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These shelving units have been designed and built to perfectly fit the space, and provide an interesting focal point for the room.
If space is at a premium, or if you are sharing your home with friends this is a good solu­tion for your bike(s) instead of putting them out in the weather, or leaving them in the hallway for others to trip over. Some people enjoy storage under the stairs, others prefer to keep their mutt in their own little nook of the house designed specifically for them.
Most staircases are deep enough to squeeze in a desk, and provide a work area to make use of the additional space.

Love the idea of wicker baskets under the stairs to provide storage, and you can *never* have enough stor­age.
Definitely one of the lesser thought of solutions for what to do with that space, if you happen to be a bit of a wine lover, why not keep your extensive wine collection on display for all to see? Join thousands of other happy PropertyPal users, and get fresh notifications of new posts by email. As the second example shows, you can let your imagination run wild, and decorate the entrance to your dogs home with traditional dog kennel stylings.

Utilising space-saving fixtures like a wall-mounted sink and toilet and you can fit everything into a tight space. Adding an additional bathroom to your home will definitely increase its saleability and value, not to mention your convenience.

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