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Mike and I went to see the advanced screening of Captain America: The First Avenger yesterday (Mike won tickets through The Electric Playground) and it. I was very excited going into this film because I love superheros, I love superhero movies and I think that Marvel Studios has been doing such a terrific job with all of their comic book-to-big-screen projects.
And I leave you with this photo of Mike dressed up as Captain America, costume courtesy of Rachel Lees!
NOTE: There is a special The Avengers scene at the end of the movie, so be sure to stay and watch! Captain America: The First Avenger is simply a high quality, thoroughly enjoyable, surprisingly heartfelt superhero movie. Audio Commentary - Director Joe Johnston, DP Shelly Johnson and Editor Jeffrey Ford aren't the most lively gang to ever talk over a movie, but they do offer a good deal of insight to just how complicated the film was to put together. While others in the effects-driven tent pole game are opting for grand spectacle and rip-roaring antics, Joe Johnston's Captain America is remarkably restrained.

One of the most enjoyable things about Captain America is the look of the entire picture, which has a broad yet grounded color palette.
Alan Silvestri's brass-heavy score is evenly spread throughout all the channels, never overpowering the dialogue or the nuanced surround mix. Together they represent a broad look at the design and execution of the film, but they're fairly press kit in nature and gloss over some of the good stuff. Its HD presentation looks and sounds great and the film itself is just one of the most satisfying Hollywood blockbusters of the year.
I'm a proud fur-parent to two cats and two dogs, and also the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival. It's not muted or dulled with the same generic patina you often see with films trying to go for a vintage look, nor is it hazy. It’s supposed to air in normal screenings, as most Marvel movies do feature a special scene at the end.

It's a great character perfectly cast and well-managed within a wholly believable alternate WWII timeline.
Most importantly, it's one of the few action movies of the year where the story is more compelling than the actual action, where the special effects are omnipresent but never distracting (either in their quality or over use), and where the main female lead (Hayley Atwell) is more than just a pretty face.
And all of that is a long way of saying that there is a very well-thought out design to the production and it translates to a dynamic video transfer that's never glossy or riddled with the overt sharpness you see in films that have the same scale of digital alterations that this movie does.

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