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Fat Shack Vintage sells a range of light bulbs so please see these items if you are interested in any of them. The project will look to make the best use of the good points of the village and to tackle, where possible, the environmental problems. Some of the proposals put forward include the enhancement of the three village greens and the undergrounding of some overhead wires. The Primary School, a grade II listed building, was built as a result of the 1870 Education Act, for 520 pupils. The Croft was the site of the largest 19th century mat factory.*I disagree with Richard here, feeling that a "workhouse" simply meant a factory. With its recent increase in population it is heading towards a residential village but hopefully still retains its character. It is very difficult to do full justice to the Guide in its original form on this web page. Yesterday morning I noted Tristram Hunt MP's belief that David Cameron wanted to take Britain back to the ethos of the Victorian workhouse. So having installed a novice as Shadow Chancellor, you'd think Miliband might have wanted to ensure that there was at least someone with a bit of economic nous as number two in the Labour Treasury team. Fast forward to Wednesday evening, ten hours after the Spending Review was delivered, and she was put up by the Opposition to face Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight.
However, the two Labour MPs in Tower Hamlets, Jim Fitzpatrick and Rushanara Ali, have condemned the London Mayoral candidate for his actions, both appearing in the BBC report below on the outcome of the election. In fact, Fitzpatrick reveals that he has asked Labour's powerful National Executive Committee to examine the matter (next scheduled to met on November 30th, I gather).

Will they act against Livingstone in the way that they would against any rank-and-file Labour member supporting another candidate? I noted here just before the general election that leaflets were being distributed by George Galloway in Poplar and Limehouse and by the Green Party's Tony Juniper in Cambridge, both featuring photos of the respective men with Livingstone, by whom they appeared to be endorsed. What he has been doing now in Tower Hamlets is even more blatant and without question in breach of Labour Party rules. At PMQs, David Cameron gave it both barrels at Ed Miliband for his failure to come up with ways of reducing government spending - whilst attacking the Government's proposals. Meanwhile, shadow chancellor Alan Johnson - who admitted on his appointment that he needed an economics primer - has admitted that he appears similarly lacking in inspiration.
The Liberal Democrats have long argued that Trident is an out of date, unnecessary and hugely expensive weapons system that the UK has no need of in modern times. Today, within the Strategic Defence Review, the Coalition Government announced that there will be no final decision on the like-for-like replacement of Trident during this parliament. Today is yet another day that we can all feel hugely proud to be a party of government, delivering key Liberal Democrat priorities. Second he refused to take journalists' questions after giving his speech earlier today.
The public - by 2-to-1 - are right to trust Cameron and Osborne over Miliband and Johnson with the British economy. It will then calculate the shipping price for your order based on your postcode and the items in your basket before you need to go ahead with the order and enter any personal details. If the item arrives in tip top condition but you decide that you just don’t like it anymore or have changed your mind then please return the items in original, unused, unmarked condition and packaging within 30 days for a full refund less freight. The Casey can be joined from Flax Lane and followed nearly to the church allowing a circular walk through the village.
As it happens, the Independent, Lutfur Rahman, beat the Labour official candidate, but, unsurprisingly, it was a breach of Labour Party rules for Livingstone to support him and other Labour members have been expelled for doing the same thing. If Labour HQ do not take any action against him, it shows not only weakness on the part of Ed Miliband, but that Red Ken is, once more, simply out of control.

These businessleaders include the leaders of M&S, ASDA, Microsoft UK and other hugely successful enterprises.
Michael Fallon MP, Deputy Tory Chairman, rushed out a press release noting the ?76bn hole in Labour's deficit plan. Downs & Son to secure over a three year period a permanent and real improvement in the environment of the village. Bearing left by the first house on Angel Lane, a further path leads on to the recreation ground, and so back to the Village Hall. Today Ming and his party succeeded and at least two Tory MPs expressed their disappointment in the Commons. Nick Clegg was right to argue powerfully against Trident renewal during the Leader's Debates. Let us be clear, this is a significant victory for Liberal Democrat campaigners, and a fantastic example of what our Ministers can and do achieve in government. Their support for George Osborne's deficit reduction strategy follows other endorsements from the IMF and OECD.
The screengrab below (click on it to enlarge) from the press release summarises how Conservative HQ get to that total.
David Cameron has, of course, said that Trident is only being delayed but the government has communicated hesitancy. Our party was right to stand in contrast to both the Conservatives and Labour on this issue.
Attacking some of Britain's most successful businessmen as Tory stooges risks repeating the sort of row that Lord Mandelson triggered when, earlier in the year, he launched a broadside against the businesses who supported the Conservative position on National Insurance rises.
Labour should address the underlying arguments of people - not accuse them of playing politics.

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