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Since we take our cars everywhere, everyone should carry emergency preparedness supplies in their auto. This popular kit contains 1-3 day Food Bar rations, 9 Emergency Sterile Drinking Water Pouches, 1 LED Flashlight, 1-12 hr. We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances.
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AutoSpies presents the best Auto Show Photos, Automotive Videos, Car Reviews and Hot Rides. Drivers Getting Hooked On Being Connected While Driving - Is That A Move In the Wrong Direction? The NEW Lexus IS Makes Its Beijing Debut — Does Its Design Updates Have You SWOONING Or SNOOZING?
DRIVEN + VIDEO: Is The All-New Maserati Levante Going To Take Down Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes? General Motors Renaissance To Focus On Crushing the Competition - What Is Their Biggest Hurdle? Be ready for any automotive emergency by keeping an auto emergency kit handy in your vehicle.
The ER™ Deluxe Roadside and Severe Weather Kit is an emergency kit containing a compressive set of emergency vehicle tools and severe weather supplies in case you have a vehicle emergency on the road in the heart of winter.
Use the included items such as the jumper cables and toolset to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. Being stranded on the road without any tools or vehicle safety supplies can be a dangerous situation. Driving always poses some element of danger, whether it is in the form of an inattentive driver on the road, a heavy rainstorm heading your way, or your car breaking down.

There are two main categories of things to keep in your emergency car kit; some will be for you while others are for your car. You need to always make sure that your emergency kit includes items to fix an injury and keep you nourished as well as things that will signal for help when necessary.
With these items in your Honda, you are ready to tackle any adventure you find in Daytona Beach, Florida. Invest in your future by purchasing a deluxe car emergency kit and storing it in your vehicle so that it is ready for you to use in any disaster or emergency situation you may find yourself in during your travels in your car.
A car emergency kit is a must-have for anyone who drives- especially during the winter months. Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary!Pick up your FREE keepsake book celebrating 50 years of Weaver's Hardware Company. Earthquakes to tornadoes, you are prepared for survival with a 3 day supply of a non-thirst provoking emergency food rations for one person, 36 ounces of 5 year sterile emergency drinking water, dynamo hand squeeze LED flashlight, 5 year light stick that glows for 12 hours, thermal survival blanket and first aid supplies.
American made food and water, American made light sticks, and all of our first aid supplies are not only professional grade quality, but medical supplies that you would also see on a fire truck or ambulance. Light Stick, 2-5x9 Trauma Dressings, 4-4x4 Gauze Dressings, 2- Triangular Bandages, 1-2'' Gauze Roll, 1 roll of First Aid Tape, 1 EMT Shears, 4 Antiseptic Wipes, 1 Antimicrobial Wipe, 5 Band-Aids, 1 pr. We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation.
IF The Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE IS The Next-Gen Touareg, Would YOU CONSIDER This Over The Competition?
Does Infiniti's Latest, All-New Concept's Design Have What It Takes To Get YOUR VOTE Of Approval? The best way to be prepared no matter the situation is by keeping a car emergency kit in your Honda at all times. To get help, try to keep a charged cellphone, flashlight with extra batteries, roadside flares, a whistle, and road maps.

A few of the tools include a multi-function shovel, battery jumper cables, tire puncture seal and a reflective vest.
If a dead-battery, mechanical problem, or flat tire occur when you are driving, a car emergency kit will help you manage the problem until help arrives. Most of these essential items are available in the automotive section of our Lawn & Garden Department. Please take a minute to tell us how we are doing with a quick online form, and see feedback from other customers. As a retired professional firefighter and first aid instructor, I believe in providing the survival tools to get the job done in a real emergency. The Emergency Car Survival Kit provides the essential items to keep you alive and help others in a true emergency. This kit should have a few key items to keep your car running and ensure you are safe while waiting for help to arrive. To help you with emergency Honda repairs, also have reflective warning triangles, a tire gauge, a foam tire sealant, jumper cables, gloves, rags, duct tape, a multipurpose utility tool, towrope, extra oil, a spare tire, and screwdrivers. To heal any injuries you or a passenger get and make sure you stay alive and healthy, pack a first-aid kit, rain poncho, drinking water, some nonperishable snacks, and warm blankets. You will be especially be thankful you are prepared for a car emergency if it occurs in a more a remote area or during inclement weather.
Prepare for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, or simply breaking down on the road.a great addition to car preparedness and one our biggest sellers is our Emergency Window Hammer.

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