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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One of the more arcane threats to anything electronic or electrical is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by nuclear detonation, or by certain non-nuclear events. The formidable Commander series, the trademark Cannon Series and the massive Armory Series safes will be equipped with Cannon's new EMP Dual-Access Lock that provides a manual combination lock as backup to the electronic lock. Cannon Series Safes offer elegance without compromise, with the same advantages found on safes costing hundreds more. This series also boasts detail in quality, like titanium-plated locking bolts, a five-spoke handle and a fortified 4a€? thick steel door. For maxiumum pry-prevention and security, Cannon Series Safe doors close behind the safe body. For 2014, Cannona€™s trademark Cannon Series 23 safes will be equipped with Cannona€™s new EMP Dual-Access Lock that provides a manual combination lock as backup to the electronic lock. The Cannon Series has an Intertek-ETL verified fire rating of 1200A° F for 60 minutes and features a triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal and heat-activated door seal that expands when exposed to heat. The safea€™s interior lighting system, with multidirectional LED lights that activate when the door is opened and shut off when closed, provides a bright clear view of the safea€™s contents. Cannona€™s exclusive state-of-the-art internal power supply system includes two 110 power outlets, USB port and a RJ45 Ethernet connection to keep computers and other electronics charged and connected. The Cannon Series also features a luxury interior with adjustable shelving and luxury grade upholstery throughout. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. The full-size Cannon Armory Series safes deliver massive gun storage capacity of up to 80 guns with exclusive features and proven fire protection.
The Armory Series features a massive four-inch steel composite door, one-inch active-locking bolts, truelock internal hinges and surefire multiple re-lockers. The Armory Series has a verified fire rating of 1200° F for 30 minutes by Intertek ETL, the world’s leading fire testing authority and features a triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands when exposed to heat.

A state-of-the-art internal power supply system with two 110 power outlets, USB port and RJ45 Ethernet connection allows keeps computers and other electronics charged and connected. In addition, floods, storm surges, and other natural threats can disable an electronic locking device.
Despite Cannona€™s doors being 4a€? or thicker, these safes also have 3 layers of extra hard, 60+ RC steel hard-plates that protect the lock.
Another reason the Cannon Series offers you and your valuables the ultimate in security, access and preparedness. The stunning yet simple silk-screened logo and hand-finished pin striping will be welcome additions to any decor.
Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. The largest safes in the Cannon line, the Armory Series offers a state-of-the-art internal power supply system, premium lighting package and deluxe interior with ample room to store valuables. Rugged uni-body construction from heavy 12-gauge steel provides superior protection and each safe is predrilled for bolting to the floor. The safe’s interior shelves, walls and inset door panel are beautifully finished with high-grade upholstery. In the event of an electromagnetic pulse or any disaster that prevents the owner from getting new batteries for the electronic lock – the manual dial on the EMP Lock will still provide access to the contents inside.“Cannon’s EMP lock is the cutting edge of high security lock technology. Another reason Cannon's Commander, Cannon and Armory Series offer you and your valuables the ultimate in security, access, and preparedness.
These double sided rugged pieces of steel stop a burglar from tampering with your lock and gaining access. Cannona€™s Anti-pry tabs keep your bolt secure and add up to 400% more strength to your bolt during a pry attack.
Inside the safe is the Tru Rack system, with adjustable shelving and multi-use features that make a warm, cozy environment for your most prized possessions. If you have a question about an item, please call or e-mail for more information before placing your order.

Built for a lifetime of use with rugged construction, the Armory Series is durable yet refined with a new hammer-tone finish.
Safe contents are accessed with the high-security commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock and three-spoke handle. Custom door panel organizer that holds dozens of handguns and accessories is also included. It allows the ultimate user experience with the ease and security of a Type 1 high security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override, all of this rolled into the ultimate UL Type 1 rating,” said Aaron Baker, president of Cannon Safe.“At Cannon Safe we have been the drivers of safe innovations and technology advancements since 1965.
These rigorous fully independent fire tests are conducted by Intertek and are a testament to the build work and craftsmanship of the Cannon Series. And while most safes on the market only use 2a€? locking bolts, Cannon offers twice the security with locking bolts measuring 4a€? each.
Three layers of extra-hard 60+ RC steel hard-plate guard the lock from drilling and punching. This is a huge step forward for safes and for the experience a safe owner will have in the future.
The EMP Lock will provide the peace of mind you want and deserve but will only find being a member of the Cannon Family.”Cannon is proud to be the only safe company to offer a lifetime, hassle-free, zero cost warranty on their safes. If a customer’s safe is ever damaged due to a fire, natural flood, or burglary Cannon will cover all costs including locksmith, freight, parts, etc.
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