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If you’re disgusted by the moral filth that is playing on your own VCR or DVD player. If you can drop the F-bomb on Facebook, and then turn around on your next status and talk about praying to God. If you call yourself a Christian but hate homosexuals, people of different races and those who disagree with you. If you can go to church on Sunday and thank God for His grace, and then at lunch be unkind or rude to your waiter or waitress.
I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas.

I understand, Debbie … I feel, I was really worried this post would come off as me being very hypocritical.
My name is John and I am a hypocrite…Thanks for the blog post and the reminder that I still have several planks to remove from my eye. I think it was Paul Faulkner who once said that a hypocrite is someone who wants to be appear to be something that he has no intention of being.
It was hard NOT to be judgemental recently when I saw a young woman in a long beautiful dress that was cut like a night gown.
Here are my thoughts about marriage, family, raising children, humor, faith and the life God intended for us all.

It was very low cut and she was wearing a big wooden CROSS necklace that hung down to the cleavage.

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