classes of information leads to a more easily maintainable body of information that can have sophisticated access controls applied to it. The reason for requiring the Blackberry to be connected to a BES is to ensure that security is maintained.
Look at the needs of your own organisation before you decide how to store your plan, maintain it and then ensure the right people have the appropriate level of access when they need it the most. It follows a risk-based approach for evaluating the effectiveness of an organisation’s business continuity plans in line with the international business continuity management standard, ISO 22301.
Applicable to organisations with 20 employees and fewer, this service is also available globally as an online consultancy solution, saving you considerable consultant-related expenses. In this section, there are plenty of tips and advice on start-up business plans, from how to write a business plan to presenting your plan to investors. You will need to decide whether to store your data locally using an onsite backup device or in the cloud with a cloud based service provider. This allows for a truly Hybrid solution, where data resides onsite, giving the benefit of LAN based backups and restores with the additional benefits of having a secondary copy of the data stored offsite in the case of a disaster. The downside is maintenance and distribution of the documents to ensure everybody is working from a current copy.
Remember that first responders will already be under a great deal of stress as a result of the incident that prompted the plan to be invoked. The use of flexible, intelligent feature rich software can aid in the development of cost effective solutions that cater for user data as well as business critical systems while minimizing down time and freeing up valuable resources.
A sound plan must be built around a solid, feature rich backup and restore product which will aid in the decision of where to store your most valuable asset.
Should you print it off in a nice shiny binder with “Business Continuity Plan” in big letters and then store it on the shelf over your desk, or in a filing cabinet? Don’t add to their stress levels by making access to the Business Continuity Plan unduly complicated.

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