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We proudly help you find rabbit cages for sale online and help you make your wire rabbit cage selection.
If you are interested in finding rabbit cages for sale I suggest that you also check out our store page listing wooden rabbit cages. Yeah I heard about those cube cages for guinea pigs, but I didn't know they were okay to use with rats. I just made a cube cage for my hedgehogs, and I would say it's unsuitable for rats - too difficult to make a taller cage to allow climbing without it being unstable, and the grids are far too wide for rats. LOL Pooky that was the first time they met O_O I had Bastian and Odin on the bottom half and Bert on the top.

Please Note: Youa€™ll need to purchase J-clip pliers with your first rabbit cages in order to finish the assembly, if you don't already have a pair.
I modified it down to a smaller size though as I had it in two seperate cages but one of my rats in the lower cage passed on and my new boys hate Bert and Bastian and would attack their tales on the lower part so I had to totally seperate them into two seperate cages. I was hoping to take it slow but was stupid and didn't close the cage when I went to do laundry (my rats rarely venture far from their cage at all) and I came back to them both laying on the top shelf. Attention has been paid to every detail of the cage, so that the rabbit will stay safe and the cage will last and last.
I was a little frightened at first but they seemed to be doing alright and Bastian was going nice and slow with Bert so I just watched and let them do their things.

They are not huge on getting much anywhere else like my other duo is so usually end up just getting table freerange time which seems right by them. I made it a tray with a square cut the same size so I can clip the fabric on the square piece and set it down in the coroplast for a nice tight fit they have a little more trouble tearing up. I've been trying to fit a neuter into the budget for a while but it always seems to drop to the end of the list and keeps getting put off.

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