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Granted fleas are at their worst in summer and fall, but they are actually with us all year round and it is important to control them even in the cold of winter. Fleas as with all parasites are a€?freeloadersa€? they live on and within another creature, and rob them of what is vital for survival and overall good health.
Fleas live on a diet of their hosta€™s blood and in very small and young animals can cause anemia and even death if not treated. Fleas transmit the organism that causes cat scratch disease (Bartonella henselae) from cat to cat and in some areas of the country even plague from rodents to people.
In most cases you may not see an adult flea on your pet because they are very allusive critters. Bedbugs are carried into a home or apartment usually by someone who has recently traveled, often bringing them in their luggage; or someone may bring bed bugs by visiting and staying overnight. During the daytime, they retreat to the back side of a bed headboard, under bedside stands, inside chest of drawers, between mattress and box springs, behind trim boards, in wall outlets, etc. Infestations are unlikely in schools, waiting rooms, and buses because people are not still long enough for a bed bug to venture out and get a blood meal. When traveling, it is wise to check bedding, headboards, and bedside furniture closely before unpacking.

They are the most common external parasite found on both dogs and cats, and the most common cause of itchy skin.
Fleas also can cause serious skin irritation and allergic reactions which can cause alopecia (hair loss) and irritating, painful sores. The most common way to know if your pet is infested is to look for flea a€?dirta€? which is actually the fleas feces. Arctic Animals Animals in Borneo Rainforest What Animals Live in the African Grassland? At night they come out and get into the bedding and bite the people, leaving red blotches mostly around the mid-section, arms, neck, or face of a person, as opposed to flea bites, which are mostly on the ankles and legs.
However, sleeper trains, airplanes, and theaters have had infestations because people sit still long enough. Fleas are very adaptable and can survive even harsh winters in microclimates like under the house, in garages or in rodent burrows and will continue their life cycle indoors. Our technicians haveto be very thorough, inspecting as they treat, therefore prices range greatly according to size of house or apartment, how widespread the infestation is in the house, and how well the preparations are done.
And dona€™t worry there are organic treatments too that are effective in treating flea infestations.

Just remember, it is important to ask your veterinarian before purchasing any flea medication, or deciding on a flea preventative program.
The smaller insects such as snow fleas and mites often live in the fur of penguins or in the feathers of arctic birds. Sea ice nematodes are round worms like earthworms that live in ice and eat microscopic decaying matter. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
The Emperor penguin lives on the ice in Antarctica, even though it spends a lot of time in the water.
Their sleek bodies are perfectly suited to swimming, and they have many adaptations such as a dense layer of feathers to conserve their body heat.

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