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FaradayAfter months of speculation, the electric car startup Faraday Future finally revealed its first concept car on Monday at a press event in Las Vegas during CES. The autonomous, Batmobile-like car, called the FFZERO1, is a race car that boasts more than 1,000 horsepower and can go from zero to 60 in under 3 seconds. In addition, the car is highly-connected, and is capable of learning a drivera€™s preferences so that it will automatically adjust to each driver'sa€™ preferences. But before you get too excited, Faradaya€™s first concept is just that, a a€?showcar,a€? and is not likely to hitting the road any time soon, if ever.
While the company does have plans to have its cars on the road by 2020, the vehicle unveiled Monday is not its first production vehicle. Faraday didna€™t rule out the possibility of it eventually going into limited production, but it will likely be awhile before we know if this will actually happen. Rather, the company said the FFZERO1 is meant to showcase the companya€™s design vision and engineering platform. Faraday FutureIn other words, while the FFZERO1 is a really souped up version of what the company plans to roll out to the masses, many of its features will be included in production models. The most important thing the production cars and the FFZERO1 will have in common is the engineering platform on which they are built.
Faraday Futurea€™s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) is a modular engineering system designed specifically for electric vehicles.
Combined, the new platform enables the company to develop new wheelbases and build a variety of electric vehicles quickly and efficiently.
The company said its production cars will also have the same highly connected, predictive features shown in the concept car as well as a similar interface, with the smartphone having a reserved spot in the steering column. At CES, the company said construction of the plant would begin in the coming weeks as it continues an intense hiring spree. Less about the effects of the EMP or even the cause because in today’s political arena we are all too aware that an EMP is a distinct possibility.

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After considering four different states, emerging electric vehicle manufacturer Faraday Future has picked Nevada for its new factory. Faraday Future, which previously asked to be called FF, had also been talking with representatives in California, Georgia and Louisiana.
FF’s agreement, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press, is categorized as conditional at the moment as the company waits to see what tax credits and other incentives Nevada lawmakers will approve. Critics say that even if FF is able to successfully bring its all-electric luxury vehicle to market, there is no guarantee of success. It features four motors, one at each wheel, and can reach a top speed of 200 miles per hour. So if you take all the values from our company, crank up the volume and the performance, that is what the concept car is,a€? he said.
Basically, the skateboard-style chassis can easily be adjusted by changing the lengths of the rails and other structures.
The battery pack has been architected in a way that enables different size battery packs to be quickly and easily used,a€? Nick Sampson, A Faradaya€™s vice president of research and development, told Tech Insider.
The phone can be used to modify power output in real time and transfer custom vehicle configurations seamlessly as well as have access to live images and real-time data visualization.Faraday is also promising to build “increasing levels of autonomy” into its vehicles so that, eventually, it will be able to create fully self-driving cars.
It’s a Southern California-based startup formed 18 month ago by four ex-Tesla Motors executives.
Already, staff hires come from automobile companies such as Audi, BMW, General Motors and Tesla, as well as tech industry giants including Apple and Google, and noted aerospace companies such as Boeing and SpaceX.The company is backed by billionaire Jia Yueting, the founder of Chinese Internet group Letv, which offers Internet and video content in China as well as smartphones and connected television sets on which to watch it. The technology has been around to create one for many years and the possibility of a natural cause is as old as time. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article.

Though its headquarters are based outside of Los Angeles in Gardena, it’s not surprising that FF selected Nevada for its factory.
Republican Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson said he will be drumming up support for a state-offered package for FF. It has operated in stealth mode until last December when the 400-plus employee company came out of the dark, announcing it was investing $1 billion in a Las Vegas, Nevada manufacturing and production facility. Letv has previously partnered with Aston Martin on in-car “infotainment” systems.To date, Faraday has been secretive about its top-level leadership, and has never publicly named a CEO. Show me an electric car with four wheels, that can travel 300-plus miles and is affordable for the average American family.There’s a lot of brainpower at Faraday Future, I hope they can deliver. Eventually like it or not man made or natural there will most likely come a time when the grid becomes disabled. Last year, Nevada lawmakers offered $1.3 billion in incentives to entice Tesla Motors to build its Gigafactory within in the state. If the agreement is solidified, FF is expected to select a 600-acre lot in the North Vegas Apex Industrial Park. We in America have already seen that technological warfare is a distinct possibility since the North Korean Hackers waged a war of sorts against Sony Pictures.
If technology is  being used by one country to control the business decisions of a company in another country… it’s not so far fetched to wonder how long before something a lot more serious than a movie is attacked via the disruption of technology?
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